[STACKED] EQ /StarkQ / Alchemist 3 @rajeshwer


Inspite of being inside home for last 4 days , I feel extremely calm and silent now.
I shifted to ST 3 Alchemist with EQ

I feel so present

Just some slow music playing in background , me lying on my recliner , life seems so settled .

Seems EQ helped to adapt to best of what is available

I still eat less

Sex drive is low .


Feel light like feather

Still feel calm n composed

No fear for virus

Smiling / joy with in

Can feel silence all around

Pleasant memories triggering


Totally into meditation these days

Mind is calm and composed

I think I can now adapt to what is available , as in marking best out of avlbl resources


Lockdown has stopped life .

I have been meditating and meditating

Every time I listen EQ , I feel optimistic, a voice tells me loads of business willl be there once it’s over

I am happy in my skin

Meditation is deep

I eat less
I don’t need much
I calm


EQ keeps me calm and happy

I sleep well and wake up early morning without alarm.

I feel optimistic

Meditation are deep

I am happy with myself

I have started feeling there is solution to every problem


Added StarkQ , couldn’t resist its fame and creativity element .

I would also observe what difference it makes to my sexual desires .


Tow things I felt for sure

All of sudden I am conscious of my looks , I checked myself in mirror many times , with EQ , I was least caring about looks .

Also I felt like exercising more .

For libido I will observe more and post


For me StarkQ is smooth like EQ.

I feel chirpy and joyful

I have started thinking to reorganise my room and home and got few interior decor ideas too

Yes I am having more thoughts and this is not going well with meditations


I feel better with my libido
thoughts have started coming up about sex n women
Previously I was never thinking about any other girl apart From my girl but since morning there are random thoughts of other pretty n sexy girls whom I have met in past

I am actually exercising more effortlessly

I am talking more
I feel calm