[STACKED] Spring of EmperorQa V1.5


Day 1

I want to confess :slight_smile: I was unable to resist a temptation to test new EmperorQ, my curiosity is beyond the roof. My gratitude to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for advancing human potential products and @AMASH and other guys for their inspiring, sincere and useful reports.

So let’s begin.

I’m planning to post in this journal at least 2-3 or more times a week.

My sound setup is: iPhone XS Max with AirPods 2 for Masked version, which is 1 hour long and my HomePod for Ultrasonic version which is 1 hour 5 minutes and 15 seconds long.

I will run EmperorQ with Daredevil stack and DREAMS supercharger. Why Daredevil? Well, it has everything I need right now: social enchantments, overall positive effects on my personality in terms of state and moods. My interaction with people become more effortless and authentic.

DREAMS is a phenomenal sub which helps me to have more dreams every night and, if I remember correctly, @SaintSovereign said that including dreams in reports helps to advance and develop the subliminal technology.

This is 100% correct with DREAMS. After running it for almost month now, I can say that I have a nightlife during the sleep no less intense than during my daylife :slight_smile: So consider it if you want your dreams to become more informative and comprehensive.


Day 1 or its better to say Evening 1 :slight_smile: Yesterday I received a confirmation by @SaintSovereign, downloaded EmperorQ, plugged AirPods and started to listen Masked version and continued to watch series with my girlfriend, drinking some red wine and eating gigantic shrimps.

I consider myself quite sensitive in terms of awareness of my inner state. And yes - in about 5 to 10 minutes I found myself in a very interesting state, like Flow state. I became aware of myself, my girl, everything at the same time. Consciousness expansion and state change was so obvious that I started to think that wine effects are wearing off.

Very pleasant feeling of oneness with everything, very warm feeling in my chest area, my legs and hands became warmer. Very good feeling.

So, I ran only one loop of EQ, then one run of DREAMS and gone to bed.

DREAM Sequences:

  1. Fibonacci number, Golden Ratio typestry… pure lucid LSD movieshow.
  2. I see vast, visually empty space which started to clear itself. It was a feeling that this vast space is clearing and reorganizing itself. A few moments later this vast space started to collapse like a tesseract in Interstellar movie and, finally, collapsed into my room. It was new, new furniture, new floor and fresh wood odor. Everything glows like in Spielberg’s A.I. movie, with foggy shining effects.
  3. Half-dream, Half-awake… I’m thinking about «dynamic subliminals, which reshuffle its modules each time a user starts to listen it, maintaining the main goal of the subliminal and inducing novelty / healthy uncertainty feeling to cure boredom and urge to change / add sub, much powerful effect on one’s psyche than even name embedding».
  4. I see garbage disposals gates which are started to shine and clean. It was unpleasant to look at them but after the clean-up whey looked like portals to another dimensions.

Fully awake:

One thought and felt sense: defragmentation process is complete for now.

Very balanced, centered, maybe coherent feelings in mental, emotional and physical areas.

Thats all for now. More later.


Thank you for the very kind words, my friend @Dmitry, and I look forward to reading your journal :slight_smile:


Day 2

If one word can describe EQ is: INSTANT . State change almost instant. In about 3-5 minutes. No doubt: EQ do contain something similar to Beast Unleashed, Emperor Unleashed version :slight_smile:

Zone state or, better to say, Flow state is very pronounced.

Mental: I noticed strange effect in this area: when I leave some place, be it bowling or shop, I have a feeling that I’m still there :slight_smile: It disappears in about ten minutes but nevertheless.

Information comprehension is quiet usual prior running EQ that is good because every time I started new subliminal I had some kind of mental fog or something.

One more thing. It seems that I’m caring less if I make mistakes or not, like my self-esteem and making the mistakes are less connected to each other.

Emotional: optimistic and uplifted. I totally agree with @AMASH that positive changes are faster and better achieved then a psyche is in heightened emotional state. Heightened and coherent state is what makes our lives better, no doubt.

Using pendulum I managed to measure my dominant state in David R. Hawkins Scale. It is between 310 and 350 solid, between Willingness and Acceptance . I wonder if it is possible to tweak EQ to reach 500+ states.

