[STACKED] Raphael's StarkQ Terminus Journal

I thought long and hard about what to do next after my EmperorQ Experimental stack. Before this, I had a Khan stack. As a much as they served to help me achieve some level of masculine mindset, I still needed a career purpose and financial independence.

As much as I love to write (various genres), I also have a wide variety of interests in skills like programming (various domains), public speaking, etc.

Some people say to choose one thing and focus on it. And others propose an intersection of the interests you like. But whatever I choose, my efforts are short-lived before I move on to the next shiny thing.

To resolve this, I have decided to run the following stack:

StarkQ Terminus
Ecstacy of Gold Q
Emperor Fitness Q ST1

Goals are:

  1. Attaining career purpose (which StarkQ T and EoG Q will help with)

  2. Wealth. To be able to finance myself, provide for my family and move out of my folk’s home. StarkQ T will help with this but am hoping that EoG Q will amplify this.

  3. Health. Gain whatever measure of health EF Q ST1 can provide. And help me attract modalities and solutions for my health issues. I had run it for a while in my previous stacks and I had felt more energetic. So in this stack, I will only be running ST1 of EF Q which is the healing module.

This might feel like a heavy stack but since I have run EF ST1 (non-Q version) before for a long duration of time, my subconcious will already be used to it.

Will start with one loop each and will increase the number of loops slow and steady.

Note: ran a total of 7 loops of Khan Q ST1 Total Breakdown the past few days as a “palate cleanser” and to reboot my mind. Felt only some mild tiredness and some irritability.


I wish you the best with your stack and I’m excited to read, I’ve had my eye on EoG and Emperor Fitness but I’m trying to be good haha, can’t wait to read your journal and hear about your process and journey.

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@Brandon - thanks a lot, man.

Day 1:

StarkQ Terminus x 1
Ecstacy of Gold Q ST1 x 1 (Day 1 of 30)
Emperor Fitness Q ST1 x 1

  • Woke up just now half an hour earlier than my alarm clock
  • Feeling quite energetic even though I slept late yesterday.
  • My mood feels good and hopeful as opposed to usually feeling tired and defeatist when I wake up in the morning.
  • Had vivid dreams of making new friends in a cab on the way home. It was a family consisting of the father driving his family in his cab. I made them all laugh and inspired them with my conversation and they were all super friendly with me.

It’s nice to see you journaling again. Good luck!


@d1gz - I really appreciate you saying that. Thank you.

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Day 1 Part 2:

I was scrolling through YouTube looking at something to watch when I came across a Jason Capital video (who am subscribed to for more than a year now) where he was interviewing Evan Carmichael. It was just a (less than) 5 minute video about Evan planning to solve the world’s biggest problem which was self-belief and faith in oneself. Or one can say self-confidence.

That title intrigued me. So I watched it and he mentioned Kanye West in this short video. And this made me even more curious since Evan said that we can learn from Kanye.

For some time now, I already believed that Kanye could teach me something with his creativity, wealth and belief in NoFap. So I was open to the idea of learning more.

So the said video has a link in the description to the full interview of Evan by Jason. And it is half an hour long. But totally worth it. Why? Because it talked about purpose.

Which is crazy since that was just the first goal I had for myself (which you can see in the first main post of this thread). Evan’s idea of gaining purpose from your pain really resonated with me. And am mulling over this idea since my life has been a lot of pain and the idea of helping other people resolve their similar pain is simple and inspiring.

This is just fabulous since am sure that my stack has manifested this for me just after ONE day of listening to it. And that too after only ONE loop of this Q stack.

So am really pumped right now and looking forward to more. Here is the link of the half an hour interview. Am sure others will find it both educational and inspiring:


Day 2:

StarkQ Terminus x 1
Ecstacy of Gold Q ST1 x 1 (Day 2 of 30)
Emperor Fitness Q ST1 x 2

  • Had a vivid dream of being a wizard (You’re a wizard, Raphi!). I remember that it had a plot line and all but the details became fuzzy after I woke up.

  • Deeper and clearer voice today.

  • Ran a second loop of Emperor Fitness ST1 in the afternoon while taking a nap and had another vivid dream where a strange material came out of my eyes. Interestingly, I remember the feeling I had when dreaming this. Which was that I was cured of my eye issue. Relief and happiness. This is most probably a manifestation of the future thanks to EF ST1 having a healing module. That’s what I like to believe at least.

  • Did feel a little lethargic today. Possibly because of my OMAD+Keto.

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Day 3:

StarkQ Terminus x 1
Ecstacy of Gold Q ST1 x 1 (Day 3 of 30)
Emperor Fitness Q ST1 x 2

  • Had a really strange dream where I saw that I was checking this forum and @Fractal_Explorer was asking me what I meant by saying that “a strange material came out of my eyes” in the dream I had on Day 2 during my nap time. Seems like am thinking of this forum a lot for it to come into my dreams. Also, possibly @Fractal_Explorer was in this overnight dream (on Day 3) since he has the word “vision” in his user name and my nap-dream (on Day 2) was about my eyes.

  • Woke up earlier than the past two days. One days 1 and 2, I was up half an hour before the alarm. But today, I was up one and half hour before the alarm. And that too after the loops were done playing an hour back.

  • Interestingly, I had a session of “WhatsApp Seduction” in the morning where a woman who usually messages me, sent me a couple of sexual jokes. I do flirt with her occasionally but today I pushed it a bit more and we shared a bunch of fiesty pics of ourselves with each other. Definitely a nice way to start the day lol (Felt like StarkQ Terminus was working in this situation)

  • Did play an extra round of EF ST1 during nap time but no significant dreams that I remember during the afternoon nap today.

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Interesting. I do have dreams about this forum and certain forum members too.

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@King - really? Your comment made me try to remember whether I had similar dreams before. And yes, just remembered I did so when I was running the first version of Khan.

This is interesting. Now I wonder if I would have posted something like that if you didn’t mention it

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@Fractal_Explorer - it’s a good question. Am guessing it’s a mix of my concern for my eyes and my frequent visits to the forum.

Jason is a shady character to be honest just watch out, if you do decide to invest in his courses to make money do your research first. He is a clever marketeer selling people a pipe dream. His real name is not even Jason yet he claims he is americas most honest dating coach.

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Also Sex dreams? :smirk:

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I actually had a dream about someone giving me advice on the forum a couple weeks ago while running Terminus lol. In my journal.


@honeymonster - no issues. Not planning to buy his courses anyways.

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@friday - haha. Not yet :wink:

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@TarMac - this type of dream is more common than I thought. Very interesting.

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Day 4:

StarkQ Terminus x 2
Ecstacy of Gold Q ST1 x 1 (Day 4 of 30)
Emperor Fitness Q ST1 x 1

  • Ended up running StarkQ Terminus twice. Not back to back though. The first time when I slept overnight. And the second time in the afternoon when awake.

  • Interestingly, the second time I was listening to StarkQ T, I got some flirty messages from the woman I mentioned yesterday. So that was interesting.

  • Am thinking to myself, what empire do I want to build?. I love the idea of a digital nomad lifestyle so a career that lets me be anywhere in the world, is appealing to me. Writing is a definitely an ideal job for that and now I have to decide what sort of writing to do. Copywriting? Fiction? Nonfiction? Books? Blogs? The list is endless. Don’t think it is possible to just theorize and pick something. Will have to try some of them out to see if I gel well with any of them.

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