Stark vs Emperor for career advancement

Alright so after a lot of testing, mixing and matching, I have decided to stick to one Major Subliminal. I’m actually thinking of not adding any superchargers either.

My most important goal is career advancement and developing any personality traits that would support that same goal. I don’t have any other goals as I’m very happy with everything else going on in my life. For context, I’m a management consultant. I’m doing fairly well, but I know I could be doing better. I could certainly be doing worse too, but I’m always trying to better myself and I think here is where I have the most potential for improvement.

I would really appreciate your opinion on which subliminal, specially on its own, would be better to do well career-wise. Just to clarify, not really looking to start a business, but instead do well working within an established organization.

I have Stark, Emperor, Aura, Sanguine, and Commander. I have tried many combinations of these over the past month or so, including mixing them all within 24h, and also using Stark and Emperor on separate days. I can really notice the difference in how they affect me, specially when it comes to how I interact with others and my general mood.

My last test was using only Emperor for a week and that is when I felt the best. This is why I’m keen I’m using only one subliminal at a time. I want to commit to that for as long as needed and write a journal on the experience.

With only Emperor I felt the most confident, driven, energized, and also less reconciliation (less tired, less feeling of being pulled in different directions, mood swings etc.). What I didn’t like as much was that I felt a bit too intense and intolerant with my colleagues at work, and I think that showed. Towards the end of the week I felt alienated from my team, and what’s worse, my boss is suddenly treating me in a very cold way for no reason. I feel really uncomfortable with this.

I’m considering using Stark only, but I wonder if that’s the best as my perception is that Emperor is better suited for my goals. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this!


I have StarkQ for work within an established company. A lot of the things that are happening now were already in play before I started subs though so hard to gauge.

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Well at least for you it seems not counter productive to use it for that.

Stark makes me extremely social, which it’s good, but it also makes me not as concerned with meeting deadlines or work my ass off as it happens with Emperor. That’s why I’m no so sure about it for career progression.

It seems both have their pros and cons, that’s why I was interested in knowing what the consensus was on which is better for that.

Ah yeah I never care about deadlines though I always meet them. I don’t like being forced to do anything or to adhere to outdated corporate ritual. Still able to find my way in a large enterprise by leading with authenticity and knowing exactly who to partner with. Delegation and team assembling for things beyond my interests/scope.

Part of it can be chalked up to enhancing your strengths (take Clifton strengths finder if you’d like. Helps narrow them down if you don’t know). Once you have those you can choose the subs and methods you have the best synergy with. Otherwise if you yearn to shift them: focus on things that will compliment and challenge your current self to your ideal.


Thanks for the suggestions. I never heard of the strengths finder so I’ll take a look. I like your idea of finding subs that address those.

This week I decided to run only Stark to see how things evolve vs how they did with Emperor the past week.

Somehow it feels more “dense” than Emperor which I know it shouldn’t be the case…I also feel more relaxed, carefree and social. But I do want to see how things work out at work as that is my ultimate goal. Like you, I also always meet deadlines no matter what, yet while on Emperor I feel driven enough to structure my work and make sure I meet them. With Stark I still meet them, but I don’t plan as well. I just play it as it comes in a much less structured way and somehow things ultimately work out.

I’ll see how it goes and will decide what to use going forward based on the outcome.

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If I were just thinking hypothetically or theoretically, I’d say Stark Q, but you’re not a theory or a hypothesis, you’re a person. It’s oft been said that Stark is more socially involved than Emperor, so that would have influenced my choice. (Actually, when I read that you’re feeling pretty happy with things and that you’re “not really looking to start a business, but instead do well working within an established organization”, I actually thought Ascended Mogul sounded pretty perfect. But you’ve already got Stark and Emperor.)

Anyway, what influences my opinion most is that you wrote this: My last test was using only Emperor for a week and that is when I felt the best. That sounds pretty promising to me. If it’s already working, why not stay with it? For a great example of someone who did excellently in a company setting while using Emperor, you can check out @Yardbird’s journal. Pretty inspiring experience.


Thanks @Malkuth. Funny you mention that journal, because it was reading Yardbird that gave me the idea of trying Emperor on its own, instead of mixing it. I was also having too many mood swings when mixing it with Stark

At the beginning of my Emperor experience I definitely thought that was the perfect sub for me. It was only by the end of the week that I realized that my team and boss were reacting to me in a bad way. That made me consider Stark instead.

I considered Ascended Mogul before I bought Emperor, but then I read that Emperor had the entire scripts of Ascended Mogul, plus other scripts that, even though I don’t need, wouldn’t hurt having either. I figured it was the better of the two.

To be honest, I miss the feeling of Emperor…I felt more “planted”, self-sufficient, and not giving a damn about what other people were up to. I was just happy and felt very emotionally solid. So far I don’t think I’d choose Stark over Emperor based on how it makes me feel, however I keep wondering if it’s the most intelligent choice in the context of my career.

I’m fucking amazed about how these subs not only change your feelings, but also how they affect what you project outwards, which ultimately impacts the reaction you get from people.

Actually, one of my biggest takeaways is that, if you are already in a position of power, Emperor would be awesome because people would expect that energy and demeanor already from you. However, if you are on your way up, I’m feeling like that energy and intensity would rub some people (at same or above levels) the wrong way, and that can keep you from doing well within a company.