[STACKED] The Experimental Fame Game - StarkQ-T/SpartanQ/Limit DestroyerQ


Starting a journal with the new experimental version of Stark Q along with Spartan Q.

I’ve already been journalling about this with the original StarkQ version, should I use both journals to update (just copy and paste) or just this one for now? Don’t want to take up too much space in the journals sections.

Anyway, after reading that Saint and Fire had ways to make StarkQ more powerful I was really hoping for something like this so I’m glad the T variant is out especially as everything I work with (dance, my job, teaching) etc has to do with being social and climbing that ladder.

I have no shame to say that I want to be super successful and super famous for what I do - I used to be ashamed, no longer. That’s what I want, especially in dance and my job outside of dance.

Day 1.

  • Listened to one loop of StarkQ T, I accidentally listened to one and a half technically, felt a bit of a of a headache and a little sick using the ultra Sonic whilst I was playing Call of Duty but I feel in a great mood. I feel like I need to be social. I felt like I needed to go Live in my work and my friends are online and live and felt like I needed to go talk to them. Instead I’ve come here to update to let this out but I’ll be there in a second.

I’m going to up to two loops tomorrow and then three per day but no more than three like recommended by Saint.

Really hoping this helps push me more in what I want as I’ve been feeling a little stuck as I’ve got the goals, which actually scare me, that I want to achieve but not the knowledge on how to achieve them.

I’ve actually reached out to more seasoned people in my industry that know what they’re doing so that I can get better and hoping this will work with StarkQ T with the inner circle being added in.

SpartanQ is actually going to take less of a priority than normal as I’ve been running it at about 3 loops like I did with StarkQ so I’m going to build up StarkQ-T for priority, lessen Spartan and add one loop of Limit Destroyer to help me reach my goals as I know I’ve been having negative thoughts on reaching my goals, so hopefully this will help remove those.

I was planning my playlist looking like:

StarkQ-T x3 (after I’ve built up, x1 to begin with).
SpartanQ x1
Limit DestroyerQ x1

Does this look right to people?

In other notes:

  • Whilst I know I’ve been journalling and I know that I’ve been achieving great things that I truly put down to the work of these subs, I’ve been experiencing a lot of moments where I feel I’m getting reconciliation and like I’m not getting results… I don’t know if frustration is part of that but that’s definitely been a number one emotion as I’ve felt stuck.

  • I’ve also been wanting to add to my stack continually, maybe this is why I added Limit Destroyer? I’ve been looking at this to the point I was going to buy Aura to enhance my results etc. I was looking at the shopping page yesterday and was close to buying stuff but know I need to stick it out.

Am I feeling reconcilation or being an idiot?


Day 4 of subs.

Today is a rest day. I had to force myself to take a rest day today as in my head ‘the more you do it, the better results!’ however I’m thinking of it how I used to workout which was 2 days on, one day off, and then rest.

My routine right now,

Monday, Tuesday, ON
Wednesday OFF
Thursday, Friday, ON
Saturday, Sunday, OFF

I think this will be best for me as I need routine.

Anyhow, in the last couple of days I’ve been building up StarkQ-T. I’ve been feeling frustrated again, watching people hit the goals they want to hit and me not doing it. I’ve been super social but not working being live has stopped me from hitting my goals, so now the aim is go live as much as possible. I’m actually about to go live I think.

Not much has been happening, I’ve been struggling with my workouts - last night’s legs workout was an absolute struggle - I used harder weights and mentally I had to push through so much which was hard but I think I was super tired so it made it worse. I’ll have to nap before I go into it tonight so I don’t feel the same way.

I’m not sure it I’m feeling the effects of StarkQ-T but I’m going to give it so more time. I’ll be playing 3 loops of StarkQ T, Spartan x1 and one of Limit Destroyer tomorrow in my current routine and seeing how I get on.

I’ve started sleeping super well now though, and I’m starting to have vivid dreams. I don’t remember them when I wake up too much but I remember having them and that’s a plus for me as I never used to have those kinds of dreams before, or remember I had at least.

