[STACKED] Spring of EmperorQa V1.5


DAY 22

DREAM Sequences:

  1. I’m in the bathroom and it’s full to the brim, I reach for a plug, a little water pours onto the floor. Finally, I pull out the plug and the water quickly leaves the bathroom.
  2. I hear that it’s quite possible for a person in my situation to make 3 million rubles ($40000) a month in solopreneurship. I’m saying somewhere: I’m interested, tell me more.
  3. I am on the beach and there are many German tourists, and I see some building barges in the water. I drink beer with old German guy, we have really good time chatting.
  4. I see my father, he and I came to St. Petersburg. We go to the bar we drink something. On April, 17 it will be 13 years exactly since he died. Anniversary makes me depressed every year.
  5. I am in St. Petersburg at a 3-day seminar of a friend, the first day passes in suspense until I tell him that we need to go out and discuss. The other two days I do not visit, only at the end I come. Why St. Petersburg?!
  6. I drive a large Jaguar sedan along a large, spacious empty freeway. I feel successful, but hopelessly lonely.
  • It is four days left before my quarantine officially expires. Damn, I feel trapped in these four walls!

  • Watched Westworld Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2 and… must say they are impressed me more than Season 2’s first episodes. Finished Altered Carbon Season 2, not bad at all, not that bad.

  • EQa will not do everything for me, I must concentrate on my goals more and, more than anything, concentrate on «what I really want».

  • EQa and AI alliance is fruitful. I feel easiness with my thought processes and my intuition is improved considerably, well, its better to say I trust my intuition more. Quantum Miracle?

  • I’m sitting and writing these journal right now, listening to old Ishar game OST. Feel calm and cozy. I think that a part of me doesn’t want to mature. It is okey, until it doesn’t interfere with my plans. Nevertheless, its better to be friend with yourself than an enemy. I don’t want any psychosomatic right now (and ever).

  • What I like about my stack is that it doesn’t push me but asks me questions that I want to answer. New scripting is definitely smoother than previous.

  • EQa is preciously targeted to my anahata charka and AI - more felt in body and mind. Interesting.

  • Sex drive is still enormous and I can now see the hidden benefits of EQa: its helps easily transmute energy from sexual to any other. THIS IS F**KING GREAT! I feel more control of my energetic system.

  • AI «global» feeling starts to transform. I can’t articulate it better - will look closer.

  • I feel more responsibility for my health and a health of my relatives and friends. Not that I’m afraid, its better to say «I’m keeping my finger on the pulse of situation».

  • General social field situation is nervous. Meditation is must for now, guys. It least it will help you to see/feel the difference between your feelings/states and a general field state. It is easy to be enslaved by this field if you are not grounded. Panic & reptilian brain reactions comes from this entanglements.

More later.

Thats all for now, guys, as usual - take care of yourself, you relatives and friends, blessing you.


@Dmitry - Jaguar cars are just so fine. My favorite. Good going on your journey, bro!


Thanks, @raphael :slight_smile: take care and may your way be clear as well!


Some additional thoughts of DAY 22.

  • Sometimes our attachment to a certain position or role helps us to maintain our self-esteem at a decent level (albeit illusory) while our growth is significantly limited. Therefore a powerful addition (or improvement if it already present in script) of cure «fear of change» is must have.


I love the old ones :heart_eyes:


DAY 23

DREAM Sequences:

  1. I’m walking near mental hospital, where I worked a decade ago. It is dark evening and I see a guy «who is struggling with his relationship with women because he stuck in «son-as-husband» role. I.e. he stuck in role of being a «husbund for his mother». Thanks to DREAMs supercharger I was able to quickly decode the meaning and message of my SubC! Guys, if you have DREAMS supercharger - give it a try.
  • Okey, world is buzzing with COVID-19 and Russia is not an exception. Subliminal Club’s release of AEGIS Initiative: COVID-19 is superb example of JUST-In-TIME release.

