[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1


Day 27:

  • Ran Khan ST1 for 12 hours today. Needed some Total Breakdown.

  • Decided to add Emperor Fitness ST2 to my current stack for Fat Burning purposes. Have run Emperor Fitness ST1 for a month but will keep it in my stack for continual healing. I don’t have any noticeable improvement to report on my health due to ST1 but if it is helping me stay in my current state of well being, am happy with it. So now my playlist is:
    Aegis Covid x 1
    EmperorQ x 2
    Emperor Fitness ST1 x 1
    Emperor Fitness ST2 x 1

  • Today I remembered that I keep seeing 11:11 on the clock/smartphone more frequently. This started around 2 weeks ago. Before starting EmperorQ, I used to mostly see 42. Like 10:42, 11:42, etc. I still see 42 these days but less than before.


Its funny, @raphael, because I saw 11:11 today and most frequent number I see is 23.


@Dmitry - haha. What is even more interesting is that I have a friend I am quite close with whose lucky number is 23. I don’t know if she sees it often but yeah, 23.

I am guessing you already know about angel numbers. In case you don’t, just type in for example “Angel number 23” in Google for very interesting messages from the angels/universe/subconscious mind.


Hmm, interesting! I’l check it out then…
Quick update: I LIKED what I just read about Angel Number 23 :slight_smile:
Thank you for pointing me :slight_smile:


Day 28:

  • Weekend so didn’t do much.

  • Listened to a lot of Abraham Hicks while also simultaneously listening to my stack in the day.

  • I did have an interesting idea for a study project yesterday, which I started implementing yesterday and today. But have decided to explain it in my post tomorrow.


Have stopped my EmperorQ testing. Sent @SaintSovereign a message regarding that yesterday.

It’s not that EmperorQ wasn’t working. The reasons am stopping testing, I will keep to myself since am not in the mental space to be able to explain it to others.

Will take my next step after taking a long hard look at my goals. So cheers for now.


when you talk about mental health. I’m scared and these sub


@xowii - I am not talking about my mental health. Am just saying that am not in the mood to explain why I have taken this decision. I am fine. Thank you.


I have a book somwhere in my house from doreen virtue called angel numbers or something.
I also google numbers i see. Supposedly our angels communicate with us in many ways one way being through numbers. When they have a message for us in particularly i should say