Will keep everything updated soon.


Day 5.

  • Today has been such a shitty day being live. Genuinely think reconciliation has hit hard. I’m not feeling any results, I feel like I’m lacking towards my goals with all three subs. For example:

  • I’ve been having doubts about being able to achieve my goals even though I still think I could hit it, hopefully that makes any fucking sense at all?

  • I’m not feeling the Fame/socialness of StarkQ anymore. I’m getting super frustrated, today has been terrible with the app and I genuinely feel like I’ve been forgotten and that other people are getting ahead even though I’ve been putting in the hustle and work.

  • I’ve been binge eating for the last couple of days SpartanQ. I know what the trigger is - if I eat junk in the morning or it’s the first thing I eat, whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon, all I crave after that is junk food. This usually happens when I can’t be bothered to cook after being ‘good’ for a while. So my nutrition is back in tatters. I’m going to try and bring it back now. Workouts have been going well but I haven’t been wanting to do them. I need to stretch right now and I don’t want to because I’m thinking of how bad long the stretch will be - however in my head I know I’m going to stretch.

I haven’t even listened to the subs properly today. Does anyone know if I should take an extra day off or should I listen again today? I’ve been feeling this way for a few days which I didn’t document even though I know I hit great things previously.

As, stated prior, I use ultra Sonic so my boyfriend usually hears the Subliminals with me and he has been achieving some great things whilst on it - mainly StarkQ (and now I guess Q-T) as we both work on the same app together. I’m feeling he’s quite sensitive to Subliminals in terms of him absorbing them quicker than I do maybe. He hit higher targets than I did in his first month, which whilst I’m happy for him I’m incredibly frustrated and jealous of (as I did a majority of the work).

It would be interesting to know if this is down the to sub or not, maybe when name embedded subs are out I’ll know or not.


Day 7.

I’ve been running my stack a lot more - been getting more headaches but putting them mainly down to not enough sleep, but a mixture of that and more sub exposure. Definitely feeling more tired recently - below may explain why. I’m not running anything tonight and giving myself a rest.

I feel like I’m not as sensitive to subliminals as my boyfriend may be so I personally feel like it takes more repetition to get to me. I may definitely have to get a name embedded when they’re out to ensure this works with me and that it isn’t affecting other people, even though I have his consent to run them.

Being completely honest, due to not feeling as sensitive to exposure, I’ve been running my stack whilst I slept which means having my stack on repeat but I’ve been feeling much better in regards to results. I should really run them through the day so I can get better sleep but I feel like it’s just easier to run it through the night and know that I’m hearing it in one place than breaking the stack up and moving throughout the day, if that makes sense? I feel like this is definitely better.

I feel this gives my subconscious time to process it and I don’t have to focus on running the subliminal and everything else I have do do during the day. Tonight is rest time though, even though I want to play it - it’s important to rest.

Still constantly thinking about switching subs, at this moment I want to run EmperorQ in my stack with StarkQ as someone suggested that bundle, but I’m unsure what to have as my stack right now.


So I haven’t updated my journal, this week has been a total lack of motivation to do anything.

I stopped working out this week, I haven’t been eating properly this week, I’ve given absolutely no fucks to do anything. I tried to workout on Monday and did nothing. My motivation has been so low for real, I’ve felt it since using Terminus. I did build up the loops gradually and then allowed it to play during sleep but I’ve toned it down for sure. I do for some reason prefer T format to the original Q format however.

I still do the work I’m doing and it’s going well - I noticed that it’s been a lot easier this month to hit my goals. I’m not hitting the goal I want yet - Im sure I will, but not as fast however it’s been a lot easier to reach towards the goal I want this month. I’m not sure if Terminus has helped with this too be honest, I’ve felt super frustrated with Terminus.

