[STACKED] TinTins Stack


Hi everyone,

Long time lurker first time poster…of any forum ever (StarkQ must be working). But after reading the forum for a while this seems like a good group to get involved with. Plus I think I read somewhere that these journals can help sub development, so I guess adding my experience seems fair considering how much I like the subs.

I started EOG when it first came out. So pre-Q. At the time I don’t remember really feeling anything different. I listened 8 hours during the day and 8 hours at night. I did this for about a month/ 4 weeks per stage until stage 3 and for some reason I just stopped cold, possibly 2 weeks in (I now realise this could of been reconciliation). About 3 months ago I picked up EOG again and ran a stack of the first 3 stages on a loop throughout the day with more emphasis on stage 3 as I didn’t get the full month previously. I have since started stage 4 and I am about a month in and I’m now using q level.

What has happened so far?

It’s been small and subtle differences with maybe one major change. I changed my business to a business that will mean less hassle and potentially more money, giving me more freedom which is ultimately what I have always wanted. I have started to negotiate far more, even with small things like changing my broadband provider. I ask a ton of questions, I make sure I understand exactly what is going on with any deal before I commit to anything. Which for me is huge because I never wanted to bother people and would just agree. I am less concerned / stressed about money, I have a “this is the money I have, how can I use it most effectively?” kind of attitude. I’ve never had a chip on my shoulder about wealthy people, but more of a desire and wanting be one of them and I now see that as an obtainable goal.

StarkQ and SpartanQ

I got these two at the same time when stark came out, so I think at the time of writing this its been about a month. I’ve just switched to stark terminus. I should mention my current stack is

EOGQ Stg 4 x 2
Spartan Q x 2
EOGQ Stg 4 x 2


I’ve been way more enthusiastic about being social. One example, for many years I hated going out seeing friends it very much felt like a waste of time and did it to keep friendships going. So that has completely changed and friends have texted me to say how good it was to see me, which did happen before but not as often (Just goes to show what a miserable prick I must have been, lol). I have noticed that in the moment my interactions with friends have been great but later I will question “why I said this or why I did that,” which something I have always done but this has been exacerbated recently and it sends me into highly anxious kind of self loathing.

My face does look slightly different mostly around my jaw. I’ve also noticed women making solid eye contact with me more. I haven’t used StarkQ to “get women.” I’m so concerned with fixing myself and business that adding women, based on past experience, will make life more complicated and cause a distraction I neither want or need.


I’ve gone down a belt notch, which I noticed this week. I’m not obese or even regarded as fat but could definitely see that my mid section was starting to become a problem if I did nothing about it. I don’t feel like eating junk food as much. The base of my diet has always been really good, I’ve just had problem with junk snacks throughout the day. I’ve noticeably put on muscle this past month and I have more physical energy. For example, whilst out biking in the past I have found points while riding that I’m struggling to bike up a hill and I would complain that (to myself) that I “can’t make it” or “need to stop” etc. I don’t have that anymore, I’m now riding up the same route faster and harder than before. My workouts haven’t changed but I feel like lifting weight more than before. It’s more of a want than a should.

Also I should ad that, although I am not the sort of person that will let people walk all over me. I have had a fear of confrontation with strangers and possibly let things go when I maybe should have said or done something sooner. The consequences of violence (either being in trouble with police or getting hurt as a result) or concern about what people might think about me has concerned me for years and I have secretly felt like a coward for it. I have really admired and been somewhat envious of friends that don’t give a damn. One friend even walking into a neighbours garden at 1 am, in his underpants, whilst they were having a party, turning down their music and shouting at them “I told you to turn it down!” It was only a small party but still, the balls on that lad!

Since using spartan I feel like those concerns are there but are more of a healthy/sensible concern rather than a fear. As in, ok, violence is not what I want, nor am I looking for confrontation, but if I tell someone who is being a d*ck to “f**k off home back to your auntie mum and uncle dad” (or something equally eloquent) and they don’t like it, who cares? and if they get violent I can handle it… unless it’s Chuck Norris… never mess with Chuck Norris.

That’s it for now. It’s a rather long post, but hopefully helpful.


Writing that last post was really important. I fully understand why @saintsovereign and @Fire recommend starting a journal. It doesn’t just help them with sub development. It made me contemplate what I felt and thought months ago and how I think and feel now. Which has helped me see how much my thinking has changed.

Whilst writing that post and for the last week, I’ve had this really strong feeling that I’m building on shaky ground. That maybe I needed to clear out situations from my past and that maybe starting StarkQ, SpartanQ and EOGQ may have been premature.

So yesterday I bought RegenerationQ and KhanQ.

Regeneration, Obviously it’s a healing track and KhanQ is a sub I wanted later. But Stage 1 Total breakdown looked like a good idea for right now. I’m also really impatient and often think “fck it, lets get this sht sorted now rather than later.” I am still not sure on what the differences are between the 2. The impression I get is that RegenerationQ will be broader and deeper but more gentle in the process, maybe? And KhanQ TB will f*ck everything up! lol. Or just break everything negative down related to dating and maybe business to a point. If someone can clarify that, that would be great.