Physical: @SaintSovereign, do EQ contain any testosterone supplements? I feel this rush of energy that, in my memory, was only when I started visiting gym and taking testo boost diet or supplements.

Libido is very high and has this explosive feeling, i.e. when I just think about naked body of my girl I have a surge of desire in my body.

Can’t estimate but I feel at least 10 years younger.

Stacking : Daredevil feels heavier than EQ but gives this interesting feel effect: during Daredevil loops I have a sense of EQ by contrast.

Daredevil feels like a laser-focused and EQ like a « gigantic spider which ignites my both hemispheres and plugs me into Quantum Matrix » :slight_smile:

Usage: EQ x4 (Masked), Daredevil x2 (Masked).

In the morning, my HomePod is set to play EQ x3 (Ultrasonic).

Yes, ultrasonic is VERY loud, so be careful, guys - 1/10 or 2/10 on HomePod is enough to feel the programming effect of EQ.

DREAMS Sequences :

  1. I found myself in big, bright room with golden colors. There is a home cinema system with very big LCD TV screen, big THX speakers and player which uses discs with unusual form. It is DSD written on them. I know that DSD is audio only disc but I watching Titanic on this big screen, the quality of picture and sound is outstanding. Interesting thing, objects on the screen are not moving and the background moves.
  2. I’m playing old MS-DOS game Comanche which is helicopter simulator but in my dream it a 3D shooter. I see the Settings screen and setting graphic quality to Ultra-realistic. The game now is indistinguishable to reality.
  3. I see special agents drinking vodka. Hmm.
  4. I found myself in the elevator in the skyscraper. I feel scared because it moves up and this movement is very slow. Finally, I’m on the roof and see a bridge to another skyscraper which is much much higher. Once again, I’m in an elevator of this new building and moving down. On the first floor I see fabulous people, Bentley cars, doormen in burgundy uniforms. I’m entering one of the entries, myself in bathrobe and slippers, like Jesse Eisenberg in Social network when he visited businessmen. Thats all.

Summary: I think that EQ is a big next step in Subliminal Club’s evolution. It induces very different feeling than other subliminals.

More later.


You are right, I love this wonderful happy feeling!

I know you are a big Player. Did you see a specific unusually positive impact on new girls when running EmperorQ?


You are flattering me :blush: it is only 2,5 days since the start of EQ, can’t say that I noticed something non-ordinary, most the time I was with my girl and alone. If something interesting occur - Il mention it in journal.


Day 3

  • 3 loops of ultrasonic 7:00-10:00.

  • Dream: I’m underwater, just near the boat, it is oceanic waters and it is very clear. Suddenly, I see black figures slowly coming to me. It is zombies! I’m that scared, just a bit confused how to get rid of them. Started to swim in circles near boat. No, I can’t get to the boat, I don’t know the reason why. Soon, they started crowding, more and more. I decided to swim under them. Succeed and headed to shore. Dream ends.

  • I waked up with a feeling of loss and sadness. Can’t understand the root of it. Maybe during the day.

  • Visit to dentist at 12:20. I’m glad to report that my dentophobia is reduced considerably after I started to use subliminals. Healing and Re-Learning. What was induced true panic attacks once, now almost gone.

  • Updated emperorQ to v1.5. You can call me a perfectionist but I like the idea that files are exactly 1h:00m:00s long now. Even though I prefer 45 minutes, 1 hour is also good one.

  • 3 loops of EQ Masked v1.5.

  • Noticed increased interest from younger girls, 20-23yo. I generally notice attention from women but this was obvious. Silently said to myself: «Welcome back, Commander. Welcome back» © Command & Conquer Tiberian sun. Spring is cumming! :wink:


Oh, so did everyone get the same version, a 1h:00m:00s version? I got the 1h:00m:00s version too.


I love that game! Although Red Alert was for me the best.


“For mother Russia!”


Great game and good old times :blush:


Not old. Forever young :wink:


Day 4:

  • I wonder if EQa contains musical data, tonality, rhythm or something etc. besides the voice script…

  • Waked up pumped and… a bit aggressive and short-tempered.

  • Dreams are very personal, I think I’l keep them secret - very personal stuff, indeed. 4 or 5 dreams consequently, I waked up earlier than usual.

  • EQa improves mood considerably, 15-30 minutes and my mood is optimistic.

