[STACKED]Stark Q Terminus/Khan Q ST3/ Mogul Q/ Mind's Eye Q Terminus Sq:Total Action Squared


Coming off a month of stark q and now switching to st2 of khan. Also this month going to try some of stack mods like aura Q ,Sanguine Q, and Godlike Masculinity Q etc. Normally i had been only running about 1 loop of stark and mongul and the rest khan. As so far it had been pretty good even at only one loop i felt much smarter and productive. Plus i had been getting less hours and low and behold after a month or so hours gone back up again to so money has improved. My creativity with my music has increased, and of course getting noticed alot more by girls. I felt like the month of khan stage 1 helped a lot getting me ready for things to come. I was thinking about increasing the loops of stark q but now this new version came out i’ll try 1 loop for now.
earlier tonight i was feeling restless since being on stage 2 khan so decided to take a trip to the store ger out some not really needed anything but just needed to be out of the house for a bit. I had noticed i’m eye contact has improved, confidence, and lack of concern about things has really improved and took me by surpise. Also seem to be more and more ok with random females showing up or hanging around me for no good reason.

Anyway i’ll report back latter see how it goes as i added it to my stack


Day 1
Ran it, did feel a slight warming up, and did notice it while playing it on ultrasonic. still too early to see what effects it has had. Felt a similar thing when i ran khan q for the first time


Day 2
(ultrasonic )
KhanQ x16/starkQ-t x2/MongulQ x1)

Going to try upping stark-T to 2 loops today. I had my early mourning practice on my instrument still i’m seeing improvement nothing out of ordenarey as of yet. After that took a trip to the store again getting noticed everywhere very confident, carefree mood. Mysteriously today i ran into a girl i had a crush etc. I did some temp work with her and she was like all over me not much came of it though as we both went our separate ways. she had some issues and had a friend with her that keep blocking all our attempts to get together. Just a hi and bye thing of thing with lots of eye contact so seems like something is still there with her.
As much as the experiment with stark-t i’,m also going through total reprogramming with khan so i hope i can get more of the things holding me back as far as romance part of my life handled. As for the money part i been getting a lot of my debts all paid off so i can have extra funds for other things like my music. one thing i do notice a lot more on stark that i really tell more what kinds of things i should be doing or at least what direction is best go go in. I’m still a bit up in the air about the mongul yes i need more funds but there’s also a need for improvements in my romance like as well. I’ll see how it goes as i might swap it out for iron throne or sex mastery or something like that

As a side note did have a interesting dream in which i was dreaming about doing temp work and in the car we were car pooling together headed to the job and some jerk guy got in and started acting all tough seeing how he was going to do this and that and in the dream which has heen happing in real life more and more that i let him know i had the courage to stand up to him. In the dream i could feel him thinking that cause he acted like that no one was going to say or do nothing ether cause their scared or just going to put up with him bullying his way around. So long story short i wasn’t having it even in dream form.
This has been happening in real life where i’m forced to stand up for myself and let people know that no one is backing down form them no one is scared of them and if comes to it will defend myself. This also goes for manipulation as well.


Day 3
Stark-T x3/KhanQ x16/MongulQ x1

Going to up stark-t to 3 loops today. So far not much difference other than when i woke up i had a big urge to go practice my instrument. Which is a bit strange as i usually take Sunday off for practice. So i did my practice and got a little exercise as well.

Had a another dream this time working well going to and for getting stuff done. this time i meet a girl ended up being intimate with her which i was thinking it’s about time. I have to remember to write my dream down as i forgot some of it as the day went on. The only odd thing about these dreams is that i rarely have dreams even more rarely do i remember them at all. Most of time i just wake up with no thoughts or dreams and just arise up

Last night made a trip to the store and i think maybe it’s just me but i was thinking some of these same girls in the store just happen to randomly be follow me or just keep magically appearing around me when i come around Maybe it’s nothing just seems to keep happening.

One last thing i do’n’t know about anyone one else while it’s nice to have more time to get stuff done during the lock down. I’m ready for this lock up thing to be over. The only good thing in a sense i’ll have khan stage one and two at roughly 450-500 hours in each stage before the lock up is done and by june be able to hopefully see some total action.


