Standalone Supreme Rebirth?


Any plans to release Supreme Rebirth as a standalone sub?


Potentially. We’ll see after Primal Seduction drops.


Any updates on this? :slight_smile:


Maybe after they release Q they will make this happen along with other stack modules. Would be cool to see existing ones updated as well


I love Rebirth. But if I could vote for something, it would be for a standalone “New beginnings”.

New Beginnings is really kicking my ass in Emperor v4.


A single sub that pulls together all the techniques from New Beginnings, Rebirth, Total Breakdown(s) and Regeneration could well be a powerful beast.

Personally I haven’t noticed much from New Beginnings, just like I didn’t notice much from Khan Total Breakdown. :man_shrugging:

Maybe I need to go custom for that kind of thing.


Once Q is finished (and progress is going along nicely, I actually used the latest version last night), this is a strong possibility. New Beginnings may be one of the most potent subliminals I’ve ever used. I’ve used subs for years now and never had a reaction like I did on New Beginnings.

Main Dev. Thread - 12

@SaintSovereign Isn’t Q something you’re going to personally code using your new A.I. programming skills? Then, I expect it to take a bit of time.

The thing is, with programming things from scratch, it always takes longer than expected…


No, we hired a Director of Technology to handle its creation. I’m taking full stack classes to better understand what’s going on behind the scenes.