Subliminal club review part 4-4 (November - December 2020)


started this today want to see if i can take teminus squard power level
will be using Mind’s eye solo
ultima = the command, the executive and saguine

MInd eye + ultimas = Monday, tuesday and friday
saguine (will use to help with reconciliation for this build level)= tuesday and thusday
complete rest day = saturdays and sundays

From November 30th sub changes=
Monday-friday 2-3 loop max each
Minds eye q + eog st3
Beyond limitless ultima + Dreams


ran 1 loop of mind eye
2 loops of commander and excutive

all i cant say is that i post all the journal to the forum that i had to post and started this journal
am out for the night peace


Why did you decide to run Mind’s Eye? It’s still a mysterious sub to me if it comes to its mechanics/logic and ways of applying it to real life.


well i bought minds when it came out was waiting on it to help me out with my project, it also the only sub i have with terminus squared build, want to see if i can handle this level for next year
you can apply by visualize you work and turning a upcoming event into the visual process basically thinking it out in a visual form


today a rest day don’t feel any strange effect will run sanguine later on today
got some really vivid dream where i was talking to strangers while i walk around a city also notice that i could see down to the individual color on they clothes and their faces very clearly


didn’t feel to run sanguine today since no reconciliation, decided to run 1 loop of both commander and executive, went an had a conversation with my neighbor about something they had said before, was just to resolve something nothing serious was putting it off too.


Why do you change your stack so often? Are you conducting some experiments or looking for the right path?


i alway stick to my stack, yes the experiment is to see if i can take the terminus squared power level to know if ill build my first custom with that level. sanguine is on the side line not a must use for everyday, its main purpose is to help with any reconciliation just like the description says


just finished my loop of minds eye for the day, had a little pain on the top left part of my brain, head feel a bit heavy will monitor myself for the rest of the day. once the feel goes away will run my loops of ultimas


did my 2 loop of commander, will do executive in a bit
also went an got some stuff for the house to with gf
going an get some more work done after the loops


listening to mind eye now will give it some time after then listen commander and executive
also had some more vivid dream last night, all happen with me in different party, i remember talking to the people there and have just casual conversation with them


first of my two rest days, will be chilling out, already go some work done for the morning


second day of rest
i notice a just in my visualization ability i can visual a image with lot of detail to it in my mind, can zoom in and out to obverse better, still have detailed dream when i doing more in them (in the sense that it real not like a dream but very day life)
i decide to add sanguine ultima to the stack, will run during the night (just a precaution for reconciliation)


notice that i work up feeling normal no heavy feeling that usual comes from running sub over nite granted i ran sanguine for only two loops


okay so last night i dreamt that my gf would ask me something in the morning and as soon as i work up that’s the same question she asked, also notice that i was a bit tied from just the running around so i ended up taking a nap and running 3 loop of commander will run 1 lop of executive
been finishing up my work on my business, thing are coming along greatly but by tmr i will finish up the my business stuff then i can release my project, finally thing are coming together
these ultimas have me going


decided to add 2 techniques that utilize visualization to implement, this will be a great test for mind eye will be reporting on these from now on, also have to mention ive tried to learn these in the pass with little result so lets see


Have try any of the techniques yet will start on sunday, currently on my first of the two rest days
Have a bit of brain fog, didn’t sleep much last night


today was my first day back on running minds eye, only got to run it with the commander was a bit busy,
so over the weekend i realize that i experience a time loop or something like that.
So basically i was thinking during last week that my neighbor hasn’t ask me if they can go pick something behind my house and then on Sunday they just ask that, was a bit weird
am also thinking of increasing the loops of my ultimas to 3 now lets see how it works out wont run nothing tonight also


My ultimas are keeping me productive, ive been running them and mind eye, have to start back testing mind eye, also want to start trying to manifest things


Keep getting the idea to switch my ultimas but i feel this is reconciliation, will keep going until end of this month then i will decide, but i ran the usual stack been visualizing alot more lately trying to manifest something I’ll focus on one thing an see how it works out