[STACKED] The Terminus Meditations


The Terminus build.

I bought it. I had not integrated Stark Q prior to this because its most goal-relevant contents seemed to be sufficiently covered by my core stack (Ecstasy of Gold + Emperor with a dash of Limitless).

What has changed? The potential power of the Terminus experimental build.

It seems worth it to do this. Precisely as an experiment.

I intend to continue using my original journal for my general thoughts, observations, process notes, and so on. That’s my core journal for my core stack.

This journal will be specifically for (hopefully) parsimonious observations directly related to Terminus.


Stark Terminus

Day 1: Saturday 2 May 2020

Purchased and downloaded Stark Q Terminus. Imported to iTunes. Created a meditation timer iTunes playlist with 1 repetition of Terminus for future use. Also integrated 1 repetition of Terminus into my core playlist for future use.

By evening (perhaps, 7 or 8 pm), finally played it.

Played 1 loop. Masked (my usual preference).

Listened to a podcast at the same time, and did some light busy work of personal interest on my tablet.

No notable subjective responses or observations.


Day 2: Sunday May 3 2020

First day of using Terminus as meditation timer/background track. Played from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM.

Meditation method: open, neutral attention with periodic reminders of meditation focus ‘Observe What Is’. Occasional attention to breath as an anchoring mechanism.

No negative symptoms or reconciliation signs. Did notice 2 or 3 transient pulses of head pressure. What if greatly multiplied could have become a headache. Would probably not have noticed if not in meditation. (I am not a person who gets very many headaches, so this seems notable.)

Thought content: noticed the mind generating reflections on ‘Psychology of Simulated Experiences’ and some pull to think about ‘Philosophical Implications of Neural Process’. Thought I might go later to dig into James H. Austin’s work. Something I’ve been meaning to do but for which I have not made time.

Occurred to me that this might be the influence of Terminus. So I’m noting it here.

Other than those, no notable observations come to mind.

I plan to, for the time being, let Stark Q Terminus be my meditation track. That together with the stacked repetition means that I’ll be exposing myself to 2 reps per day of Terminus. I may integrate one more repetition into my playlist later. For now, I’ll keep it like this.

One final note: The stated focuses of Stark Q are highly harmonious with my current stack and with my life goals. I did not get it before because it seemed unnecessary to do so, and because the fame emphasis was of little importance to me. So that’s that. Here I am.


Day 2 (cont’d)

I’m playing the second repetition of Stark Terminus now, this time as part of my daily playlist.

The first half of Stark occurred as I was outside for a hike with my son. I think that I like the idea of combining the dense, heavier tracks with either meditation or physical workouts. Probably not every time, but when I can. Feels like it makes it easier to handle the energy coming into the system.

Now back at home, and finishing out the second half. Kind of want to take my shower now. I’ll pause it and complete play afterwards.


Hey Malkuth! Really interested in your deep, reflective journal entries --> love to read them.

One thing stood out to me… The 2 or 3 transient pulses of head pressure.

I noticed the same thing using EmperorQ…

Do you maybe remember where you feel the pulse? I always feel it exactly in my right temple, as if somebody stung me directly into my brain matter.

Curious to know about your experience…


Just now while in the shower, I had the beginnings of a book idea.

I’m going to go ahead and say that that’s Stark Q Terminus.


When I try to remember, it seems that it was somewhere near my left parietal bone. It was really a small sensation and was interesting more because I wondered if it signaled an oncoming headache. But then nothing else happened.


Remember, if you can tolerate it, feel free to up the loops. I only recommended one loop because I had no idea how people would respond to it and wanted us to start easy.


Day 3: Monday May 4 2020

Morning Meditation with Stark Q Terminus. 8:05 AM to 9:05 AM

Meditation method: free-form for some minutes. then 3-part breathing (lower stomach, upper stomach, chest)

Mental tone felt restive. Easy to attribute that to processing dense subliminal. Could be.

Did not go deeply into relaxation or focused concentration. ‘just-sitting’

no obvious symptoms, signs, experiences.

Now at 11 AM, I am listening to playlist. Playlist has been revised as follows:

  • Ecstasy of Gold Q stage 4
  • Ecstasy of Gold Q stage 4
  • Emperor Q
  • Stark Q Terminus
  • Limitless Q
  • Rebirth Q
  • Inner Circle Q
  • Ecstasy of Gold Q stage 4
  • Ecstasy of Gold Q stage 4
  • Emperor Q
  • Stark Q Terminus

10 hour playlist. Stark Q Terminus twice. With meditation, that’s 3 repetitions of Stark Q Terminus for now.


