Stark vs Daredevil


I am figuring Stark is a more well rounded more comprehensive sub that that still has a strong social component. In contrast DD is likely far more stringently social, while also being leaner and faster acting in its effects.

Would anyone who has run both care to share any thoughts?


I personally never really felt all that social on StarkQ. Daredevil on the other hand is something you gotta brace yourself for because since being updated to Q it will drive you out of your mind if you aren’t out there at least saying “Hi” to everyone you walk passed.


Very interested in hearing more about this. Took DD core out of my custom sub brainstorm because I plan on stacking with Stark so I thought it wouldn’t be necessary.


So choosing when and when not to be social wasn’t something you could just do without feeling reconciliation?


Completely different goals.

Daredevil is all about socialising, partying, having fun with people - the extrovert way of life.

Stark is mostly about Creating Something Remarkable with your innate talent, and becoming Famous for it - Products, Brands, Social Media Content, etc.

Social skills, Quantum Limitless, Spirituality, Inner Circle - all those addons are tools/resources that could be required for Stark’s goal. They are the means, not the end.


I wouldn’t say that you don’t have a choice, but I’m a about as close to introverted as you can get with being a hermit. DaredevilQ was really determined to break me out of that and I gave up and swapped subs. I kinda regret quitting but oh well.