I have used Ev4 masked 4x for 25 days now, and QL ST1 masked 2-4x for 20 days.
From now on I will be using masked EQ in the morning, and QL 2x couple hours after EQ.
My EQ masked version is 1h long, and ultrasonic is 1h 5min.

DAY 1: 3X EQ
While playing EQ I sense the energy swiftly streaming through my body. Through my head, torso, legs, feet, arms, hands and fingers.
This energy is building up and energizing my crown chakra area, brain, both heart chakras, solar plexus, sacral chakra, base chakra, hands chakras, fingers, and feet chakras.
I can’t fully discern what kind of energy is this yet. For now, I can sense that it is developing and expanding part of my energy system.
Heart chakras, especially sacral chakra and solar plexus are heating up so much that I had to take off my sweatshirt.
They feel hot as a burning stoves.
To describe it visually, it would look as a two active energetic vulcanos with huge buildup of energies.
During the second loop I got very optimistic, joyful.
At the end of the second loop I was feeling extraordinarily well and optimistic.

This sub is certainly not the ordinary Ev4 since I’ve felt nothing like this before.

I sensed that my sacral chakra area, solar plexus and to lesser extent heart chakra area are slightly fatigued after yesterdays energetic training.
That initial small fatigue is indication to me that my body is not ready to handle higher number of loops, for it can potentially develop into complete fatigue and then I would have to stop using EQ altogether until my body fully recovers.

Played 2 loops. Felt upbeat and optimistic during entire day.
I was finishing all my scheduled tasks with greater energy, resolve, focus and intensity than before.
Although this might be still the residual effect of Ev4, and not of this particular sub. I will know for sure during the next couple of days.

DAY3: 2X EQ, 3X QL ST1
Today after playing EQ my sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra are properly fatigued now.
Still after the 7-8 hours EQ I can sense these areas feel glowing hot like a wood burning rocket stoves, and are unstoppably radiating heat.