@SaintSovereign, I’m really intrigued to know - does Terminus act as a breakdown of everything before it starts to work on a better version of you? kind of like Khan/EoG stage 1 but in Stark format? I’ve always wanted to buy Khan due to the certain stages such as Total Breakdown/Total Action (apologies if they’re not the right names) but Khan doesn’t fit my goals so I’m intrigued to know if T is doing it instead? I’m most likely way off base. I’ve tried to research others journals in regards to finding the answer too. Terminus to me feels like it’s a multistage in a one stage wrapper.

I don’t know I’ve just felt like I’m having a complete breakdown using Terminus compared to normal Stark. That’s how I feel. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as I feel a breakdown comes before a break through and that it’s just going to take time. I want to keep running Terminus but I just want to know what the heck is going on. I’ve literally had no motivation to do anything. I’ve been taking more breaks running my subliminals than I normally do and do feel like I know when my subconscious is processing the information, I’m definitely hella tired most of the time and sometimes getting headsches. I don’t mind these in return for the rewards.

I know a lot of people on here are getting more headaches and stuff using Terminus but I also know people jumped straight into using it rather than building it up.

Anyway, I’m hoping, if I’m right, that this breakdown I’m having doesn’t last too long. I want to get back into everything I was doing before and have more success. I’m hungry for more.

I’m achieving good success on the app but always wanting more. I’m talking to higher people on it, I’m creating better and higher circles, I’m getting more opportunities and more love and all that jazz so that’s actually good for me, I just feel shit about it due to the breakdown I was having - again not sure if that’s subliminal work or just me.

In regards to Spartan, I personally feel my body is changing and feel better about it, most of the time, but I’m disappointed when I take pictures as it doesn’t look like it’s changing. I know, I’m not consistent with the eating problem yet, just bought a book of a program I enjoy doing so just gotta sit down and read that and get on track with my goals HOWEVER regardless of how I’m eating I feel like SpartanQ is making it easier to eat what I want and still get results. Not sure that’s possible via subliminals (I know there’s a lot of people who can eat what they want and get the bodies of their dreams) but that’s how I feel. I want to eat better though.

I can’t talk about Limit Destroyer honestly, I genuinely feel like my goals are still consistent in terms of I believe I can do it and all that positive self taok, I don’t believe I can’t do it so maybe I’m not in need of Limit Destroyer right now? No idea.

I plan on continuing with StarkQ T, I debated the idea and literally just made the decision now, but will be sticking to one loop-three loops, along with SpartanQ and Limit Destroyer, giving myself a couple days off a week and seeing how it goes.


I’ve decided to drop SpartanQ and Limit Destroyer for now. I want to focus and get my act back together to achieve the goals I want for my business - that’s my highest priority at the moment.

@HappyHero’s posts have inspired and motivated me in both the journal and in the Terminus announcement posts.

I’ll be doing just a single loop of Terminus for now. Building up over the next few weeks and seeing how it goes just like he mentioned, I know Saint mentioned this too and that’s what I initially did but I feel like I have to cut back and maintain the one loop for a little longer.

I’m not sure how many rest days to take but maybe two on, one off for now. Weekends can be off.

I did do a loop this morning before I thought about it, like a loop and a 1/3 (the third was accidental).


I did normal StarkQ for a few loops whilst I slept today as I think I’m going to alternate between the two, this morning went pretty well but right now I feel pretty fucking irritated, frustrated, sad, annoyed, etc. All these emotions rolled into one big giant roller coaster.

I want more for my life. I’m trying to do the things it takes it do, and I’m meeting the people that I feel will help and change my life and all this stuff but I’m still feeling Good damn stuck. I don’t know if I’m being impatient or what but it’s as if starting Terminus that I know way more now, than normal, that I’m destined for great things and to achieve great things - people tell me they love me and all that stuff which is amazing but it feels like nothing if I’m not achieving the goals I want to.

