[Stacked] Palpatine Emperor-Q/StarkQ

Day 1:
I listened to EQ for approximately 9 hours (while working in my home office for my job).
I didn’t feel really different while listening. No reconciliation. No different thoughts. While listening anyway.

After work was over, I stopped playback. Figured 8-9 hours was enough for the time being.

Shortly thereafter I started thinking about how badly I want to not work at a regular job. Not work for anyone other than me going forward. Uncouple my time and my money.

Early that next morning, I remember sitting at my desk (was off work. just at desk zoning out) and I got to thinking about how I set up my expenses to be all on auto-pay before…including my rent.

I automated 100% of my recurring monthly expenses a few years back. But here lately, it’s been a challenge for me personally to work all my scheduled hours. Anxiety issues or something about talking to customer on the phone.

So not always enough $$$ to keep bills paid up, and I’ve had to resort to turning off automatic payments again, so I can pay stuff with alternative methods, such as whichever credit card has enough that month.

As I was sitting at the desk, I had this sudden “AHA” insight that I built this house of cards for automatic payments which depends solely on my wage/earned income.

I realized (already knew) that I need to also automate my income somehow to match.

Common sense stuff, but that’s where I think maybe EQ was taking my thoughts.


Day 2:
It’s been a few days since I listened since I typically listen to Ascended Mogul V2.0 while working as it seems to make me more productive and less prone to entrepreneurial “angst”.

Well I’m off today.
I have Ultrasonic EQ going, along with 2 each of random bits of silence I generated using Audacity.

The playlist in iTunes is

1 min of silence
2 mins of silence
3 mins of silence
1 min of silence
2 mins of silence
3 mins of silence

I play this on shuffle repeat.

I use this because it introduces random silence in between plays of the sub to prevent listening fatigue.

current products I’ve purchased:
Ecstasy of Gold
Primal Seduction

whichever sub(s) I listen to for any given day, I add in 1 each of the 1, 2 3 min silence things.

Anyway, as for today’s EQ Journal. I have been productive as FUCK.
I was in tinkering mode in the home office here. I put DD-WRT on my EA6500 linksys router so I can extend both my 2.5GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks…my older WRT-54G router could only do 2.5GHz networks.

I also put in an additional light bulb in my Living Room fixture (it sounds simple, but believe me, I’ve been putting that off for a while).

I wonder if EQ either addresses procrastination explicitly or it gets inherently implied based on whatever is in the sub.

The BIGGEST change today is I felt like was time to rearrange the living room also…it’s been a year, maybe longer. Wife LOVES to rearrance and I hate it. @d1gz knows what I mean.

Anyway. Hella productive today. Doing shit.

I listened to it while working for my day job on Day 1, without feeling the angst. I’m just worried what long-term usage while working might do. I can’t afford to call out work like I have been. This paycheck is just over half of expected due to callouts due to that.

I’m actually going to see a counselor type next week to see if a mild dose of something can help me take the edge off dealing with customers over the phone. They can get downright brutal if stuff doesn’t work the way they think it should.

My gut tells me I should give this at least a week’s worth of listening while i’m working.

I’m trying out ultrasonic just because masked gets annoying sometimes to listen to.


I realized others were putting [SOLO] or [STACKED]…figured I’d better follow suit, so I edited.
I did have a lot of AM V 2.0 in between Day 1 and Day 2, but decided I want to give EQ a fair shake.

So I’ll be listening to EQ solely during day and at night.
Even at night I put random silence tracks in (as mentioned above) so I’ll hear a sub, random silence, sub, and so on.

I have yet to listen to EQ in bed, but will starting tonight. to see how it affects me dreams.

Yep. I know what you mean. Although it’s not really the rearranging part. It’s more because she hasn’t thought it through that well. I help her rearrange to find out that the furniture doesn’t fit a certain way and we have to put it back to where it was before.

haha yeah that too. My big thing before was more her saying “We need to rearrange!” and I end up doing the heavy lifting. Or the idea that she wanted to change it just to change it. I’ve since come to accept that more.

It’s weird that this time was MY idea, partly because it’s been so long and I thought it might be good to shake shit up a bit. Thanks be to EQ for that.

Just woke up from about 6.25 hours of total sleep (per the FitBit).

