[STACKED] EmperorQ with custom sub



I am pretty familiar with the subclub products and I decided to use emperorQ alongside with my custom sub. I used many products from subclub SexMastery, Limitless, Mogul, Khan, EoG, Gaming Mastery, Muay Thai, Emperor v3, Sanguine, Spartan and the custom sub

I couldn’t vouch more for Sex Mastery and Muay Thai. I could see the effects with Limitless while I observed some mindset changes in every other sub with nothing spectacular

About the custom sub. Without going into many details I have to work at night, I am in a crazy debt which causes anger and I hope the custom sub will help me. I ran a total of 1061 loops = 796 hours. I plan to keep running this. Things I want from both the custom sub and emperor

-Debt free: I am in a crazy debt which is low 6 figures. Since I started the custom sub debt has increased. Significantly. It is a mixture of personal issues (I gave money to close people they needed more than me, I got scammed for a significant amount….twice and I made some bad decisions)

-Happiness working at night. I have to work at night, something I don’t like and I hope the custom sub will make me more happy working these hours. I saw some improvement of 10%. I hate to work at night now is bearable. I am not pleased with this

For the ‘’action takers’’. I take more than enough action since everything in my life involves around my job which I love. You know you love what you do when you have a shit day and you cant wait for the next day to go again

-Angry I am way less angry which is a nice outcome

-I eat cleaner but I eat more so I gained some weight. It could be muscle though since I am training in muay thai and I do some weight lifting

I am in a top 1% in my work. Very few people are at my level which makes the current situation even more disappointing. I am in a happy relationship and I am working a lot. I don’t know how emperor will affect my life but lets find out

Debt 210 000$ 2 March 2020

I run the loops in a non conventional way. I like to run back to back loops of the same sub or mixing depending how I feel

Target Loops

10x custom sub

8x emperor

1-2x Muay thai X only on training days

The legacy / Beyond Limitless before training or work

If saint or fire needs I can drop the superchargers and muay thai

No expectation other than reduce debt


First two days, emperorq feels lighter than emperor v3. When i ran v3 i felt someone was holding my brain which isnt the case now. It was more difficult to fall asleep yesterday, even though i played only the custom sub during that time and not emperor. I had sex with my gf both days and both days i finished faster than usually. It was around 5-7 minutes

Also i have a cold the last 4 days but i am listening regularly. I didnt work at all since the cold is bad but i did study a lot. It seems i found some minor things i can change but of course i have to observer the results when i apply everything


So how much time do you listen to EmperorQ and how much to your Custom Sub during a typical day? It seems that day you played 0 loops of EQ, did I understand this correctly? :slight_smile:


Thats not correct. I am listening 10 loops of custom and 8 of emperorq every day


During the day i am playing emperorq when sleeping and rest of the day custom


I would like to point out that my emperorq version sounds different than other masked files. Like deeper and i like this


Saint Sovereign mentioned that it was due to covering more of the subliminal’s as it is such a dense program. Anyway, I prefer it over the other masked sound as well!


I worked yesterday despite my cold and also felt a bit more enjoyable/bearable working at night. I couldnt sleep earlier in the morning but when i slept i had some very vivid dreams that i cant recall. No sub was playing when i was sleeping


Day 4 i worked even though i had a cold. Very mixed feelings since i was close to completing a 30000$ day but unfortunately ended at a loss of 300$

I found some changes that i have to do. They seem to work fine in the first glance. Time will tell

Day 5 i feel extremely lazy. I downloaded Head Ball 2 for android and spent 6 hours wtf? Last time i played games was 10-12 years ago but i dont know why i did it. I unistalled the app of course when i realized how much time i spent


I am singing a lot livin on prayer today, not sure if it means something. Also decided to run 8 loops custom and 8 emperor instead of 10-8


Girlfriend told me i was very happy today. I am always positive and quite happy but i can observe i was more happy than usual

I found a way to increase the quality of my work load by 3% which is always nice. Random bursts of anger were back today


I feel much less sexual when running emperor. Overall i am very sexual person and i want to have sex every day with my gf but since started emperorq i rarely think of it

I had a dream where i had private english class and teacher gave me some homework. Next day in school, she asked me if i did my homework and i said i dont think so. She was angry and told me she will talk to my parents and i laughed out hard while replying wtf i am 30 years old

The last 3 days my performance while working is deteriorating. Propably i will stop listening subs during that time or i will listen 1 loop every 2 hours


I decided to increase custom loops from 8 to 10 since the effects are visible. I might push to 12 if i feel like it but keeping emperor steady to 8 loops but it will be difficult since i want to listen as least as possible when working


I had three dreams that i remember today. On the first one i was playing for Real Madrid against Barcelona. As a player you should never bet but i had a big bet on Barcelona to win. Score was 1-1 and we had a goal disallowed. I remember i was doing my 100% to win even though i had a bet against us. Last minute or so we conceded and we lost. I remember i was relieved that we lost. Nothing made sense in that dream but if anyone has any input to offer feel free

On the other dream i was in my childhood house and i was feeling safe. I was searching for something in the kitchen and i had very good feelings. Suddenly i felt someone looking at me but noone was there. When i was leaving the house the door closed aggressively like there was someone pushing the door

Third dream i was talking to Lucifer from the christian religion. I dont believe in the christian God anymore since i know he is fake and people created him but still have dreams from time to time regarding ‘‘religion’’ Lucifer asked what i want. What i really want and what i am willing to offer. I told him i want everything. I want money, love, happiness. I want everything. He asked me if i give him my soul i will have everything which i accepted

I am not consistent with BL/Legacy. I will try more. I had a small injury in Muay and i couldnt train. I started again on 10 March. The decline on my performance when i dont play the sub is significant. Everything is down 50% but that might be the cause of pumping up the loops of custom sub

If there are two subs which give 100% obvious results then Muay Thai X and Sex mastery is the way to go

On emperor part. I am looking at cryptos a bit more and i invested some money because everything is crashing. Maybe more money than i should but since i lost the golden train i am more willing to take risks. Fwiw i dont believe all those people saying btc will rise to 1m etc. I want to double my money and get out. Also i feel more focussed when working since stop listening emperor during those hours


Night shift seems much more bearable at the moment. I have a lot of dreams but since i dont know the meaning and noone offers any insight, it would be a waste of time to post about them


Also since i dropped BL it seems i performing better. Now i use only legacy as warmup in muay thai. 8 loops of emperor 12 of custom. Emperor loops are back to back most of the time


I had 5 days very smooth with very good results but the last two days i feel constantly angry at work. The only change i made was eating more carbs 3 hours before (after muay thai session before work). I guess my brain doesnt respond well with carbs when i have to do a mental job

On the plus side results are improving slowly. I am putting a lot of action and my girlfriend supports me which is always nice. Unfortunately due to covid, muay thai camp is closed. Last time i did 5 full rounds which was amazing

Also i join a group of people who are trying to improve on the same field and it seems i got a slight boost. Remember you can always learn from someone, whether he is better or worse than you in your field you can always pick up ideas


Near one month of usage. Overall i am pleased with my performance yet my debt is growing but i am very optimistic. I know i can turn this around. After

I decided to stop listening at 2 loops of emperor. Taking rest of the day off and today off. Yesterday i felt energized and focussed. Today is the first day of not playing subs and i am all over the place. I feel down, i dont want to work or do anything. I feel a bit like zombie but i will start listening again tomorrow


How is it going rising?