(Stacking) Emperor Q + Khan ST 3


Emperor Qa v1.5

My plan is to listen to 4-6 loops of emperor q(solo) for the next 3 days and then evaluate if I should add more loops or stack it with Khan ST3.
Initial impressions

1.I find it very hard to relax but emp q got me relaxed in the first 30mins of the first loop which in itself is quite remarkable.

2.There is this sense of effortless ease and unhurriedness when working towards my goals.

3.I handled an annoying situation better and was able to express my opinion congruently without flying off the handle.

  1. The ability to focus on goal-oriented activities is quite remarkable

  2. Able to handle social interactions nonchalantly. I should say that khan got the wheels rolling on this but emp q takes it to a whole new dimension.

3.Had a couple of dreams but could recall only one.

  1. I am generally a person with a high level of curiosity but with this sub, it is channelized.

  2. People are more responsive to me


Could you summarize the dream?


Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for all the efforts you put into these subs and for pushing the envelope.

I was not the protagonist in the dream. I was like a fly on the wall observing what a person having a fixation quite similar to mine goes through and it was quite painful to watch with it came the realization that it was really holding me down. After that realization, I was able to look through my life on into the future with the eye of an eagle and was able to glide towards my goals with effortless ease.


I started exercising after an extended hiatus.

Focus is getting better.

Had dreams but unable to recall them

I am more flexible in my responses.
I am able to see their agenda more clearly.


Total hours
20 hrs Masked

I was able to remain centered even amidst choatic environment and a wicked headache(unrelated to sub)

On track with my exercise regimen

Others treat me with more respect.My voice is more balanced and I am able to use my voice to get the desired effect.Though i have a good voice i lacked any real control over my voice before.

I have noticed some people stare at me and they get submissive when i look at them or interact with them.This particular effect is more pronounced in emp q.

I am planning to stack emp q with Khan ST3 from Monday.


Will start to stack emp q with khan from next week.

  • Had dreams but unable to recall them in full detail.There was spherical structure it had black colored dots all over it suddenly the dots burnt away.I had a euphoric feeling right after that.

  • Each day I am improving in some way or the other.

  • I am getting used to being relaxed.

  • I am getting more optimistic and level headed.

*Lacking on the action taking front will work on changing that.


I am still on Emperor q. I have not stacked it with khan ST3 yet. Will stack after a few days.

  • I like the feeling that I get on emp q. I am getting more and more relaxed.

  • I am able to face situations head-on. I am able to generate multiple solutions without getting bogged down.

  • My confidence is high and I am able to get what I want.

  • I am getting restful sleep. Multiple dreams but unable to recall. After a night with dreams, I am more energetic and enthusiastic.


Sorry for not updating regularly.

  • Confidence is quite good.Being at home has not helped much

*Sleep is out of wack. I am working on remedying it.

  • Will stack emp q with Khan ST 3 from 20 Apr.Am stating to miss Khan

  • Amidst so much disconcerting issues there is this underlying happiness.


Started stackin Emp q with Khan ST3 from yesterday

Plan to listen to at least 4 loops of each

  • Feeling more grounded
  • After a long break started working on my goals
    *Action orientation is more pronounced

For me right now I feel this is the perfect stack.


Any update?