[stacked] sqt + meqt2 bb/j


Day 1.

What !!! Its over 9000. :boom:

Okay so I’ve run 2 loops US StarkQ-T. :partying_face:

After my 2 loops i notice the sub have been working on stuff in the background, like some thoughts of the past.
Sometimes it feels like someone’s sticking a needle in me for a millisecond, hehe. It does not hurt, but i notice that some change is going on.

After and during the sub, My thoughts became alot calmer, negative thinking is very little.
StarkQ-T felt incredibly easy and light to run to be so powerful.

I have been motivated to do boring everyday things.

I was at store today and i felt like i was in alpha mode,
A guy in the line looked at me and insisted that i had to go before him, i like him. :slight_smile:

My mood have been really good today, having fun and laughing alot with the kids.

Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire for letting me testing this. :+1:


Toughts of paste?

I’m guessing you meant thoughts of the past. I couldn’t resist I apologize. Unless of you do think of paste


Edit, what are you talking about ? :wink:
Thanks @JCast, i did not see that :slight_smile:


Yesterday was alright.
I notice a urge to change sub, but i am staying with StarkQ ofc.
The small things that i do daily adds up, and i can sometimes see what i did was better, smarter choices than before Stark.


3 loops of StarkQ-T.

I have more dreams, i dont remember them, its like i forget them when i wake up.
I have a stronge morning wood every day when i wake up now, its annyoing when i have to take a piss fast, but i am happy with the results.
I am more tired today, hard to wake up, but thank god i have coffee.
Feeling some emotions of sadness, anger, its working on something.

I’m going to chill now and let my mind process all the info, the rest of the day.

More later.


Tip of today, run RebirthQ after StarkQT.


Sadly I don’t have it :o

But what effects are you noticing?


@Badboi I ran RebirthQ this morning after running RegenerationQ


Excellent choice, I can see that combo work.
Did you notice rebirth doing anything for you?


Its like it written in the store for Rebirth:

Painful memories will become faded, as if they have happened to you in another reality. Negative emotions will gray and fizzle out, losing their hold over you, giving you back your power.

So when i run stark i notice it digs up stuff and rebirth ends it, the memories fades, fizzle out, taking out the colors (graying).

It reminds me of a nlp technique, but with rebirth it happends automatic.

My emotional state is alot more stable after.


I think i will go back to StarkQ now.
I lost all my drive and motivation.
I felt i could lift my house on StarkQ, on StarkQT i want to sleep half the day.
So back to what was working for me.


Going with just 1 loop of StarkT. Even if i want to run more. Lets see how it goes.


I felt the same on Terminus before I was taking rest days. Only on my third rest day, my productivity was back to normal / even higher. So Terminus is working but it overwhelms you in the beginning. I will experiment some more and test if the tiredness stays or fades away.

This seems very reasonable and will probably copy your strategy here, maybe going for 2 loops max for three days and then 3 days of rest


Terminus didn’t work for me.
It might work for other but its to powerful for me.
Even 1 loop.

What happend?

My energy was low, motivation vanished, feeling sad, angry and lifeless.

Everything i gained from StarkQ was almost gone.

So now i am back on StarkQ.

My last days on StarkQ i gained most back,
My motivation is high, i have the fire inside that i want to do something.
Energy is good, my libido is back, creative thinking.
My mood is :+1:

Will update more in my StarkQ journal later.


Same here…I run ascension Q and it’s really strong I can even feel the processing on my 2nd day off…


Really liking StarkQ.
But i dropped Ascension for now.
I notice the PS kicking in, feeling like i deserve woman more and they want me.

I do feel irritated and pissed Sometimes not sure why.
Charm is coming out more.
Libido is high everymorning its awake.


I am going to test out Gaming mastery XQ
Still playing StarkQ but im far from a gaming master when i play :wink:
Lets see how good i can become.
I play CSGO atm, if i can reach rank globale elite i know this work.
I was silver now i am gold nova 2.

Esport here i come.


1 loop of SQT + MEQT2

Seems like i can visualize who i want to be.

Very cool sub indeed.
This reminds me of the book secret ive read. Like attracts like, with this sub it on automatic.

Now i see.

Imagination is a powerful motivator.
I just had this awesome dream.

My mood is boosted.
Is it possible for subconscious to start signing to me, lmao this is fun.

The mind is capable of manifesting anything into existence. The only limitation is what you can convince yourself is possible.


Fatigue kicking in fast on terminus and now i am a mindless zombie. Not really but i am going back to Q.
This is were i have energy and creativity and more idea’s. I can think straight on Q.
Really wished terminus would work for me but is so strong.


You also came back to Terminus as I see :slight_smile:

Did you only listen to one loop or more?


Yes just 1 loop this time.