  • EQa and AI works perfectly together: they make my psyche searching for optimal action and attitude in this harsh times. Since I under self-isolation til March, 28 and everyday is being f**cked up - it is a perfect time to reevaluate everything. My role in the world, role in my life and etc. See below for my experiments with exposure time.

  • I experimenting with the following routine: 3 hours (2 x EQa, 1 x AI) and an hour of silence, repeat. It seems that my mind process subliminals differently. I can’t say more details, I just started this listening style, so more information later. But felt-sense is evident.

  • One of the most important things to have during this times is: Optimal mental, emotional and physical state. These «sweet twos» dealing with it perfectly. My mind is clear, thoughts are clean and focused, emotional state is calm yet energetic (seems standard EQa feature) and my physical state, Thanks God is good. I want to run and walk, but I can’t so I’m doing physical exercise. It helps.

  • Read a joke about extroverts and introverts. Extras (including me) are «going slightly maaaaad» © Freddie Mercury and introverts are happy that everything they accustomed to «is requirements of harsh times» i.e. less social activity, less visiting crowded place and etc.

  • Anyway, I’m studying marketing and it seems I make some breakthrus! My mentality changes drastically. If somebody told me that I’m going to study this stuff a year ago I would 100% be sure that my answer be a resounding NO. NOT A CHANGE IN HELL! Marketer changed my beliefs in a second and I consider myself sensitive person, a little incongruence in offer and I reject completely. Once again, he is telling Truth. And as I already said Truth is what sets us free. Okey!

Thats all for now.

ONCE ONCE AGAIN: Take care of yourself guys! I think that COVID-19 soon will be going down, healthy & normal days are coming - we just need to get there safe & sound.


DAY 24

DREAM Sequences: scattered, 6, 7 or maybe 10, different themes. Sometimes dreams are so outpour I can’t write them down except for a few words: my old car, house and etc.

I think that it is nevertheless beneficial to run DREAMS because even if you can’t decrypt your dreams, your subconscious still receives a signal that dreams are important to you therefore is more engaged in your transformation.

  • My listening pattern 3x2x1 (3 EQa, 2 AI, 1 hour of silence) brings interesting results: I feel less tired by subliminals even if they are not taxing as older ones. More time for integration even during the day. No night listening.

  • Energy level is pretty high and my hunger for knowledge increased: listening & watching materials for 3-6 hours and I understand everything. It is amazing! My thought processes much better than when I was 19!

  • Btw, I invented something for myself: If I find interesting book but I don’t have time to read it, not a problem at all - I just put it in iCloud for better times and forgetting it without regret. And suddenly, if I need a certain information, I automatically going there and opening the right book as I already knew that it is the RIGHT book!

  • I made an observation: if I want to enter the Flow state, I need just to do anything for about 8-10 minutes. To read 8-10 minutes, for example.

  • For guys, who want to improve their dating & relationship skills while in quarantine I highly recommend to study some good Tinder & other dating services material and practice. It is a good way to make few strong contacts and after COVID-19 be eradicated you will a have some good prospects. And don’t forget: when you take action, even the smaller ones, you activate your beliefs, especially limiting ones and traumas AND EQa will help you to get rid of them!

  • Ordinary day: waked up, had a breakfast, studied new material, made some practices and therapeutic work with myself, helped a girlfriend with her YouTube videos…

  • I am transforming my professional area so I have less clients than usual but it doesn’t bother me - I know that I will succeed.

  • It is 2 days left before quarantine expiration then I can go for a long walk in the wood or forest, areas with lesser people.

  • If creators need more specific information about my observations - I’m ready to deliver it.

That’s all for now. And if some of you, guys, need any information about psychological stuff feel free to PM me, I have more time right now.