I’m 200k behind my goal as of right now. I believe I’ll hit by the end of the month but I need and want to hit it right now. My feelings are literally building up inside to the point I want to fucking cry and right now all I can do is swear and be pissed off. I feel like I’m genuinely having a breakdown. I don’t know if I can put it down to the sub or what but genuinely this is the worse I’ve felt on a sub.

On one hand I feel like it’s working, I’ve been super social, I’m making friends across the world who I believe can help me, I’m being talkative to and loved by people and all that stuff BUT on the other hand I feel like I’m stuck as fuck. I’m going to take a couple days off the subs to see if that helps as I feel like shit is processing and taking it’s sweet time which is great but the frustration I feel right now is something else. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this down, okay maybe I have before, even beyond it, but Jesus this is horrid.

I needed to get this off my chest because I feel terrible right now, I don’t know what the hell it is- if it’s reconciliation, whether I’ve done something wrong or what but my world feels upside down compared to how it was going last month. There’s definite upsides that I feel are WAY better than last month this month but my God since starting Terminus do I feel like a super angry little munchkin.

Anyone have any thoughts?


I haven’t been listening to subs since I said I’d take a break and I feel like the processing is going so much better. I was in such a negative mind frame and I feel like it was definitely due to too much exposure to Terminus and even listening to Stark too much. I’m glad I’ve taken the break. I felt exhausted, fatigued all the time, negative and genuinely in a breakdown mode. I need more rest but it feels good to be getting back to wear I was.

Due to the break, I’ve been noticing that I’m making friends in higher places and suddenly I’m even closer to my goal for this month. I’m getting more connected and it’s feeling way easier to get people on my side than it used to be - I feel like people genuinely do love me and my boyfriend - not everyone though, I feel like people see us moving quickly through work now that they’re beginning to get a little jealous and botter, but not from the people who we want to talk to necessarily.

When I get back to it, probably tomorrow, it’ll be Terminus maybe once every day or couple of days, StarkQ in its place if I don’t do a day, and the weekend off. Using ultra sonic only, easier for me. I’m really interested in adding Minds Eye, I’ve been so terrible with visualising to the point that when I was reading Law of Attraction books I was skipping the visualisation part as if that didn’t matter because I couldn’t do it properly.

I also want Minds Eye due to this paragraph in the description as I need to make the best decisions in my business, as business is a game:

Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.

I’m not sure if Minds Eye is necessary as of yet so it may be on hold, especially as the Q Store is opening very soon - something I’m incredibly excited about as I love the idea so we shall wait and see.

Overall all I know so far is that rest is optimal for results on these subs. Especially Terminus.


Started back on Terminus today, already have a headache but I think that’s a lack of sleep and proper water intake. It’s only a slight headache too but it’s there.

I did one loop like promised but I’m going to change my stack/schedule a little as someone suggested this ages ago and after seeing Friday’s reply to someone regarding StarkQ and EmperorQ I’m going to add EmperorQ as part of my stack. I really need to work on execution.

As mentioned as reply to Friday - StarkQ (and T) has helped me with the social aspect and has helped me work on myself and all that kind of stuff but I have a lot of work to do and I want to be the one at the top so I’m looking for Emperor now and I’m actually excited. I’m going to drop the idea of using StarkQ and limit myself to 2-3 days of StarkQ T (most likely on a Monday and a Friday, if I add a third day in it’ll be a Wednesday) with one loop each of masked and add in Emperor either on the same days or all 5 week days, starting with one loop each.

Stark Q T x 1 - Monday & Friday (maybe Wednesday)
EmperorQ - Monday - Friday.

I’m excited for the results.

I feel much better after taking the break and now that I can limit my useage to subliminals down it means I can be more productive and do other things.

Emperor v4 was the first sub I bought so hopefully Q and my subconscious will remember and build upon the foundation I made with that. I’m excited for S & E to be working together, I feel it necessary.

I know I’m consistently changing my stack around and useage so I’m going to try and stick with just these two for a while.


