Sub improvements over time


If I run a sub for 6 months, run a different sub and come back to this sub after a few years, will it reinforce the old thing or are there possibilities that it can manifest new things and make u grow in new ways it hadn’t before


It will grow in new ways. Remember, we’re not using static affirmations (for the most part) anymore – your subconscious is being challenged and urged to grow in the direction YOU feel is best. That means, as your life changes, your response to those challenges will change.


“urged to grow in the direction you feel is best”
I don’t like this
What if I grow my subconscious in a shitty direction?
What if I drive my subconscious to the same comfort zone I’ve been in all these years?
Do you get what I mean? I don’t like myself don’t trust myself I don’t want to be the lead
Also Any plans to upgrade SS? Just like you did with AM and the others


You won’t. The subliminal scripting won’t allow you – it’ll keep challenging you until you’re being honest with yourself about what you want in life. The script just doesn’t force you down a path that we as producers have determined. For example, everyone’s definition of “alpha” is pretty different. There’s a generally accepted set of traits that most people consider “alpha” – successful financially, romantically, well-liked, etc. However, the path to get there isn’t static. My idea of “alpha” will be slightly different than yours, and who’s definition is right?

So, what we do is set an end goal – EoG’s is financial freedom, for example, and then provide a pathway to manifestation. How you walk the path, however, is up to you. The subliminal will help keep you from going off the path, but you choose whether you walk, skip, hop or run down that path.

As for S&S, we’ll release a new roadmap when Alchemist is finished.


That’s really cool thx


The key word there is grow. That’s the opposite of shitty.
Any direction that cannot be defined as Growth (or Progress) will be automatically discarded.

In my experience, on these subs, you won’t even have thoughts of doing the wrong things. Only the right ones (in alignment with the subs).
Your choice will be whether you take those actions or not.


I have a question. Ive noticed the results ive got from ascended mogul have seamed to fade out.
I listened to ascended mogul for like 65 days than switched it to limitless for 30 days. Now im starting ascended again but the results were so much more when i was running it.
Please tell me do you get permenant results or do you have to just keep running the subs to maintain the results?


Some people say after a year it’s permanent. I can’t say cause I’ve never been on a sub that long. But @DarkPhilosopher nailed this question in a post on here somewhere I’ll look for it.


Can’t figure out how to link his statement but this is what he said…


Everything is permanent, which is why it is so easy to fall back into old behaviors and addictions even after you’ve changed them. The thing that matters is which is more permanent.

Keep reinforcing the changes made by SubClub and those will be your dominant behaviors and habits. Reinforce your old behaviors and those will be your dominant behaviors and habits. SubClub gives your the program, you need to do something with it to activate it and keep it active.

Wow, my shortest answer to date! I’m so proud of myself right now.