DAY 25

DREAM Sequences:

  1. Sylvester Stallone, I consult and diagnose him.
  2. I conduct a master class, there are a lot of people there. I use quantum healing technique, my own version. A woman comes into the hall and says that: «This is a violation of the rights to use the Matrix Energetics of Richard Bartlett. I answer: «this is my own technique, Richard didn’t patented the word QUANTUM». I suggest a group of people enter the state in which they will laugh. They enter, energy changes, the hall becomes very pleasant and cozy. A woman wants me to send her into the process and her request was: first, sex, and then, to «manifest the someone who will gift her a flower». Some people go to another hall, to another coach.
  3. I see the corridors and the vampire girl, she is a bit overweight, we have sex.
  • My first official day when I’m free, sun is shining and I gone to banks to correct some issues, succeed. Maybe EQa and AI changed me (no doubt) but everything was smooth and people, especially women were very polite to me.

  • Duged up and old issues, from the childhood that prevented me to have more enjoyment with women. Interesting thing, I don’t fear negative emotions and states at all anymore. At least I have a feeling that it is so.

  • I feel some tiredness listening to EQa more than 2 times a row, had a little pressure in my head, it is not a problem at all since I experiment with listening patterns.

  • AI makes me care of my people more, it is really a subliminal of choice in harsh times. Vigilance, attention, concentration, prediction.

  • Sleep become much more deeper and more satisfying.

  • Tomorrow I will meet my girl she missed me…. And me too.

  • Will go to bed earlier, a little bit tired of the affairs today.

Take care of your yourself, your health and your relatives, guys!


DAY 26

DREAM Sequences:

  1. It is bizarre but it is second night with celebrities: Al Pacino in his young ages and… Weinstein! Also young. Al Pacino is in the center of party and Weinstein in sitting. I felt comfortable around these people, good sign.
  2. In my room, I have a 200inch TV, all the wall is covered by it. Nothing on the screen but it is cool. I guess during winter I don’t need a heater :slight_smile:
  3. And a bunch of other dreams, very fast changing, I can’t get their theme.
  • Waked up in 4 in the morning and was I unable to sleep - too much dreams. Decided to wait a little bit before going back sleep and about an hour I gone to sleep.

  • First seconds of masked EQa: calm, centered, almost Zen state. Anahata chakra is warm and pulsating, I felt a love to everything and everyone. Very unproductive state to wake up :slight_smile:

  • My technique I’m doing with myself and clients is very effective. It think EQa and AI improved my concentration considerably.

  • A few days left before April, 1 and I will change my writing periodicity one or times a week if no other version of EQa appear.

  • I can say that I got accustomed to the EQa script - I have no visible reconciliation effects. Got some teeth grinding, but I found the reason behind it, and its stopped.

  • As experimental sub EQa is very potent, it improves my mood considerably, improves overall rapport with myself, I trust my intuition and my feelings more. I guess it improved my self-esteem.

Thats all. Cheers!


DAY 27

DREAMS Sequences:

1. I’m f*cking with my ex, she is married now, everything is so real, almost lucid. I was able to feel such subtle details, amazing!
2. I’m in a town where are no people left and the color of the scene is dark grey. I see a small orange light in the distance. Its looks cozy, going there.
3. A bunch of fast changing dreams. Overall feeling: a bit nervous.

  • Its my 27 day since EQa and I now can make some resume. EmperorQa is sub which deals with deep seated issues and depends on how you aware it helps to solve them. The spectrum is wide, it is sex, work and personality related. I think that EQa is a Modern Spirituality booster.

  • My mood is almost always high, except of some periods then I felt nervous and irritated. I can’t say that it is purely EQa related because the life is not waiting, we meet people, we act and all of this influence my mood and reactions.

  • One of the most profound things I saw during EQa testing is: I now can work with very deep psychological issues in me without fear. I think that this is what I wanted my entire life - to be free or at least have something which can help a lot. EQa is great companion. I’m eager to run the final version then it will be available.

  • AEGIS Initiative as far as I feel is a big booster for leadership qualities. It is very human oriented. I think that AI full potential can be realized during 3-6 month usage period. AI helps to clear egocentric tendencies. I think that it improved my ability to feel others peoples feelings more, helps to get into their world.