I ran Terminus once yesterday, Emperor once yesterday and once today - I really don’t think I enjoy Terminus. It’s really a lot to handle in my opinion for me, others of you seem to be doing fantastic on it - I don’t think I can handle that level of power - yet. Maybe do what Saint recommended and do 6 months of Stark and then Terminus but for now…back to Stark it is.

Even though I did one loop yesterday, I feel so so angry today. So down, upset, all the emotions I felt before are back and it’s horrendous.

I think it’s time to cancel Terminus and go back to my old thread - putting StarkQ normal and EmperorQ to the test instead. Hopefully StarkQ will continue where it left off as the whole time I’ve ran Terminus I’ve felt worse for wear - this is just me personally.

I’ve been reading Friday’s journal and my productivity has also been going down. I haven’t wanted to do anything at all :confused:

I think I’m going to go back to listening whilst I sleep (it got the work in) and not listen to anything during the day - using just EmperorQ and StarkQ -allowing it the time to process. I’m excited for that combination for sure.


For Stark TERMINUS, I’m listening to only ONE loop - two days ON, one day OFF.

I’m getting great results so it’s taken discipline to not listen more than once and to take days off but it’s paying to do so.

I’d say take even a couple more days off and then try just regular stark Q. But listen to your intuition!


I appreciate the input, I’ve been looking at your journal and posts and they’ve been totally motivating for me.

Sorry, can you elaborate on your usage in terms of days?

I’m slightly confused in how you play it out.


Sure, my stack is: Stark TERMINUS > Space > PCC > Space > Daredevil

From here I’ll just refer to it as “stack” so schedule goes as shown below, notice space in between tracks. I feel this is essential to allowing the subconscious to process each track within the “stack”. This space will be minimum of 15 minutes but usually an hour or more. ONLY ONE listen to each sub in my stack per day

Day 1 - Stark T > Space > PCC > Space > Daredevil (Stack - ONLY 1 play of each sub)
Day 2 - Stack same as above
Day 3 - OFF

Day 4 - Stack
Day 5 - Stack
Day 6 - OFF

Day 7 - Stack
Day 8 - Stack
Day 9 - OFF

Etc. Etc.


Thanks for expanding on that, I appreciate it! Your input is completely valued and I’m grateful for you writing it out.

I’m going to use that with my stack at the moment starting from Monday.

I’ve decided not to give up on Terminus but to see the difference between StarkQ and StarkT but making a comparison here via week changes.

This week is a pretty important week so I’m going to use StarkQ along with EmperorQ as everytime I’ve used StarkQ I feel happy and excited etc so I need that good energy. Taking today off from subs even though I ran them last night. Will use the 1x loop for both during the day time following what @HappyHero stated and the breaks too.

Then the following week I’m going to do the same thing but replace StarkQ with StarkT and see the differences as I definitely feel like I’ve been responding much better to Q than I have T.

Thanks for the help HappyHero.


Jheezz Louise.

The change that I have been feeling ever since running StarkQ and EmperorQ has been so different to running my old stack with StarkT being the main headliner.

I don’t know whether things have been processing but everything is feeling way way better. I’m still going to do my test with StarkT but my results are improving more on Q than they were on T. Maybe I ran too many loops too soon but I’m going to test that out by going back to it next week. Like I stated in my last post this week is an important week so I’ve got to stick to Q for now.

Once again I’m changing my routine and adding a sub back in with this new routine which, if you’ve worked out before will be known as PPL (Push Pull Legs).

Limit DestroyerQ.

This may actually work better as a routine too if I was to add other subs to it as well as.

The way the routine works is like this - and my experiment as I seem to work better off more repetitions with the Qs.

TUESDAY - EmperorQ
WEDNESDAY - Limit DestroyerQ
REPEAT - Repeat same order, the days will change obviously.

It won’t be one loop, it’ll probably go to about 6-8 loops whilst I’m sleeping meaning I’ll get about 12-16 loops of exposure per week - I personally don’t think this is too bad if I have three subs. If I was to add more then this would lower.