  • Thinking is fast and clean. Comprehension of information in both Russian & English languages is well balanced, sometimes I noticed that I think in English. Wow.

  • Hunger for knowledge is insatiable: I watched 3 psychology workshops in one set, without the pause (6 hours). Understood every word and concept (at least I feel that it is exactly that). Not bored, not tired.

  • Body feels good, refreshed.

  • Libido is high, I still feel this testo boost. I think that my mood is somehow connected with it.


I know @Dmitry, you are similar to @Hermit, in that both of you are deep into energetic and occult stuff, which I don’t deal with at all.

But why do you feel that musical data and rhythm matter in a subliminal?

Yes, much better mood on EQa than the original EQ. I hope it keeps going strong, as Subliminals are a fickle mistress that hit us with reconciliation when we least expect it :slight_smile:


What do you mean by occult, @AMASH?

Energetic work - yes, I like this stuff, it increases my sensitivity which helps tremendously in life. Chakra, energy centers… Yes, this is helpful.

No dark stuff, though. No black magick, no pentagrams, no satan.

About musical data in SC subliminals? It just my thoughts. Maybe I’m wrong.


That’s very interesting. I never heard of something like that but will certainly look into it. Can you recommend or share a test manual?


Search for this books: Truth Vs. Falsehood and Power vs. Force. This two books will be enough to get the whole concept :slight_smile:


Wow just googled both of them and got this sensation of excitement I always experience when I find something that will change my life. Similar to how I felt when I first opened the subliminalclub website.

Which book should I start with? Right now I am leaning more towards Power vs Force.


This information is exactly that - life changing :slight_smile:

And yes - your intuition is excellent - Power vs. Force is the book I recommend to read first. Write down your impression, ok? :slight_smile: It is very interesting topic to discuss.


Haha one’s intuition is never wrong :smiley:

I was thinking about creating a channel called “What makes a good man” in the Emperor’s Lounge where everyone can write and discuss new concepts, ideas and worldviews he gained, independent of the subliminal he is running.
As someone’s personal subliminal journal isn’t the right place for such discussions.

Anyway, thank you for the recommendation @Dmitry. I will somehow report back :wink:


I mean it :slight_smile: not here, somewhere… to discuss, yes :slight_smile:

btw, you can find different versions of muscle tests. I prefer pendulum.


Day 5:

  • Once again, I waked up earlier than usual. I feel tired but energetic (wtf). Overall mood is positive and optimistic. I have a feeling that my life is going to change very positively in near future. Good.

  • Dream sequences :

  • 1. I see my two brothers are coming to me down the road, they are going to cook meal for our 50-60 people party, we have in our countryside home.

  • 2. Party, 50-60 people, they are alive, noisy, positive and admire me, my ego is pleased. I’m feel nurturing feelings toward them, boys and girls. In the past, I had dreams about zombies and they’re numerous. Now I can say that these 50-60 people (and zombies in past dreams) are my parts that I coming alive. I’m 100% sure of that.

  • 3. I’m looking for iPad charger.

  • 4. I’m watching the tribute movie about one of my colleague, psychologist & businessmen & dollar millionaire (he died a few weeks ago) and showing this video to my father (who died 13 years ago). No sorrow, no grief, just «as it is».

  • 5. I’m in Venice, California. I’m happy to once again being here. Now not as a psychologist but as tourist. I’m visiting familiar places, seeing GTA 5 coincidence, and moving to Santa Monica Pier.

  • 6. I see a girl and she speaks English with me and I answering her in Russian and we completely understand each other. I feel that we will have sex. In a moment it occurs. Just like in a reality but with less details.

  • 7. I see that I have enough money to travel 4-5 countries next. I’m in airport and thinking where to go. «Where you want to go today?».

  • EQa feels to me as «all-in-one» - I feel energetic, sexy, my thinking is clear and my creativity is confident. By it I mean, that I create different psychological techniques in realtime and I feel sure that they work. In the past I had many self-doubt if my skills can help anyone at my perfectionist’s scale. Just stop trying to save your parents and/or somebody in your ancestral line and you will feel your value.

  • EQa is making my brain busy but I don’t feel pressure then I listening to it. Subtle programming. Just like soft touches on the piano buttons.

  • I’m feeling more whole, fuller, more complete. Parts reanimation?