Stage Fright / Fear of Public Speaking


Hey guys,

I’m wondering if anyone here has struggled with stage fright and if so how you overcame it? Or if you still are. I had a terrible, mean speech teacher in 7th grade that kinda scarred me for life and now this fear is affecting my business. Literally just now, I had the opportunity to present my business to 300 people on a zoom call. It was a disaster.


Well there’s different ways. A couple ways i know of. 1 Subclub Daredevil . 2 [Mod Edit: Link removed]
Daredevil is affordable :+1: and works great for me.


Get a prescription for Propranolol, it really helps for anxiety and stage fright. I always took it before a speech in my class and while you might still feel nervous, you don’t get that shakiness in your voice or body and it helps you remain calm. It’s helped change a lot of peoples lives with performance anxiety.


Lol i was prescribed that for migraines some time back and noticed that it completely blocked my adrenals from pumping into my bloodstream.


Haha nice, you discovered it accidentally.


You just do it while you’re shitting yourself, with this in mind: ‘I’m doing what I feel, what they say doesn’t matter’.

You won’t get over the fear of public speaking unless you do it. lol.

The man, mike tyson himself was afraid before every boxing match. But he did it anyway.

Because in the real world, everyone is afraid of everything or something, but they do it anyway because that’s what it takes to be a man.
Courage isn’t courage without braving through that which you fear.



Thank you @lowrider ! Daredevil was always intriguing but seemed so opposite of my laid back, introverted nature. I am about to purchase Stark, PCC, and now I will add Daredevil as I am starting a new stack after a 3 week break from subs.

@PINNACLE Wow, never heard of this, thank you! Is this different than a beta blocker? I musician friend said beta blockers (for blood pressure) are pretty well used in the music industry but have sexual side effects. Any side effects from Propranolol?

I used to take a 1/4 bar of xanax ONLY for presentations and it worked wonders but I don’t have access anymore.


And oh, Primal is the best thing for what ur going thru.
It will heal your inner insecurities and guide you to be socially dominant


@IcyDreaming Very true man, I have been wanting to just hit my city’s toastmasters circuit hard every day but corona ruined that plan.


It is a beta-blocker, but you don’t take everyday. You only take it when you need to and I think it was 30 minutes prior to whatever you need to use it for, if I remember correctly. But it should help with your confidence naturally once you start seeing the results from your work and help you perform without needing it use it anymore.


@PINNACLE Awesome, my state actually just opened up (not sure if that is wise or not), but I will definitely make an appointment with the doc.


@PINNACLE crazy coincidence. I was just now watching a show called Rake (really good show btw). He gives a nervous new attorney a beta blocker and she comes back and is calm and smooth.


I also have the same concern, hands getting cold and my voice sounds nervous.

I’m trying nootropics (smart drugs) during my office hours

Can check this out for further research


Indeed my fellow subliminal traveler. I possessed profound fright whenever I would converse with a group of people larger than 4. Especially with women involved or a larger group. The one thing that helped me, after so much wasted effort, was Emperor. It was the moment I fell in love with these subliminals.

On Emperor, every day, I could feel the constrictions on my speaking break. What felt like a horrible pit in the stomach soon became an emptiness, and soon after that a pleasant feeling of fullness and contentment. It did force me to take action and face my fears by creating situations where I had no choice but to talk in public (and I did embarrass myself a few times haha!) , but with every challenge I became braver and braver, and now I have no problem with speaking anywhere.

I would also recommend meditation. If you are able to find a legit meditative practice, you will reap the benefits of profound peace in every moment of your life.

@lowrider I wouldn’t use those, mate. When I was still divorcing my banshee of a wife, I attempted using those fields. At first, I thought they were working. I really wanted them to. After a while I realized, objectively, I still stood where I was a month ago.

I dropped them, and did some research… and my dear friend, I was right to be suspicious. People are simply buying air. This is because this individual uses Teespring, which is a print on demand company. A buyer buys a necklace, it gets made and sent directly to the buyer, never touching the field creator’s hands. Very convenient, when taking into account each can be sold at 200+, and costing from 20 to 50 dollars.

To top it off, that whole business comes from a forum of occult fantasy:

This helped as well, but the biggest impact came from working on the source of the problem.


Thank you @OldChap ! A very helpful post.

I am thankful for yesterday’s “disaster” presentation as it really solidified how important it is for my livelihood to get this handled. I am starting a new stack after a 3 week break from subs. This will be my first time using more than one sub plus the occasional stacking module.

Yeah, I don’t have $200 for a necklace right now.

My plan is that hopefully the stack will help in bringing some relief, and when I can see a doctor use the prescription as sort of training wheels, hopefully get off of them after a handful of successful experiences.

Thanks again!



I too am introverted, and for whatever reason, I chose to begin my professional career in teaching in public schools. I stay in my head a lot, but when I began speaking in front of others (teaching), day after day I looked forward to it. A challenge would come, and I’d just open my mouth and would be honest with the group. I don’t like people pretending in front of me, so whether it was a classroom or a social group, I found being honest really attention-getting. When I put my defenses and pretenses down, it encouraged others to do so as well.

And mistakes are common with anyone leading others. Owning your errors leads to people respecting you more and engaging much more. That part of teaching helped me keep sane–bigtime. I looked forward to each new day :slight_smile:

Summing my words up: speaking in front of others is NOT difficult. Seeking a front of perfection IS.

Relax, believe you’ve got what it takes, and drop your facades. It might make it rather fun :wink:


@subliminalguy Seriously, best post I’ve read on here in a long time.

Thank you


@subliminalguy you say exactly what I know I need. Corona is screwing it up.

But to face a fear it’s like - do it EVERY single day for a year. You won’t be afraid ever again. I should be a teacher, I love teaching.


Yeah :smile:. Jumping in and STAYING in there, when you’re the most afraid of bombing it, is when you’ll see your true strength.

I’ve never heard this (in fact, I’m making it up), but this fits here.

“You’ll find the warrior in yourself when you choose to start facing your personal battles head on”

Facing your fear is engaging in battle. That takes courage. And you have what it takes to do this.


When I first joined subclub amash recommended to me when I first started my journal, to use legacy once or twice in the morning because it makes you fearless and able to handle conflicts.
Legacy could make you fearless and more brave to handle public speaking better.
As happy hero mentioned though exposure therapy really works on overcoming fear. The more you do something the less fear you will feel and the less control it will have over you