The bedtime stack was 5x of EQ Ultra, 6x of 2 mins of silence, and 4x of the 1 mins of the silence.
I had 3 songs in there too which are piano instrumentals of Radiohead songs. The ones from Westworld by Ramin Djawadi. “No Surprises” and “Fake Plastic Trees”.

Anyway. amazing dreams ensued. I woke up at one point thinking “HOLY SHIT THIS DREAM IS AWESOME” and then drifted back off to sleep.

The specifics faded by the time I woke back up, but I remember it had a general theme of “Synthesis” though I’m not sure that’s the right word.

I just remember very vague stuff like I was taking random odd things and putting them together in new ways or something. Maybe “Creation” is a better word?

Def looking forward to knowing what’s in this powerhouse!

Also, since I’m off today, it’s interesting I slept only 6 ~hours. I usually sleep 8-10 on days I don’t have to get up for work.

I have a video call for a membership I’m in which started in 20 minutes. I had set an alarm but woke up 10 minutes before my alarm (also unheard of).

Funny that I woke up just a bit after the stack ended. It seemed similar to me of how some of my hypnosis clients were afraid they just fell asleep. I tell them if you just happened to come out of the session right when I give you the wakeup command, you weren’t sleeping.

This feels like the same thing where I “woke up” right after.

Sidenote: I plan on using this random silence stuff more and more with my “regular” subs once I go back to them. It might even be cool to have ALL my subs playing randomly 24/7 on true set/forget.

Day 3:
I listened last night in bed with Masked EQ and random silence bits.
The masked woke me up and a few times as it was playing.
I think I’ll focus on Ultra as much as possible to reduce that.

No real noticeable effects today with playing ultra in my home office today while attending a training session for my job. That last the next 3 days.

The training itself is boring. Not really challenging. so not much by way of “taking action.”

I did feel a few times that I wanted to add Khan into the stack. But I am holding off course since I’m going for 30 days of just EQ for a good, clean test.

No reconciliation that I could identify. Unless sheer boredom with my job counts.

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Days 4/5:

in training all this week still. Training is boring as hell, but it beats talking to customers on the phone.

Back on my regular work flow Sunday morning. That’ll be the REAL test of what EQ does to me whilst handling actual work.

Nothing really to report, other than I’ve felt like listening to other subs like Khan or PS today.
I didn’t give in, of course. Just weird that is coming up.

Days 6/7:

Nothing to report other than feeling “dead” inside about my job. That isn’t new, but it was more than usual.

Day 8:
The urge to listen to another sub last night got unbearable. So I put on 2 loops or so of Primal Seduction.
Felt better after that. Back on EQ now.

And THEN I went to bed last night…

I had a few regular songs in there I wanted to hear as I fall asleep.
For whatever reason, I felt like I should limit my exposure to just to loops of EQ. I couldn’t do the “shuffle” method since I didn’t want the regular songs to pop in shuffle and wake me back up.

I don’t YET know how to shuffle just part of a playlist and preserve the order of the rest.

I had a dream I was in my local Planet Fitness (closed of course), but in the dream, they’d taken all the equipment out. I asked why take it all out. They said “Nobody can come in to use it, so why keep it here?”

The place was BARREN. I suddenly was acting like a little kid, running around in the huge empty spaces, screaming my head off.

Wife asked what I’m doing, and I said “I can’t usually run around like this in here! LOOK! It’s HUGE and EMPTY!”

Woke up.


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I’m noticing my voice is deeper. Only been doing EQ other than the 2 loops of PS mentioned above.
Love the deeper voice stuff.

So, a few weeks ago, I found “The Mentalist” is FINALLY on Amazon Prime. I’ve heard of this show and wanted to watch it for YEARS but never found it other than buying it on DVD (I prefer streaming lately).

Anyway, there’s a character on there named Kimball Cho. He’s one of the CBI agents (I’m in Season 2 still). Dude is so deadpan. Hardly gets excited about anything.

I realized last night that for the past few days, I’ve been feeling on the inside more like what I imagine he feels like. Or least how he SEEMS to. He’s a man of few words.

Like, if you asked him what he had for dinner last night, he might say “Chicken. Dumplings.”
“Wings. Beer.”
and so on.

