StarkQ-Terminus and Iron Throne


Day 1

My first run of StarkQ was a month ago after a few days I felt depressed and angry. Decided to give it ago again this time with the Terminus version.

Ran 3 loops of StarkQ-Terminus early morning. I have to say I am extremely impressed. I came of the loops just in time for the client meeting here is what I noticed,

Voice was much louder it had a commanding confidence i could feel it was shaking other members of the team. Everyone on the meeting just shutup as soon as I spoke even the boss.

At the end of the meeting I got a whatsapp text from the girl I met a few days ago. Thought to myself i hate texting ,so I called her and began cheerfully chatting to her and convinced her to come on a date with me on friday.

Mental focus is at a super high much much better then emperor q.


Excited to see you testing Terminus @blackadder and some initial great results!

Perhaps it is better to pace yourself with the loops of Terminus in the beginning as most initial testers reported heavy reconciliation after some initial success leading to a lot of us quitting the test after a few days due to an extreme urge to switch subs. Less seems more with Terminus. But that just as input.

Thrilled to see what you will make with that beast


@friday i appreciate your concerns having said that so far loving it however if i hit reconciliation will deal with it one way or other. I have no intention on giving up on terminus and plan to use it for at least 30 days if not longer.


I suspect StarkQ Terminus has PCC because as I was reading replies to mails I had sent to heads of departments. I realized straight away how manipulative they were being by not being accountable for what I asked them to do. Instead they replied back asking questions and basically trying to divert the topic of discussion to something else.

Rather then replying back to their questions which would allow them to move the responsibility back to me. Decided to organize a meeting to discuss things face to face over webex.


Day 2

5 Loops of Stark Terminus
2 loops of Iron throne

Absolutely loving Stark Terminus as emperor use to give me a push to get things done where as Stark Q does not push me, it just makes any task like walking and breathing i do it without having to think about doing it.

Voice is still naturally loud and commanding without even thinking about it having to be loud and commanding,

Being accountable to get tasks done seems to becoming a natural part of who I am.

So far loving this I wish terminus could be included in emperor, iron thone and primal.

When i was learning some new technology today I visualized all the components as a flow chart with different colours which allowed me to connect all the bits and pieces more effectivily and memorize them.


Day 3
5 Loops of Stark Terminus
2 loops of Iron throne

Continue to be productive with everday tasks.

improvement in long and short term memory

Over the last couple of days i have let go off believing in conspiracy theories. Especually the ones surrounding the covid 19 crisis.

During my spare time i have developed an interest in understanding scams and how unscrupulous people go about these scams cults, get rich schemes etc.


Is Terminus a temporary bonus or will everyone who buys Stark get it?


Its experimental what I suggest is once you made your purchase drop Saint or Fire a message to ensure you are included in on the terminus version.


The subliminals are working their magic and I will tell you exactly why

When I talk to women and I end the chat they always say " I always enjoy talking to you"

I am standing my ground and holding my frame in every encounter. Numerous occasions I have debated my side of the story and what I believe and people seem to be naturally drawn to my way of thinking (no point in detailing what happened as it would a thesis to include the details). My persuasion skills are so organic its like i know what to say rather then having to think about it.

I am asking myself do i really need to purchase anymore subliminals from SC. Perhaps the fitness program.


Day 4

x 4 loops terminus stark q
x 2 primal seducation q
x2 emperor q

Feeling very high energy in the morning terminus is like taking modafinil your up and your rearing to go. Was suppose to have a date today with a girl I met however had to rain check it as I had some important tasks to sort out.

Not alot to report apart from feeling extremely focused and wanting to get things done right away.


I am genuinely amazed at how you pull off so many loops. Also amazing progress


Day 5

x 4 loops terminus stark q
x 2 primal seducation q
x2 emperor q

Had a nightmare last night where my father was hitting me with a belt and screaming at me telling me how I was bringing shame to the family. I woke up feeling rather shaken by the dream and it took me an hour or so to recover from the impact of the dream. I suspect the actions of both terminus and emperor q must have dug down deep.


I have stacked PCC into my daily stack this product is an absolute essential when running Stark Q


Day 6

x 4 loops terminus stark q
x 2 primal seducation q
x2 PCC

I believe terminus is digging up memories from that past I would never, ever remember normally. Continue to get amazing results with terminus surprisingly no reconciliation so far. Decided to remove emperor q from my stack it would be too much to run that and PCC.

I took a nap earlier on this morning and fell asleep. I had a dream where I went back in time to meet the pupils I disliked at school and made friends with them. When I woke up I felt refreshed it was wierd.

I feel that the dream was telling me to let go of any anger or hate to those who bullied me and focus on the future.


Do you have any theories on the quantity of loop of terminus you can fit in a day? Men, as soon as I start terminus I get dizzy hahahaha

How do you run them? I used to run them during the night, now I run everything during the day, don’t know if it changes something…


Saint recommends starting with one loop of Terminus a day for a few days. Then listen to your body, mind, and heart. If you feel ready for more, add ONE more loop (two total) for a few days.

Continue that pattern but if you get to 5 or 6 loops in a day, take a few days off to process.


Day 7

x 4 loops terminus stark q
x 4 primal emperor q
x 2 loops of Commander

Changed the stack as i want emperor q to dissolve all my deepest fears


I am sitting in a room and a guy dressed in a suit walks upto me grabs a chair and sits down in front of me. He looks at me aggressively and begins talking

“Listen Black Adder sometimes in life you have to be an absolute c*nt to get what you want”

Me “be a c*nt ?”

Man in suit “yes i am not saying literally but you have to be a cnt dont ask me what i mean because you know exactly what i mean so stop fcking around ok”

The dream ended after. When I woke up I was feeling extremely tired mentally so I took an extra hours nap. Then began listening to the commander for 2 loops after that I was ready to take on the rest of the day. So far the morning has been extremely productive.


As Kaprice says its just a matter of adapting your grey matter overtime.


Interesting reactions since I have added emperor Q it seems to go two ways with women. Either they become submissive around me or they get angry or short tempered.

I believe that the women who react angrily are obviously getting aroused and they tend to be the women I would not want to be around. Its possible that they feel the dominance of emperor and hate being pushed into a submissive role.


Day 8

x 4 loops terminus stark q
x 4 primal emperor q
x2 loops of commander

Alot of bad habits have been eradicated by terminus stark q
People are becoming a lot more talkative with me
I find myself having more real conversations with people rather then just surface level
Alot more assertive in my thinking and making decisions.