Are you working on a project / business / creative endeavor? You have to provide a pathway to manifestation to see any obvious signs.

People are always astounded by how well I respond to subliminals. Thing is, I’m ALWAYS working on something. When I ran dating subs, I was always talking to women — either online or in the field. I provided myself an incredible amount of avenues for manifestation, and that’s how I’m able to pull these things off.

If you’re not working toward a distinct goal(s), you’ll get little results.


In the case of the above post, I was just mapping out the phenomenological process occurring in that specific meditation session, not in my life as a whole.

So far I’ve been aiming for that granular style in this journal, and keeping the other one for broader, general observations.

But your point still stands. I’ll keep asking myself this question, and decide how to proceed. My job has a tendency to colonize large portions of my time during certain periods. I’m in one of those periods right now. But it will end in about 3 weeks. I’ll keep up the subliminal listening regardless. And then, I hope and plan to put more energy back to my own projects.

(As far as general observations go, by the way, I am feeling what seem to be real effects, both from Terminus and from the adjusted listening schedule.)

  • Well, firstly:

Day 4: Tuesday May 5 2020
Day 5: Wednesday May 6 2020

Meditation sessions smooth and normal.

Since this seems relatively consistent so far, I may remove that meditation session report from the ongoing journal. I’ll only report if something unusual crops up. In short, I’m not experiencing any obvious, immediately disruptive effects from Stark Q Terminus.

  • Secondly:
    I find that evaluations of the subliminals tend to sneak up on me.

Just now, I noticed that my mind felt a light, easy atmosphere of comfortable wellbeing. Then suddenly, I thought, ‘hmm…which subliminal is playing right now?’ I checked and it was Stark Q Terminus.

If I look directly at it, I might not see very much (it is the subconscious after all); but viewed in my peripheral vision, I can see that it’s quite agile and active.

So far 3 repetitions of Stark Terminus seems to be a good amount. I think I could ‘handle’ more, but it would probably start to become more of a dedicated job at that point, distracting or redirecting too much emotional and attentional energy from other daily tasks that need to get done. (Hmm…that makes me think about the possibility of organizing more indepth periods of Subliminal Retreat, similar to meditation retreat. I feel like someone may have mentioned something like this before, maybe @DarkPhilosopher.)

Anyway, a subliminal retreat would involve a period of extended time maybe a week, or if one had the luxury even 2-3 weeks. During that period of time, I could crank up the high-powered subliminal exposure and really focus in on the relevant life area. You could plan on being somewhat taken out by the intensiveness of the process. Other tasks are largely put on hold. Also, sleep, exercise, nutrition are all organized around facilitating and optimizing the subliminal effects. So, activities like running, treadmill, tai chi, meditation. And then in-depth processing and journaling work to open up to shifts and insights. Hydration (water intake, swimming, sauna). And other helpful activities.

(That would be the perfect time to work with a tool like Blue Skies.)

Then, when the retreat is done, you bring your subliminals intensity back down to the normal levels and reintegrate back into your daily routine.

I think that’s a pretty cool idea.

And, by the way, my mind tends to shoot out lots of ideas, but I think that Stark is working with and enhancing that. (Now just to work on that action-taking and follow-through part of the process.)


That was definitely @Simon :blush:


Day 7: Friday May 8 2020

Still in the aftermath of my biological adventure of 2 days ago. Body woke up very easily. Woke up at 3 AM and haven’t gone back to sleep.

Opted for an early AM Stark Q Terminus meditation from 5:15 AM to 6:15 AM.

Currently, I’m combining meditation practice with 3-part breathing qigong exercises for health promotion. 36 breaths from the lower abdomen. 36 breaths from the upper stomach. 36 breaths from the upper chest. Breathing slowly and deeply and attending to the feeling tone of each breath.

I think that I observe my mind gradually adapting to the stimulus of Stark Q Terminus. One way I can observe is by noting the level of easy relaxedness versus excited tension that my mind reaches during a meditation session. It’s a bit like watching/feeling the surface of a lake or ocean.