I like this too as it means each night I get to focus on one sub until my rest where there’s absolutely no sub.

I listen to my subs ONLY at night time (I mean it’s 5am for me now so I’ll listen to my first bit when I go to sleep in a sec), as I want time to process the information during the day and it means I’m in the same spot so I’m getting the exposure - I hate having it on ultra sonic and then forgetting my phone and missing most of the exposure.

This makes me super excited and I can’t wait to let you guys know the result.

P.s. I chose Limit DestroyerQ as I’ve been having limiting thoughts towards my goals and I have a few days to achieve them - hopefully limit destroyer will build up on the last time I used it but I’ll be using it tonight as I’ve already used StarkQ and EmperorQ this week without LDQ.

Can’t wait to update!


So I’ve been using this method since I told y’all I would and it seems to be working… I’m doing the nights things, it’s definitely pressing into my sleep but it is what it is - best way for me to get the information honestly.

Anyway, I’ve connected with a bunch of nice people on this app who have helped me tremendously to the point that I’m taking business matters to them - I truly believe Inner Circle is coming into play here. I’ve found people who are willing to help me hit my goals and all sorts - I’m genuinely so grateful.

Also, just so you guys know - I went with 300k as my goal (I may have wrote 400k on here) and last night, with moments to spare, and thanks to these people I hit it. I truly believe the subliminal helped with this - massively. I’m so so grateful, Jesus.

Limit Destroyer came in at a time that was most needed, it stopped me from backing down from my goal even when consciously I didn’t think I’d hit it yet…I did. Everything seems to work subconsciously even though conscious I have my doubts - something thing I’ve been noticing. Now I know that is common sense but I would have thought I’d have also have believed things were possibly consciously but that’s not the case for what I wanted to achieve, everything came down to my subconscious believing it would happen.

I can’t believe I hit the goal I did but Jesus I’m happy about it.

I may try 1 loop of Terminus today as I said I’d try it out again and see how it goes using the routine I’m using from before. I want one loop of Terminus masked today, 2-3 of EmperorQ tomorrow, LD on Wednesday and then rest.

I’ll update on Terminus soon and how I’m feeling.


Now that I’ve moved to Terminus again it feels a little lack luster in terms of my routine as I’ve been doing one loop of EmperorQ and Limit DestroyerQ on the days in my old routine so I’m going to hop on this routine. I did one loop of Terminus too and was taking two days break from that whilst I did EmperorQ and LDQ the next two days.

My stack is the same, SQT, EQ and LDQ and I’m keeping with them, going to do one of each following @HappyHero’s advice and see how I go.

Otherwise I was literally doing each sub twice a week and I wouldn’t consider that adequate. I’m going to do today, tomorrow and Saturday, rest on Sunday and then start the routine following the actual layout from above and with the rests too.

We shall see if I miss Saturday and give it a rest day if Terminus for 3 days in total is a lot - if my life feels like before it’s definitely time to stop hha. Life has been good so far and whilst stressful it has been manageable. I want even more this month so I need the subs to be on my side and my subconscious to be working for me for sure, I have even bigger goals this month and I’m excited.

2 days on 1 day off is my routine for now.
Will update.


@Brandon could you point me to where @SaintSovereign recommended this? Want to understand it more.


I don’t know how quote people’s stuff from other threads but he said this in someone’s Journal and then quoted it in the main Terminus thread:

I’m starting to think that Terminus is NOT the best option going forward for increasing results. Not because it isn’t powerful, but because we’re starting to get multiple reports of the same issue: people getting headaches, intense dreams, fatigue (which are all classic signs of the subliminal being processed), but not the results they’re accustomed to having. I think Terminus may be best as the final stage in a multistage, where you’ve slowly built your way up to it.

The best way to run Stark Q: Terminus is probably using the regular Q version for 3-6 months, then dropping in Terminus once you’ve started to see progress.

Hopefully this helps.


Yes, that helped a lot! I’ve found it and bookmarked it. Thanks!