StarkQ - J w/BB


Getting ready for StarkQ.


The leadership is awesome and i feel great.
Thanks for this sub wow.


Hey man!
Could you describe your experience?


How long have you listened to it so far?


5 hours for now, i feel calm, helpful, i really like too understand what my kids want instead of yelling, i feel in command and friendly and confident. So much is changing at once. I will update later when i know more.


That’s Awesome!!!


Holyshit this is the real deal, my girlfriend wants more sex. My masculinity have risen.
I got good news i am getting enormous amount of money. Unexpectedly from 3 places at the same time today. What!!!


Well congrats man. I wonder if the script did something having to do with manifestations or manifesting results quicker.


Thanks, yeah feels like the doors to money have opened up.
Today i feel great, very productive, energy is higher then yesterday.
I have this charming smile that pops out when i talk with girls haha.
This sub does not feel as heavy as emperor, but yeah easy to run.
I did have some past memories that comes and go, that is not normal for me to think of.
Some emotional turbulence, feels like it stabilizes soon.


Some confusion in my mind, like im in a fog trying to find my self. Its starting to clear up as my true self will shine, soon.
I heard from my gf today that we will get even more money from another place, thats decently helpful. Cheers.
She keeps talking about sex with me, and this started after i began StarkQ.
I will have to see what StarkQ will bring me tomorrow, how my thinking, behavior etc change.
Loving it so far.


I feel more like my self today.
My interest for gaming have gone down a little.
IDGAF attitude is showing more and more.
Im feeling very friendly toward people.
I do feel more charismatic, feels good.

No money today from nowhere haha.


I got a few games for free today yay :nerd_face:.
I was very productive today, i multitask like im on fire. My GF came home and wonder why its so clean and organized, Haha it was me.
I was just picking up some food and i saw a sexy girl i would like to pick up oh man my confidence is great and i am horny. Didnt fap in a few days. I notice improvement in my daily life, and it keeps getting stronger.


Was pretty tired today, its feels so smooth that i dont notice when i did too many loops.
But i have taken a break now for a few hours and my motivation and energy is high now, it feels like limitless is kicking in.
I plan how to do things best way possible and fastest way, lazyness is pretty much gone. Sweet. Confidence is high :slight_smile:

I did have some old “bad” memories today, but its nothing i couldnt handle.
Alright, have a good weekend everyone.


Woke up with subliminal hangover, i played it all night. Very tired when i woke up. I drank alot of water and coffee, it helps. After a few hour i regain my energy back and my motivation to so things is back. This sub is powerful. So i done alot if things inside my house thr last hour.
I get some aha moments why my past boss was bad to me. I can now see that he was a bad leader. And it had nothing with me to do.
I dont feel anger towards him since i can see that his knowledge for leading is limited and he does not know a better way to do it that time.
Im getting these aha moments also with other things in life. My ex girlfriends is useless to me now. its no longer worth thinking of them.
I have a great life without them and they serve no purpose in my life now, its like im letting go for good. Done finato. :grin::+1:


This is day 8.

The Energy and drive is pushing me to do

My walk have changed, full of confidence, didnt notice this before i went for a walk outside.

I have began training again.

More soon…


Day 11.

Bringing in some love for my girl SM, yeah its working
And i just activated Limitless hacks for my games, its time for some fun.

On StarkQ
I’m having some anger, sadness, memories of past, its working on some healing.

Without question :slight_smile:
Im doing what i want.
My motivation and energy is high as fuck, i just do stuff.
I notice less negative toughts.

Not much news on my job yet, im still home with the kids.

Back to gaming haha :smiling_imp:


The confidence boost with shark is subtle. Like you i was just walking along and had to noticed i was so much more confident than before going along my way.


Pump it up.
This it, I’m improving my life everyday.
Health, eating, fitness i do something every day.
At home im a beast, i clean, organized, play more, more creative and take responsibility for my home and family.
This sub is powerful and awesome.


Powerful indeed


Hi, are you listening to the ultra sonic audio only or both the masked and the sonic.