Thats all. Take care of yourself, people and good luck.


DAY 28

No dreams today which can be journaled. Most of them are about my past and my relations with myself.

  • COVID-19 restrictions are raging. Everybody obliged to stay at home. My girl came to me, so we share our quarantine times.

  • Its interesting to see how subliminals affect me during this times. EQa and AI is definitely helps me to stay optimistic and energetic. Alas, this energy cannot be used properly when you must be sitting at home, though.

  • Its time to make some resume about my subliminal usage since September 2014. I used old technology but it was a breakthrough for me. As I stated before subliminal usage is new and great way for self-transformation efforts besides psychotherapy and etc.

  • AEGIS Initiative is definitely a sub which should be in a stack. It makes me more adequate to circumstances like Limitless for COVID-19. My planning is fast and quite effective (I hope).

  • Nothing specific besides watching Andromeda Strain, Contagion (by Sodenberg), wine, beer, tasty food and reading e-books.

  • Its two day left before my official conclusion of everyday EQa journaling (as I had a deal with Saint - «journaling till April, 1». I think creators already gathered enough information about EQa and now planning something interesting :slight_smile: I’ gladly participate in it.

Okey, for now. Let’s stay healthy and optimistic. Take care of yourself, your relatives, friends and loved ones.


DAY 29

DREAMS Sequences:

One deep bizarre dream: I’m on Island in Lost Series. John Lock is interrogating me, my conscience is clear. I’m reporting that Ben is someone who they believed is the person who can be trusted, is NOT such a person. A manipulative one, who wants to soak into trust. He doesn’t like me because I know the truth. It’s okey, because I know that he soon be dead. Pity, but fairly.

  • Waked up irritable. Thanks God, my girl is very adaptive, kind-hearted and warm person. He relieved me just in a few moments. Interesting.

  • One unusual thing: very beautiful girl contacted me via social network. Usually my decision was quite univocal - this is fake. BUT. I suggested to make a video call to see ourselves in person. She agreed…… WOW! A gorgeous girl with very beautiful face and… quite a size with tits. We had a very warm conversation. In 99% this conversation usually ends up with natural sex, and its normal. But it is a social network.

  • COVID-19 restrictions achieved quite a degree: no go out without good reason. Its okey. I just visited shop and gone back.

  • EQa and AI. As I already said: a sweat pair. Everything a person wants to have in those fu*cking times: high testo, good mood, fast speed of thought processes and comprehension, overall adequacy.

  • Subliminal Club definitely keeping a finger on the pulse of the situation in the world: subliminals make me very adaptive to situation, much better than usual. Why I think so? Because I know my self before the SC sub usage, thats why.

  • If you found a girl who will give you a BJ without asking what is going on inside you and you feel her soul… well, you are a lucky person. It seems, that I’m the one also.

  • I’m changing. Situation changes me. I’v got more money and more money opportunities. My identity changes and I have no fear.

Okey, let’s rest a little bit. Good luck, guys & girls, we had a harsh times before and we managed that, so we will manage this one also. No doubt.



DAY 30

No interesting dreams to report today, they are numerous but without one leading theme.

  • Mood changed completely, like dark shadow left me. I feel very comfortable, warm inside and sober.

  • Quarantine is not a problem for me anymore, I’m exercising physically and my body feels very good.

  • Its time for new beginnings, both internally and externally, new plans and new projects. I feel that the way is clear.

  • I made some energy clearing procedures and physically cleaned my space.

  • My breath become deeper and more satisfying.

  • It seems some old material, indeed, left me, I feel like new person. Metamorphosis?

  • EQa + AI + DREAMS is quite balanced stack, I only experimenting with quantity of loops. Still no night listening, brain needs time to integrate.

  • Its seems that my eye-sight improved.

  • Every is good as it should be, I’m very pleased.

Okey for now. Good luck, guys!