Right now, the waves are still pretty choppy. There’s not that deep coherence and it’s not (subjectively) feeling so trance-like or ‘jhana’-like. This suggests to me that it’s actively engaging with and integrating the material from the subliminal. There’s a kind of vibrant energy, a little keyed-up. On the other hand, I find that it’s much calmer than it was when I first started 6 days ago.

I did feel a few flashes of jhana-like elements or factors close to the end of the hour. Nothing so pervasive as would be called a mind-state, but just some little flashes. We’ll see where that goes. It goes where it goes.


Day 8: Saturday May 9 2020

Meditation session smooth and normal. Nothing unusual to report.

If this experimental listening period is any indication, I would be happy to get all (or most) of my subliminal programs at Terminus level strength once the Q store is up and running.

I can feel the effects more easily.

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for running this latest experiment.

One thought I had earlier: If you combine Emperor, Quantum Limitless, and Ecstasy of Gold, is that very similar to Stark?


Day 10: Monday May 11 2020

Completed morning listen of Stark Q Terminus with meditation.

And just finished the daily 2nd play as part of my daily playlist.

Some interesting, disjointed, shifts and disturbances inside of me.

For some reason, I was pulled to read and view analysis of the movie Midsommar. Never watched it in the theatres. But it fascinated me and got under my skin as I read and watched about it. Also watched the analysis of the director’s (Ari Aster’s) first film. Hereditary.

These are ‘horror’ or ‘intelligent horror’ or ‘auteur-driven horror’. I don’t watch that genre as a rule, because things that I read or view get to my core sometimes.

This one was really interesting.

Also found myself deeply questioning myself and my ability to achieve my goals last night. I relaxed into it fairly well, and got through it okay. Like a squall.

I won’t make this too long since I’d rather actually get some things done now. I’m briefly describing these things on this journal because intuitively I feel that Stark Q Terminus contributed to these processes.



It has been 12 days since I began using Stark Q Terminus (Experimental)

The effects that have been clearest to me thus far are around Limitless kinds of effects. I feel more intellectually creative and more perceptually flexible. My motivation to engage with interesting ideas and phenomena is enhanced.

I also feel that Stark Q Terminus may be working synergistically with the other titles in my playlist. That is mostly intuitive conjecture though, because I also switched to the Q versions of my other subliminals around the same time that I started using Stark Q Terminus.

Whether it’s more explained by the effect of Stark Q Terminus or more by the new Q versions of my other subliminals, what I am noticing is a kind of synergy and a sense of movement and possibility in all of the areas covered by my playlist: Wealth, Idea/Lifestyle Building, Learning and Intellectual Creativity.

So, for now, that’s that.


Day 13: Thursday May 14 2020

At work all day doing meetings from 10 AM to 6 PM with one hour free for lunch.

Fortunately, woke up early and got in my Stark Q Terminus meditation hour.

side-note: I am really looking forward to the Q Store. I’m probably going to Terminus strength for my future core programs.

I like Stark Q Terminus quite a bit.


Day 15: Saturday May 16 2020

Another Stark Q Terminus meditation. The 15th.

I feel calm and relaxed now. Nothing special to report. Actually, I perform another short practice each day after the meditation. While I’m doing that I play music, usually Steve Roach. I think I attribute the relaxed feeling right now mainly to that.

The meditation itself is a bit busy at the moment. I’m doing 4 or 5 practices at the same time. Stark Q Terminus. Three-part Breathing. Backwards breath counting. A visualization. One or two other elements. The main reason for that busyness is the convenience of stacking practices. This may change and adjust to be less busy. But it’s like this for now.


Day 16: Sunday May 17 2020

Woke up early today, so did my Stark Q Terminus meditation hour from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM or thereabouts.

Starting to reflect on what for lack of a better phrase might be called ‘phenomenological spheres’. Just the sum total of the sensations and perceptions that you’re experiencing. That (or some subset of that) is the usual focus during a so-called mindfulness session.

I’m finding myself wanting to connect to the reality of what lies outside of my phenomenological sphere. Outside of my directly experienced sensations and perceptions. Brief reflection tells you that that includes pretty much everything in the Cosmos.

A different way of contextualizing and coming at ‘remote viewing’, maybe.

Anyway, that would usually be an ‘inside thought’. But I’m writing these things here because I’m tracking the impact of Stark Q Terminus on my meditation experiences and reflections.