[STACKED] EmperorQ Badboi


Alright lets do this.


I didnt see anything in my download yet.


I don’t think EmperorQ will show up in your downloads.

I think through communicating with Saint, you will know how he will share it with you.


Alright, thanks for sharing @AMASH. I did PM him, still no answer, i hope he will answer me today.


I got any email when I received it. As a product purchase for 0$. So as far as I know you don’t have to refresh your download area all the time.


I have got a new job and i need to learn alot thats why i will use limitless to assist me with learning. But i also ran EV4. I think manifested the job with EV4. So now after EmperorV4 i will run EMPEROR V5 and LimitlessV2, mostly masked but i also run ultrasonic when there is no one around.
When i feel i dont need limitless anymore i will run emperor solo.
Anyone know if running limitless when learning live is good, i think i will try it out next week.

I hope we all get good results from this version.


From my experience so far, EmperorQ has at least Quantum Limitless in it.

I think it’s a better use of your time to focus on EmperorQ, see the effects, before you consider whether adding even more Limitless will make a differerence :slight_smile:


Yes @AMASH maybe you are right. I will start with EV5 and see then. I go solo first and add limitless only if needed. :+1: thx :slight_smile:


I got an email of a new purchase + PM from Saint that it’s available


Yes, i have it also in my download now, i just started running it. :smiley: i will report later.


Still did not receive my version too, probably because there are a lot of volunteers and SaintSovereign gives access in batches.


Okay, i hope you get it soon.
Did you make a journal for EmpQ?


Just got it :wink: Will make a journal in the next days.

Let’s do this!


Day 1:
Just some notes.
Feeling good inside.
More motivated to do what i have to do, like cleaning and doing house work.
Limitless i felt like i was thinking and planing in a smart way what to do first.
Have more energy.
My voice feels deeper and stronger.
Conversation with people was a little better today, more enjoyable.
Very assertive sometimes when needed.
I felt sadness, tiredness then later anger and then hapiness,joy, calm. Its a rollercoaster hehe.
So i did around 15loops, about 1hour per loop. masked and ultrasonic.
Tomorrow i will begin learning at my work again, curious how it will go, i hope i will be okay :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to hear about your progress, @Badboi


Day 2
So work was okay, i was very motivated to work hard. I felt maybe i was to dominant with my boss. My interest for small talk is low.

Day 3
I changed to the new updated version.
What i notice today is i am motivated, horny
and dominant i am more bossy hehe. I do feel a little tired and i will do less loops now and see how it goes. My lust for girls is insane, i look at them and we have this intense eye contact that says lets go fuck now :grin:

I can see more clearly what intentions people have, i can sense when they are honest or bad. Like in PCC.


I can totally relate with that. I am too finding myself a little borderline with my CEO. Also small talk is becoming boring and boring.


A lot has happened since last time.
I was laid off from work.
One in the family died, not from the virus.
So there’s been a lot going on.
I have not run EmperorQa much, just in the last two days now.
So my stack is EmpQa and Daredevil now, 5 loops emp and 5 loop daredevil.

Like last time:
Mood is great, emp + dd = a extra happy emp.
I notice a stronger voice, more expressive, when I talk to friends I notice that part of the fear is gone, I do not hold back on things i want to say, i am very important person VIP :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel limitless works well for everything from pc games to remembering certain things my gf says.

I do like this version of Emperor more then the other, it is a little heavy when i run it 10+ loops but now its only 5 or more, since im home now, i can finally focus on subs. And the corona virus made it easier to listen.


I have small flu, its not corana i tested it, it will pass in a week i think.
But my Motivation is a little higher, im doing some housework that i procrastinate on.

More soon


My flu is almost over.
My confidence, self worth today is wild.
And the drive to do what i want is on another level, is like im using anger to get things done in a controlled way, very nice.
Im feeling strong and driven.
I hope this new shiny stark will come out soon, i will definitely buy it :blush: