StarkQ = Attracting women?


Hi, I’ve read from many people here that they had a great women experience after listening to StarkQ. Some had receive messages randomly, while others even had sex with their ex.
But how does that work with only listening to that? Sorry for asking too much questions, I’m a newbie.


I do not understand the mechanics of how the SC subliminal products work. However I have nothing but good experiences after listening to Stark T. I have had sex with multiple women using Stark.

  1. What’s the difference between StarkQ and StarkT?
  2. Did women talk to you first?


Stark T is the new experimental version Stark Terminus, its experimental and is a lot more potent then Stark Q. There is a lot of information on the terminus version here on the forum so just do search.

Yes I have had women approach and talk to me but you still have to do the leg work that is talk to the girl. If you approach women they will be more open to chatting for sure.


This question is the antithesis of what StarkQ aims to achieve. Whether the woman speaks first or you do is irrelevant. Too many people rely on this as some form of “proof” that a sub is working. An attractive woman who breaks into a big, authentic smile upon seeing you is just as big of a sign. The whole, “if she doesn’t talk to me first, the sub isn’t working” thing is an excuse not to take action.

Be careful not to fall into that trap.


@SaintSovereign I am contemplating whether to add IT or not right now. Does StarkQ or IT make the user take action and approach women?


The sub has instructions to help you initiate conversations with women, but it can’t “make” you do anything. You still have the take the first step. Remember, the more we try to “make” you do something, the less ability you’ll have to stack subs. We mentioned this a loooong time ago, and now’s probably a good time to refresh everyone on that.


@SaintSovereign Thanks. Another word for “make” is “extremely motivate me to”. I didn’t mean something that forces me to do something, I mean an extreme urge, excitement and joy when there is the opportunity.
Just like AM gave me an extreme urge to tidy up my room and be productive


Yes, I understand. It’s easier to get you to clean your room or be productive (in some cases) than it is to get you to approach women. The latter has A LOT of fear attached with it due to societal conditioning. We can “add fuel to the flames,” but that scripting method consumes much more “resources,” meaning it’ll inhibit your ability to stack. Since stacking and experimentation is part of this company’s DNA, we had to make some compromises. That means the user will have to use their own willpower to initiate and then the sub’s scripting will take over.


Would it maybe be a good move to make one program that does do that? It may not be stackable but a lot of guys suffer from extreme shyness around women. I think that if you had a program that would kind of act like training wheels for them, they could use it for a while to get their pump primed and then once they had broken that barrier, they could move on to one of the regular programs.


Khan Stage 3: Total Action is made for this I think.


I noticed ascension gives me the push to approach ladies or show them signs…


If you want women to start the first conversation with you give them something to start a chat with wear a good smelling cologne. I have had women say “you smell nice or thats a nice scent”


and a porche also helps, although the cologne is a more budget friendly option.


Well yes Status overides everything.


Jason Capital, is that you? :rofl:


you mean the almighty fearless leader of douchdom? he’s obviously far to busy tending to his eager flock of ladys to be on here. besides if he used one of the alpha subs he would probably ascend to a level of douchery that would plummet the current supply of females on the open market😜


Not that I disagree with you, but why the hate towards Crapital?


who sais theres any hate? if anything its an expression of admiration for a man that embodies the full pickup/alpha male lifestyle soo well, its easy to see him as the stereotypical “douch” in sort of a comical way


So you think he’s not faking it? (genuine question… not saying I do)