[Stacked] Stark QT +SpartanQ by Dragonborn


For last 5 months I have done mix of Khan, Alchemist , Iron Throne and Emperor, changing stacks frequently. Then when Stark Q arrived i jumped on bandwagon like many others and it was addition to my stacks, plus when BigQ subs update arrived I bought SpartanQ. With all those stacks I had problems prioritize what is important , and sometimes it felt like day ran away without any progress and results and i wasted it. But true is Im progressing when i look back.
Those feelings of no progressing started with StarkQ and just pushed me to pursue more active my goals.

im third day on Stark QT and I dropped slowly everything except SpartanQ.
My plan is run StarkQT 3x + SpartanQ 6x masked only

I ran SQT yesterday Twice and I had feelings of pressure in my ears and head little bit . It was similar to experimenting with ultrasonic subs over headphones.
so its definitely is different to other subs.
Overall greater focus on whatever Im doing . It is more task oriented with time efficiency and at end of day you can see how much you moved forward.
I notice there is something like quick solution spawn with every problem you face so you waste minimum time searching and trying.

There is something with time manipulation in this sub and how we perceive time given every day

calm, cool and collected, focused, active,


How’s it been going?


StarkQTx3 + SpartanQx3 night stack .
Hi @millyx, I supposed to sit on my ass , because Im on paid furlough. Im doing side job
just to get out and be more active and also money will go to my algo trading which Im programing.
I just wonder one thing . when I started Stark Q I felt urge do something with my appearance and bought SpartanQ. Now I know Im no doing enough for fitness and that make bit upset . Its like there is constantly running engine asking for improvements in all areas of life.
I had girlfriend, but she was just little bit needy. Her comments about our future together were bit insane, especially because they started almost at beginning relationship. I dont know what she was thinking when she started ghosting me but it didnt work. Im no chasing her. There is plenty of fish :sunglasses:


Im going add Minds eye. We been waiting for long time for this one :+1:.
Its going to day stack for now

Minds Eye x 3 day stack ultra or masked
StarkQTx3 + SpartanQx3 night stack .