Stick a shaft on a horses head and call it a unicorn


I can’t express what I think on many places apart from here. That’s the magic about subliminal club forum everyone has a open mind. Open to new ways of thinking. It’s pretty crazy some
Ppl go through an entire life looking for something outside of us to feel good enough. Like we’ve made it… we spend everyday looking for new ways to get better and better. More money, better looks Better partner more confidence. Everything we are looking for is just a feeling! a feeling satisfaction or a feeling of being worthy. It’s all just a feeling We are looking for… a feeling that we believe something external can happen and make us feel this feeling of being worthy. A feeling a emotion it all comes from within. We can choose how we feel. We were programmed from a child to not feel good enough. That’s the whole game.

Everyone on here is special we all have a knowing that there’s something more. We know we will get there if we keep looking.
The answer is here in us all and SubClub will help massively . It’s all beliefs and perceptions.

All members: PLEASE READ

Before I even read what you wrote for whatever reason the first thing I thought of was a scene in The Godfather


I haven’t seen the god father so I can’t relate haha :smile:


Stick a shaft on a horses head and call it a unicorn.

What does that mean?

Anyway, feeling is the secret.


we’re looking for something impossible to find, Like a unicorn when we’re looking for something external to feel whole. But when you realise it’s impossible to find because it doesn’t exist you can reshape you’re perceptions. Stick a shaft on a horse and call it a unicorn. Maybe wasn’t the best metaphor


I was expecting a rant. Like…

“You can’t give the average person Libertine Ultima and expect him to attract like a celebrity.”
“You can’t give QL to someone with an IQ of 95, and expect him to become a genius.”

Not this…



I’ve been looking around for a post by someone who claims to have turned from an incel or AFC into a playboy using subliminals in 2 months.


Haha na I believe anyone can. But you need a open mind for sure. I can look back and see how much I have changed using subliminals.


Look no further than @Oldchap. Just do not carry any assumptions of what a playboy means. Only results count.



I’d say people notice things more when there’s a lack though? Like if you already are x or have y then x+0.1 is less noticeable than 0 to 0.1.

Not accounting for various ranges of perception or being willfully oblivious, of course.


Thank you friend. Although not an AFC, it was tough after the divorce.