Day 4-6

Things going well as Total programing continues as well as shark-t. The things i noticed most about shark-t is deffernlty after playing i get a super drive to go do something. That takes the form of practice my instrument or a few days ago go to the store for no reason get all dressed up not knowing who i might run into. It’s funny doing the crack down i run unto lots of young ladies at my local store and the one i work in although i get off pretty early to see much of them since i work night. Although i have noticed even at work im quickly becoming he guy that gets noticed no matter what he’s doing.
I am going to scale back the number of loops per day going to see how that’s going to have affect. I might need a bit more time to process things.One way or another going to have to get out and around more single girls etc to get that area moving along. has been a challenge to do that with the crack down going on.


Day 7

It seem to work a bit better. I scaled back the loops a bit and today seem to flirt around a lot more with some of the girls in my store while i was doing some shopping even branched out and said hi to some random girls was OK with their responses to me. Mean while the stage 2 khan q seems be starting off pretty good. Stark -T on the other hand has really help my instrument playing and productivity at work. Still a bit early to tell as far as it coming. Me personally would vote to have it scaled up to the x5 version or the highest setting of shark. It is much more powerful than normal shark-q.

Today is my birthday still some things this year need to get handled and i seem to be headed in the right direction or at least pointed that way. this thing dose make me sleepy and at the same time restless. rdy to get out and meet some people or play music.


Day 8

Things are continuing improving solo. today was able to flirt alot more with some of the co work girls and seeming to have less and less needed a response form them to keep going which is a plus, being closer to being carefree. Yesterday got a text from a childhood friend out of the blue wanting to chat etc I wasn’t really trying to be bothered as i would rather meet up etc and not text all day. So after a bit i pretty made it clear i wasn’t trying to set around and text and be her friend ether we going to meet up go on a date or hang out or we’re not going to have much to do with each other. I mean who needs another friend without benefits.

On the creative front my instrument skills continue to amaze me, so much so i’m been thinking hard about getting quantum limitless or ultimate artist just for my music. we’ll see what happens. On a side note i think aegis is getting me to sent alot more on health supplements good food takes alot of extra money, though money well spent.


Day 9

Things progressing still. last night over work they had a few Latino girls going the clean up. They speak English a little which i latter found out she keep looking at me and smiling her and her friend plus keep find a away to come around for some reason. Not to mention the young red head security guard i keep flirting with She keep dancing to the in store music every time i came around so i of course had to mess with her. Things are looking up a bit per say. 'm hoping between stark-t and when i get to the next stage 3 of khan I’ll feel like taking more things forward passed the flirting stage.
I might drop the aegis and focus more on stark-t might try it for a month as things are slowing down with the virus. Still i feel restless like i need to be be out meeting people. By next month should be able to get out and do a little more with less crack down


Day 10

The biggest things i,ve noticed with stark-t is the intelligence, creativity, productive boost with job anf music, second is frame . Im pretty much always on guard for someone trying yo take advantage of me. 3rd being noticed all the time aka fame boost. These all in addition to Khanq st2. Which is slowly reprogramming me into something new. Still early on that one though


Day 15
I like stark-t although i hear some are having issues with the power of it, i,d vote to crank it up to max q power. As i seem to be quite ok with it


Day 17

Things continue one of things I’ve noticed is my confidence and just started becoming carefree about things that would normally used to be concerned about. Lot of it is caring what other are thinking to much. While i still have bit to go, i remember thinking i know i should be worried about things but then noticing that there wasn’t any bad reactions to the same person so i just when on right ahead as it a minor deal at it was. So in short a lot inner game stuff going on

I’ve been going back to playing alot of the old songs i did a few years ago, and i’m stunned how much my playing has improved. It has seen a super jump in skills since stark-t It’s been must affect or at that as well as anti manipulation frame control stuff which is nice.

