Stacking Emperor & Primal &SS


I know Primal and SS can be stacked together and saw someone doing Emperor and SS together.
But I wonder Primal and Emperor can be stacked together?? Since Acsending and Primal are both product related to innerself it can disrupt each other.

I read that stacking should not go over 3.
Emperor it self has already SM LIMITLESS ASCENDING MOGUL. So stacking any other subliminal(such as Gaming Mastery or SS) with emperor is going to result in badway??


You can stack whatever you’d like. All of our subliminals are semi-modular and meant to complement each other. Thing is – some are meant to complement each other BETTER than others. So, Primal and S&S were BUILT to be stacked together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stack them with others.

Ascension + Primal would be a really good mix. Primal + Emperor won’t have a “bad” reaction, but it may be… interesting, to say the least.


Could you please explain the difference between the goals of Ascension and Primal?

It seems both Ascension and Primal help you get laid, become more sexual, and become socially dominant and higher in the hierarchy.

I know you are familiar with the scripts of both, so you can inform us on the differences.


I heard ascension has two versions. Standard and Extreme which is better one to use?


Now, I am simply guessing at this point, but here’s my point on primal and ascension.

First of all, I think that both Primal and Ascension covers a bit of the same, but they do in each their way. And here is what I think:

Ascension: Ascension is more an alpha subliminal. Don’t mistake Primal for this, just try to follow me. Now being an alpha usually does not mean that it is the one who gets laid all the time (it is my version of an alpha, yours may differ). But an alpha is someone who takes leading as the most natural thing to do in life. An alpha goes his own way and shapes his own future, life etc. An alpha simply does what makes sense to him. That also indicates that an alpha is someone of status, someone who knows and wants to become someone, not just another sheep in the herd, but the one that actually will take on the wolf and try to challenge it (i.e. life). Women wants to be around an alpha because he often showcases status and a future of a man able to rest in himself. She does not have to worry about him clinging to her because, she will have to hold on to him if she does not want to lose him.
That is also another reason to, why people will want to be around him, since there is a chance something good could get to them.

With Ascension covered, lets try to move on to Primal.
Again, I will point out that I do not know anything about the subs, I am simply guessing how they could compliment each other.

Primal: Being primal is quite another thing. It’s the same as being “wild”. The wild man. The wild man does not necessarily hang on to status. He simply does what he needs to do right here right now. He is dominant by nature, because that is what the primal man is. He does not have the need to repress his instincts. He is sexual, masculine and simply does not care what others think of him. In our society, the wild man does not really exist, because he has been tamed to fit into rules of the feminine society. However, every man has something wild inside them - it’s there to be unleashed, but 99,9% of men do not do that, because we are afraid of what others might think - that society will expel us.
In public women despise the primal man simply because he is too much. He is too dominant, too sexual, his raw energy simply blasts them away. But subconsciously, women wants the primal man in bed. Because of his nature, because he wants to show that he is wild - that no one will get to decide his fate or future.

How do they compliment each other then? Simple, each has their own strength,

While being alpha could imply a person knowing how to get things done and also be quite masculine, there is a chance he does not have his primal side unleashed yet. The primal side of life has often been thrown so far away, since our society dictates that.
A primal man does not fear anything and is a dominant person by nature, but that does not mean he is the alpha. Becoming an alpha simply because you are dominant does not guarantee that. Already well trained and alphas by nature will always find the smart way to play this person, making the dominant mans strenght their asset.

By combining both, you get the best of both worlds. You get to enhance your alpha power and unleash your primal side of life. Being on top of both is simply, the ultimate male. Add in some financial control and muscle, and you will become unstoppable.


Even though I am very happily married part of me really wants to purchase and run Primal in the future. Reading the description of Primal I am reminded of a scene from the second episode of the second season of Californication where Lew Ashby is talking to Hank Moody about his book God Hates Us All . He said it was Hunter S Thompson meets the lost Stooges album. To me Primal is about something that has been missing not just in society in general but in modern rock and roll. That edgy and dangerous rebel vibe. People are so afraid to be themselves and to let go and not give a fuck. Everything is too safe and predictable.


I agree man. That edgy and dangerous rebel vibe sounds sexy. It might be a good idea or not. I trust @Fire has the right vision for Primal, which may or may not be the edgy and dangerous rebel. It could be just a strong grounded man who is sexual and strong. I do not know what his view on this is.


@fayzmayn nailed it here: Stacking Emperor & Primal &SS


I agree, @fayzmayn 's description was beautiful


Indeed, @fayzmayn described it nicely.


Nothing to add. Thats why Ascension (and Ascended Mogul) + Primal will be great complement to each other. Ascension is mostly conscious alpha/social, Primal - subconconscious/sexual. Complementing each other. I think Aquaman has this Primal traits showed beautifully :wink:

If Ascended person direct women, then Primal understands them and ignite the fire of passion. Get ready for some intersting reactions from women then running Primal since every woman has different wiring then consider sexual attraction active.

If Primal can ease habitual women pleasing pattern and allow raw sexuality to be expressed…then…thats what I want for Christmas :slight_smile:


I agree, this is a big sticking point for me as well. My first instinct tends to be to appease / try to please the woman, then I catch myself and think: “What do I want?”. But sometimes it is too late, I already showed weakness by trying to appease and please her instead of staying strong.


I am incredibly curious as to what would happen if someone were to run Emperor & Primal as a stack for a long period of time?


Obviously, individual psyche will react differently but I think that Emperor’s goals are somehow intertwined with domination, which is Primal’s main priority (if I understood description correctly). Exciting to see the results in 6 month. Anyway, life will never be the same, definitely.


@Dmitry Did you mean the character Aquaman or Jason Momoa who is playing him? He’s one of my favorite actors and looks like he’s having so much fun playing Aquaman. He even said in an interview that of all he’s done that character is closest to how he really is


Momoa himself, he is just great impersonation of Aquaman :slight_smile: alpha male, indeed, primal.


I’ve read the primal page and I’m still not sure what to expect from running it. Like how would i be compared to let’s say emperor excluding money manifestation ofc.


Primal is heavy in sexuality, dominance, nonchalance. With Emperor, you will achieve massive status, and it will push you to evolve as fast as possible in all areas, ie it is for those who want to build empires.

Primal is for those who desire to unleash their sexuality, their dominance, while coming off as relaxed and natural. It will shift your frame of thinking and remove anything that is stopping you from achieving those goals. It will work massively on your confidence, inner state and status (in a different way from Emperor).

Primal is focused on seduction through your inner state, Emperor is focused on building your empire.


So how would the combination of Primal and Emperor be expected to manifest? I’m running only Primal for a few days, and will cycle Emperor back in after gauging the Primal based changes, I notice.


Like an Emperor with his Primal side unleashed. :joy:

Joke aside, I think quite good.

Emperor is more focused on alpha, money and apparently, sex. Though all these are great, nothing of them really focus on the things Primal does. Maybe in parts, but not as specific I think.

Look at my earlier post. You already know Emperor, then think what Primal could add in with. Chances are, what you think you end up with is quite possible.