I’m also not sure If this is just reconciliation from my first stack. I’m not intending on leaving out StarkQ, SpartanQ, or EOGQ Stg4, I don’t want to lose any progress I’ve already made. Maybe as I have been on this stack for over 6 weeks I could add to it.

There is also the point that adding more to the stack, especially with Q, that it could be overload on the subs. My listening pattern has been 2 days on 1 day off and only listening during the day. no subs at night. So maybe that will be enough processing time for my brain. If any of the experienced hands at sub club want to chime in on that one, I’m all ears.

I also bought AuraQ and SMX2Q… I think it’s reconciliation. lol.


What are your goals? What actions are you taking? Regeneration for 3 months minimum. I am using it everyday. The difference has been explained so many times on the forum. Please use the search feature on this forum.


Total Breakdown essentially tells your subconscious to re-evaluate everything it ever knew was “right.” It does so in a completely organic way. We aren’t “programming” you to do anything – you simply become aware of harmful societal programming keeping you from achieving your goals. The thing is, it’s HARD to let go of that programming. Your subconscious has relied on it for so long that removing it is like losing a friend.

Regeneration uses a different method. It’s much more gentle with a different focus.

Saint mentioned the above.



Hi khan, thanks for the input.

I have used the search function a lot, its the reason why I’ve been a “long time lurker” and have already read that question thread, but appreciate the effort. I understood the methods of both, I just didn’t completely understand different the focus of the 2. Like I said in my first post I like to understand all the details now, thanks to EOGQ, But you knew that, right? :wink:

My “goal” is freedom. Financial, social, emotionally (for want of a better term, makes me sound like I want to start crying at a sunsets). Freedom to do or buy what I want, when I want, how I want. To interact with people without fear of what people might think of me. To let go of issues from my past that make me overly defensive, or issues that still bug me. Naturally, I’m not expecting this to be handed to me in an audio file for $34.99, but it’s certainly a good place to start.

Have you used RegenQ for long? Why 3 months minimum? In your experience is that a good length of time for most subs or just RegenQ?


@tintin Regeneration digs deeper and deeper. I am saying use it for as long as you feel that you have reaped all the benefits. Regeneration is something I am going to run for life. I use them both(Khan ST1 and regeneration) everyday.


Sound advice. Thanks again @khan.


It’s just over a month since my last post. And it’s been a month since I altered my stack. I should change the title of this journal to reflect that.

I have added RegenQ, KhanQ ST1, EOGQ ST1, AuraQ and SMX2Q.

My reasoning for the change was that I always felt that I was building on top of rocky ground and thought it would more productive to get some old issues that still seemed to haunt me cleared before using other subliminals. RegenQ and Khan ST1 seemed like the best idea to achieve that goal. I had intended to get khan at a later date because my stack seemed heavy already but ST1 seemed like a good idea for now.

So my stack now is as follows;

RegenQ x 2

KhanQ ST1 x2

EOGQ ST1 x 1 (I have run this before but wanted to throw it with the healing modules for good measure)

AuraQ x1

Spartan x1

EOG ST4 x1

Stark terminus x1

SMX2 x 1

Although this looks (and in my opinion is) a lot for a stack, I didn’t want to lose progress I had made on the other subs I had run a month before.

I’ve had to alter my listening pattern. 2 days on 1 day off. I did try 3 days on 1 day off early on, but found this to be way to much. My head would feel foggy with slight headaches along with a thirst that no amount of water could quench. I am going to experiment this week and see if I can manage 5 days on 2 days off. But I’m going to see how I am after 3 days and go from there.

The first 3 weeks of playing my new stack it was a roller coaster. I would feel down one day and incredible the next. I remember waking up one morning and feeling so good that I thought RegenQ should be a compulsory buy for all new SubClub customers or at least sold in some sort of pack. My dreams are incredibly weird and I cant make sense of them. And I’m remembering things from my past that I had completely forgotten about. They just pop into my head from nowhere. I’m less angry at certain family members about things they did or said. I don’t really give a shit about it any more. I have felt really flat this past week, neither depressed or happy just flat. I’m not sure if it’s better than the up and down of a few weeks ago, but I’m curious if this changes in the next few weeks. @khan was right, I think RegenQ needs a decent amount of time, I’m not sure about 3 months though, I may continue for another month and see how I feel from there. But at the moment I don’t have any desire to change my stack. However I may change StarkQ Terminus to just StarkQ My stack has a lot in it terminus might just be to much to process effectively.

As for the rest of my stack, I cant quite comment on which sub is doing what because there is a lot there. KhanQ ST1 can probably be put with the RegenQ stuff, I’m not sure which one is doing what.

My workouts are still good and I’m putting on more muscle. I actually sat down and looked at my nutrition and realised I getting a third of the protein I needed to build more muscle. So thanks SpartanQ for that.

I am definitely more confident and almost indifferent to the opinions of strangers. I don’t feel so self-conscious talking to strangers.

I’m noticing that if I ever procrastinate and not get on with my work, that I feel an urge or push to work and not in a “I feel guilty and must get on with it” way like before, but more of I feel really good to get on with my work. Watching TV or gaming seemed like a luxury or reward for doing work or to wind down after work, but now it’s starting to feel like a complete waist of time.


Nice stack. Let me know how it goes at the 1 month mark.