I’m thinking about trading ageis out for mongul since i,m in need more more income seening my job continues to want to reduce my hours down. Although i love having less time i do need to make more money. The good thing in shark-t that it’s moving forward in my thinking if one job lacks the vison to see i’m worth more money there’s always another company.

As a last note i’m still continuing seeing random women show, although me personally i haven’t felt much desire yet to make much use of it yet as more concerned with some other things


Day 19

Everything is continuing along, improved music, productive with work frame control. One of things i’ve noticed now is that i’m almost always thinking about how this person might be trying to manipulate me get over on me all the time no less about worried about it just always noticing what’s in it for them and why are they doing what their doing. Mean while i am impressed in that more and more coworker girls just seem to find a increasing daily excuse to come around me or up close near for no good reason. Also noticed that although right now i’m single i’m feeling less rush to be with someone shifting more to wanting to be with someone that has a strong interest in me first and seeing what happens. Since win the look down going to be looking at various ways to see or look into online dating bit more. but something tells me much of the crack down should be letting up soon.

Mean while on the job front again I put mogul back on again as i like the job i have they just keep playing with the amount of hours i can have per week. which in one way is great cause i have more time for other stuff i still do have bill to pay and it’s a stretch some times with just a limited number of hours. Funny thing is although it is about the number of hours i wanted for a nice part time job since it’s good in all but my goal is in music this is just something to pay the bills.

I’m also hearing talk of mind’s eye coming out soon. Thinking it might be a good addition to my list.


Day 20

Still amazed at my improvements in skill with my instrument. Plus i’ll have to get back into the practices with my martial arts again. Been working for while with double shifts i had to stop alot of things. Also thinking about picking up another part time job to cover things if my job at the store has limited hours still.
Shark-t differently has stuff in it to know it’s ok to move on if things aren’t working or wasting time. See more opportunities. As for as girls still a bit holding back as for as taking some of the action i want but over all still confident, i highly value my time and see if people put effrot into anything. that’s generally when i respond well. Save my energy for people that are interested a few more days and it will be time for

total Action Stark


Day 22

Going to add Mind’s Eye Q to the mix. Still too early to tell plus only doing 1 loop so we’ll see what happens when mind eye-T kicks in. Mean while i guess i could say i had a minor increase maybe in being able to feel what something would feel like being there but still too minor to tell yet.

Khan is coming along also as the reprograming has done alot in little suddle ways. mainly starting to think of myself as more higher status and value. Plus peoples recation to me what i’m doing. Did keep noticing varius young girls keep going out of their way asking me questions or hanging around and i feel no need to respond or do anything to or with them maybe just a coincidence. As far as khan i’m about ready to move on to stage 3.

I would say stark has a lot of power can corrupt and frame control. One of the best parts of it.The social side or seduction side is lesser effect on me.Same for the money effect. In fact i had to put mogul Q back on since was in the need of some funds.


Day 23 (stark-t)

Going to try the upgraded version mind-t Squared. Since the few loops i did i was able to see my dream girl i was picturing a lot cleared than i had been able to b fore so feel promising to add to my stack still early to tell.

On i side note i dropped agesis from my stack since things are starting to open up a bit from the lock down. While on it it was power never got sick or anyone around me. Despite working in public area the whole time of the crisis> A bit bummed to take it off cause it has me really trying or urging me to eat health and keep my immune system up which is good thing.

Also i had to add mogul to the stack cause as soon as i got things rolling with shark etc as far as my job is concern i think stark get’s me to focus on what i really want to do and this job i have now pays the bills and convenient as a sub job kind of thing so plus i did stand up and let boss know i need a bit more hours. With mogul back on just like that hours went back up. i think stark money goals are more long term which is good. short term i need to get some things paid down. Khan st4 dose have mogul in so maybe then i might replace it

Had little interaction with females today since i got off early. Other than a few pasing by girl checking me out with her boyfriend right there. I was like she’s not up to my standards anyway and i have notices I can keep eye contact very good now.and will keep it and don’t back down unless i think a person is just trying to control things i totally ignore them

