(STACKED) Testing of Emperor Q


Very excited to be included in this new experimental product ,i have been using subliminal club products since last April and believe in their effectiveness! I will include it in the following stack which i have been running for over 6 months and think it would be unwise to abandon them to use Q solo !

Emperor Q: X 3 loops
Khan stage3 :X2 loops
PS-Iron Throne: X2 loops
SMv2: X2 loops

I will run this 24/7 Masked / Ultrasonic , looking forward to what happens in regard to my current journey :slight_smile:


That is a very interesting stack. Isn’t running khan and Emp a bit redundant? I mean EmpQ v5 script is massive i heard and Khan is massive by itself too. Personally i wouldn’t stack the 2 together because of how massive they are and it might take a lot longer to see results.

But best of luck to you on your journey, hope it works out for you. I would pick 1 sub to run the most loops with then the others run once per like 2-3 loops.

Also give your subconscious a few hours a day to process all the info or take a whole day off once a week if you are going to run them 24 hours.

@DarkPhilosopher What do you think?


Thanks for the advice , i might reduce khan to 1 loop as nearing the end of using stage 3 and then onto stage 4 .I understand the point about taking longer to see results but i see using subs as a long term thing for years to come and won’t just stop all of a sudden.

Regarding Emp Q script and Khan ,these will both add to my social and seduction goals i believe as i do go out on a regular basis meeting people and my job is social in nature in the nightlife industry .

So if my subconsciousness takes longer to absorb the scripts that’s fine with me and so far using 3 major programs have not been an issue as so will see what happens adding this into the mix .


Several people have used Emperor and Khan together. Personally I wouldn’t given how they are so similar, but I suppose they can support one another. In this case, the stack is obviously dominated by sex/seduction related subliminals and Emperor plays a lesser role. Depending on how long xanderson has already been running Khan ST3 & PSIT, Saint may not get super-clear results to study. There’s a good reason he prefers solo-runs.

But maybe EQ is powerful enough to manifest itself over the others. I’ve only run it a day and I still have a headache. If one can’t run it 24/7, expect clear indicators. Listen to them.


Some good points raised @DarkPhilosopher , i will run it for 1 month and adjust if needed and remove the others .


Day 2 : The past 24 hours have been a little interesting :

Feel a lot more centered and relaxed
More eye contact from women
More submissive looks from males
More acknowledgment from staff leaving to go home
I am working night shifts atm so my sleep during the day is minimal at best
I will be going out the next few nights from tomorrow to bars/clubs and will see what transpires .

I have been running this ultrasonic during sleep/ at work and masked when out in public for a few loops .


Day 4: used it masked during daytime and ultrasonic sleeping , 100% have a relaxed demeanour which is even more so then on khan and psit . I also prefer running masked as has a more stronger effect and people definetly pay attention . I will have to download the updated version.


Day 10 : i have what @amash mentioned about the stiff neck and shoulders but not sure if because of gym or the sub or just bad sleeping posture !

Other things noticed not much , definetly glad i kept the other subs i have been running to keep them consistently flowing .


Update day 15: running about 3 loops a day with the other subs , this does have a slight emperor v4 feel to it but not sure . I find when i run this masked in public i get do much more attention …maybe it radiates something in me which people pick up or feel in my presence.

My sleep hasn’t been good , not sure if because of the subs or late nights out , but i will take one rest day a week moving forward .


Update day 27 : Still going strong , nothing new to report and i guess with this lock down i will lean more towards online activity and offline via phone for social interactions


Update day 41 : Finally switched to the updated Emp Q so will see how this goes and run for
3 months at least.