StarkQ Terminus ( Solo )


Day 1 and about to listen to one loop.


Reading that back it sounds dumb as shit but whatever


Ran one loop of StarkQ Terminus. Don’t really feel anything just feel here and that’s it.


I can look at this thread and already see a shift in the way you’re talking, which definitely means you are feeling some type of way.

Guys, some of you have been running subliminals for a very long time and should be able to tell when you’re experiencing reconciliation, even when it’s sneaky and hiding.


What do you mean by Terminus?


I agree but I have been in mood the last few days and you’re probably correct in that it’s reconciliation. I was trying to be a bit more pragmatic and try not to be fooled by randomness.

@Rhinesuchus Terminus is the name of an experimental version of StarkQ that is available for those that have purchased that subliminal

If you’re asking @SaintSovereign I’m curious about the title myself


Terminus: an extreme point or element. It’s the most powerful setting currently in Q. Just a cool name, ya’ll.


@SaintSovereign I figured as much but wanted to be sure.


Oh dang well i wont be trying that one than because regular stark has been blowing me away already haha!


Listening to one loop of StarkQ Terminus now will report back later


Just curios, was the Aegis scripting a one time thing?


Listened to StarkQ Terminus Twice today. I feel calmer than usual but at times feel a bit of hostility from others. I have been staying to myself a lot lately and really reflecting on what I want.


I am wondering how the majority manage to not get extremely tired on Terminus :joy: Without my daily naps I now take since switching, I would be a physical wreck already.


Lots of coffee lately. Not saying it’s good, but that’s what’s been keeping me going. Plus my energy level at work has been insane, and that’s all Terminus. My drive has been incessant.