[STACKED] The King Test EmperorQ


Ran my dose of EmperorQ and Inner Circle today.

Today it was 2 x EmperorQ and 2 x Inner Circle.

I think a limiting belief that I still haven’t been able to get rid of is how much I deserve success in life.

Like everyone else here, I want to achieve success in terms of my financial and social status (hence I am running Emperor).

However, I still have that voice in my head telling me ,

"Those people you wish to be as successful as worked very very very hard in their lives to achieve the level of success today. They went into battle many many times, they took every opportunity that was given to them, they were exposed to a lot of hardship which shaped them into what they are today. And you? What have you ever done to deserve success like them? You had quite a comfortable life and didn’t experience the type of hardship and trials that they went through? You’re much of a strawberry and you wanna be a success like them? Haha, you have been a private in the army for 10 years and you want to be a general next year? Dream on man, dream on.

This has been partially due to the way many people around me both professional and personally assess my value as a person. To many of these people, my life is like that of a report card and I am assessed on the basis of my past and present achievements. It’s like I only have a few chances in life - usually at younger age - to prove that I deserve to be a member of the club and once I fail, the doors are shut.

I’ve posted previously in some other threads of mine about my experiences which shaped the way I am but I will not repeat here as digging up the past does not help me to achieve my current goals. I have to detach myself from those limiting beliefs as above - they are just thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. Thoughts are nothing unless assumed into reality. But I have to know that they are there in order to let them pass.

On the positive side, this coronavirus pandemic has given me some room to reflect on what I should do in the long-term for myself to achieve my goals. In the short-term, the ride is tough and the storms are severe, but I do foresee some areas of recovery at the moment that I can take advantage of.


Had a vivid dream about being employed by a company on the spot. The interviewer was staring at sheets of paper containing some stuff I had written.


Took a break from subliminals today.

I fell into a deep sleep just now and had a vivid dream in which I received a message from @SaintSovereign about a new subliminal he wanted me to test titled “National”. He didn’t explain what was in “National” but promised that I would get a reward after testing it

Anyway, I woke up thinking that he really sent me that message but there was nothing in my inbox.


Ok, I am not like many of the chaps who are so sensitive to energy that they can feel different types of energy whenever they run any of the subliminals.

However, Aegis is different. I can feel some energy pulsating in my body when playing this sub, but at a very very low level.


Still running EmperorQ and Aegis.

In 3 days, two people have sought my opinion/views on certain challenges facing my industry, future prospects and how they can be resolved. I was never someone to be approached for views so it is quite interesting here.

On another note, I may consider running Alchemist to clear my mental and energetic blockages which I believe are obstructing my path towards improving my manifestation abilities.

However, I will think I will wait and see what Q has to offer - perhaps I can get create one ultimate healing subliminal with core healing components of Emperor Fitness, Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, Khan, EOG along with New Beginnings and Regeneration.


…and, if I understood correctly - it is StarkQ:)


Will prefer to focus on building the ultimate foundations first.


Bruce Lee once said, “Be Like Water”.

But how can we be like water if we already have a fixed existing form?

The fixed existing form must go in order to for us to be what we want to be.


Some aspects of my dreams last night

  • Dreamt about a scene in which I was a soldier in a dark foresty environment firing flat rectangular machine gun and running across a wooden bridge. I reached a park and rested on a wooden bench with the enemy.
  • After looking at a post, I messaged one of the persons in this forum about whether he was an alumni of my school and he replied that he was.
  • I was stuck at the end of a ladder long leading towards the rooftop of a tall building and was too afraid to get off the ladder and onto the rooftop. There was a fear of heights in me yet I wouldn’t get off the ladder. Anyway I somehow managed to get off the ladder to the rooftop in the end.


Very interesting.

In such times, I connected with an entrepreneur who had was trying to develop a market for his factory’s medical equipment supplies for my region. This entrepreneur happened to be from the Nordic country that I have been doing business with but has his business based in Hong Kong. What was interesting was not his medical equipment business, but other interests that me and my Nordic business partners are definitely looking into.

So he wanted me to help him market his medical equipment business in my country and wanted to put me as a contact person on his business brochure.

I told him I wouldn’t charge him anything (e.g. referral fees or marketing fees) in such times as I decided building a relationship with him at this point of time would be the most important.

In the meantime, I’m still continuing with EmperorQ and Aegis everyday. Perhaps the few rounds of Inner circle that I had run last week helped with this connection.