Stark Q Journal


First night of running Stark Q overnight at 10 loops

Woke up this morning feeling energized no mental fatigue compared to emperor Q which I feel is extremely heavy weight if you are running more then 8 loops overnight.

The plan is to run limitless V2 at 2 loops during the day and run 10 loops of Stark Q overnight.


Guess who’s following your journey closely?


Well keep us posted, I am keen to know , how this new tech impacts actions and thought process .


Second night running Stark Q ten loops overnight
Two loops of limitless during the day

Since the lock down I have not done any exercise. A few days ago I pushed myself to go out jogging but suffered from shortness of breath.

The second night after listening I woke up feeling not just energized but an urge to go out jogging again. So I put on my running gear and I was out of the appartment like a shot. I felt like my stamina had been amplified. I was no longer suffering from shortness of breath. I was running faster and breathing more easily. Was able to cover more distance with ease and without feeling like I was about to die from lack of oxygen.

After finishing work on my laptop. I began coming up with ideas of improvising and using the sofa, chairs and the door to do exercises.

A few days ago the lock down was driving me crazy. The subliminal seems to be helping me come out with ways of harnessing my masculine energy and putting it into productive tasks.

What I forgot to mention in this thread was that I began to experience vivid dreams on the second night of listening. I was in a house opening up the floor boards and discovered some garbage under the floor boards. I think I have some emotional baggage from the past that still needs clearing up.


What is your main goal with stark?


I already have my own small tech business. My goals long term are to push my brains to the absolute limit when it comes to learning new technologies that align with my business.

Short terms goals to keep myself in a good shape by exercising and eating the right meals until the lock down is over. Then I get back to the gym.

Building a social circle of like minded people.

Dating life has gone down the drain since December 2019 I need to get this part of my life sorted again.


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I’m doing those Beachbody home exercise programs. I chose the Shaun-T ones because they can be done in 20-25 minutes a day, yet push you fully. Solid workouts. Maybe you’d consider those.

Is this something that is evolving now, and you’re moving into a new direction and looking for people to be on that path with you?

Because I thought you’ve been working on this for the last 10 years at least. But maybe your goals changed so new people will be a better fit?


@AMASH I am working for a client in a new country where I do not know anyone apart from colleagues I met from work. That is slowly changing.


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Day 3

10 loops of Stark Q overnight

Noticed my stamina levels slowly increasing. I am able to jog longer distances without getting tired or running out of breath. During my runs I am breathing more efficiently right into my belly. I always knew this but seemed to be doing more naturally now.

Later in the afternoon I found myself reorganizing my kitchen, the pots, pans utensils etc. Something I had been putting off for a long time. As it felt like a task that was so mundane that I had made excuses not to do it.


Day 4

10 loops of Stark Q

Not alot to say to be honest. Due to the lock down in place I have had very little in the way of social interactions, as I have been instructed to work from home for the next month. The only interactions I have right now are online meetings via webex and my trips to the super market. My concern is the sub might push me to be sociable but I cant which might lead to frustration. Will see how the next week pans out.


I appreciate its still early days however I felt all the Emperor versions have more of a push to make you get off your arse to get stuff done. Where as Stark Q the push to get stuff done is very subtle. With emperor it was like “just do it motherf*cker I won’t tell you again”


Ya i agree with you on that Emperor was much more pushy. Stark is more laid back lol


this feeling of putting things in order, ive felt it in the first few days of emp4…its revolutionary… all the best… may the force be with you!


completely agree


Day 5

10 loops of Stark Q

Nothing to write home about. I had to struggle to get myself to start learning this new coding language. From my experience Emperor kicked in within days and really pushed me to learn all kinds of new technology it gave me that lazer focus i needed So far not seen that with Stark Q.

GZ Stark journal

To be fair I am going to update this journal every few days to give the subliminal time to do its magic. I understand the script is huge which might mean it could take longer to see major changes.


9 days on Stark Q on 8 loops. I feel tired and not really motivated to do any tasks. Its a huge struggle to do anything right now. I am planning to perhaps move back to emperor which I know will kick my arse back into gear.