Mind eye should be a nice add to my stack as i’m having trouble clearly seeing a lot of goals as being done. Last night after i ran the normal version of minds eye q i was able to see my dream girl much more clearly then i have been able to. Most of the time my visualizations have a haze or fog to them where i can focus on it enough to get a good picture of it. we’ll see how the boosted version dose


Day 23 (stark-t)
Day 1 (mind eye-t2)

Although i had been tired from work and choirs so i had little time to test it’s effect while playing. I will say that it upped my number of hours sleep up quite a bit, put me to sleep real good on the first day of minds eye-t. Only did one loop today will up it to 2 tomorrow and probably stop at 3 depending how it dose. Like saint saint said since my nap it is very powerful


Day 3 (mind eye-t2)
Day 25 (stark-t)

Thinks continue on a few flirting back and forth with a few girls etc. So far from mind-t2. I have noticed mainly when i picture things in my mind it’s a bit more clear and the main things that seem to be added is other sensations meaning feelings attached to the images or other sensations along with the picture. Which before i would normally only see i picture and have little emotions to the feeling. Also i am that when i do picture things it comes alot more naturally with less effort. This even applies to things that normally i would say that could never happen. And starting to think maybe why not

On the flip side i took down the number of loops on stark to focus on mind-t. Overall off to a good start with mind-t so far think it be a nice booster to the other stuff i’m running where i can easily picture what things might be like in advance. Like my ideal relationships goals etc.

As a side note just like clock work since keeping mogul in my stack getting noticed more hours at my job. I think mogul is here to stay until replace maybe by EOG. One last thing mind-t also i think one of the bigger pluses is a intelligence boost. That combined with stark my mind reacts faster with better focus and thus also makes me more productive at work. A very nice added boost


Day 27 (stark-t) (1 loop)
Day 5 (mind eye-t) (1 loop)

I would say things have normalized out sme at this point. With the power of club sub’s now being very aparmnt i have lowered both stark and mind down to 1 loops see how that goes. I know at one point was up to 4 loops with stark was getting powerful effect with intelligence boost etc. That was before mind eye which i have noticed less effects or reaction 2 then i did before but have noticed it can really put me to sleep which is a good way to tell it’s very powerful. Still less than a week in with mind eye-t i am considering taking some programs off along with more rest time see how that might effect things. As so far i have noticed that when i visualize things i can also get a few feelings but can only hold it for a little while.


Day 10 (mind eye t)( 1 loop)
Day 1 khan st3
stark-1 (1 loop)
mogul q 1 loop

Things are progressing might be something to this reduced loops. One thing i noticed with mind-t is that i have a knack for wanting to visualize things out alot more or what something would feel like it they happened to me. I would say my skill and desire to use it has increased so a plus. Which is picturuly nice if i have some free time between tasks at work per say.

Mean while i switched over to khan stage 3 after running both stage 1-2 for 30 days. It already has a different feel to it then stage 2 much stronger confident vibe, alot of dominance no backing down combined with stark anti manipulation thing has made me a force to be reckoned with as alot of my family are used to getting in to and getting thier way or try to control me indirectly. I’m just having no of it Also i have noticed after a month of reprogramming alot of things have changed lots of little things eye contact etc more carefree etc i think things are headed in the right direction


Day 15 (mind eye t)( 3 loop)
Day 6 khan st3 (1 loop+)
stark-1 (1 loop)
mogul q 1 loop

Being using Mind-t about half a month now and i can tell where when i want to imagine visualize things it’s very strong. Still has a ways to go but compared to where i was it is a big improvement. I’m going to increase the Loops of mind-t so see if i can get a better improvement form it.

I was thinking about maybe trading in shark so i can focus on mind-t but that’s not going to work problely wend up with taking off mogul since it’s included in stage 4 of khan. I was testing at stage 3 khan and shark and my confidence is throw the room, talked to serverl girls along the way in passing, very carefree about it> the irst few months of khan were a bit dray now it’s picking up some within the first week or so not bad. Which i was getting used to stark and a lot of attention with the stage 3 khan it’s on another whole level. It would be interesting to try a terminus max level iron through or something like that to compare it to. Like all the reports st3 khan is alot like iron throne but stronger.