I don’t know enough yet about Stoicism to be able to say if Stoic describes how he acts in the show, but that’s the word that comes to me.

I realized I’m sorta “modeling” the guy though. And not just on the outside behaviour either. My mind and thoughts seem tame or almost more “empty” compared to normal. Mind is quieter.

Been on EQ enough now (a week or so total) to say that EQ MAY be causing this.

I just added Aegis/COVID into the mix just today. but just barely finished the first loop, so way too early to attribute anything to that.

@SaintSovereign or @Fire : Is this calmer mind likely from EQ? I’d love it if so because I’ve NEVER felt like this on Emperor 2, 3 OR 4!

Gracias mi amigos.

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I’m not sure how I didn’t realize this was happening until just last night. Maybe EQ plays with my memory too :wink:

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I stopped with counting days. I updated the title here since I’m stacking EQ and Aegis/COVID npw.
With that…HOLY SHIT.
I sitting here today. Took planned time off work for the rest of the day. (I had to take calls for about an hour or so, since not enough paid time off for the whole day).

Got EQ and Aegis Ultra with my usual random silence bits of 1,2 3 mins.
I started telling my coworker about the TV show “Person of Interest” in chat at the tail end of my call-taking.

She said I seem more “peppy” today. She’s a geek type so she says it’s like I’m still me, but I’m just overclocked.

She’s right. I feel energetic, purpose-driven.
Would there be any danger in stacking EQ with Emperor V4? My brain is pushing me to stack this with “regular” Emperor. I’m. not doing that of course. That might be redundant. if anything, it’d be cool to stack with Limitless V2.

It’d be VERY redundant. If you’re going to mix more into a empQ + AI:C stack, put something a bit more helpful toward your current needs.

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I had a dream that I had a bowl or big coffee mug full of keyboard keys. The squishy rubber kind.
I was eating them with a spoon. Just shoveling them in and swallowing them down.

Even as I was doing it, I kept thinking “What the hell am I doing? This is weird!” but I couldn’t stop.

Once done, I suddenly had the thought “Wait! I can’t digest rubber! I need to take some fiber capsules to make sure I can at least shit these things out ASAP!”

I also had enother dream (or maybe part of the same one, not sure) that my wife had a container full of gummy/chewy tabs…it was some sort of one-a-day gummy thing…don’t recall what it was for. But I ate all of those too.

Holy Hell!

I dropped AEGIS once StarkQ came out. Been stacking EQ and StarkQ as follows:
1x StarkQ
1x EQ
1x 3 mins silence
shuffle/repeat as per my usual.

And WOW!

I haven’t really journaled much on this stack the past few days because I’ve been doing too much.

It’s like it’s’ taking my years-long mental to-do list and telling me to start checking shit off.

The biggest “win” was just yesterday actually. For several years now, I have had some recordings and a workbook for the Sleight of Mouth system…the way Doug O’Brien teaches it anyway. I picked up a couple of the patterns before, but never really dove in to make it “mine.”

That all changed yesterday. I suddenly found myself compelled to dig that shit out and go through 3 of the 4 recordings. Copied the icon chart/mind map over and over to the point I can at least “see” it in my mind’s eye to quickly pick out the names of the patterns.

I’m now practicing writing down my own uses of the patterns on a few of my own beliefs, per Doug’s recommendation, to “lock them in.”

There are other things I’ve done lately too. I made a Google Spreadsheet to model a gambling type game where you start with a pot and each “turn” it picks a random number between X and Y, and that determines if you win or lose what your bet amount is. The bet amount is set as a percentage of the total pot at the start of each “turn.”

Interestingly, I found you need really damn good odds to not eventually run out of “money.”

No real purpose to that sheet other than personal curiosity, tweaking the sheet to see how I might be able to “win” large amounts of money in the fake sim.

Anyway. It’s made me productive AF.

Sidenote: SubClub has some of the best damn copywriting I’ve ever seen. The marketing all around is amazing. The copy, though, holy shit. Keep it up!


I’ve since learned more about Stoicism to know this isn’t Stoicism lol.

I’m just reading back over my older journals to reacquaint with how I used to be.


Are you using both StarkQ and EQ currently?

Neither one right now.