[STACKED] emperorQ 1.5 + EoG - sidneyficance


I have been running EoG + Emperor v4 + Godlike Masculinity + Limitless + Aura for the past few weeks.
I run some Superchargers between the week as part of meditation as and when necessary.

I also do a once a week recovery regime of Regeneration + Rebirth + Sanguine + Limit Destroyer

With Emperor Q, I plan to use it alongside EoG and Limitless for the day with recovery only when needed. I plan to run this only on Ultrasonic. Updates to follow.


Day 1
I just designed and have started playing my Emperor Q Ultrasonic stack (9 hrs 15 mins runtime):

emperorQa v1.5 x 3
EoG ST1 x 3
Admiral & Commander x 2
emperorQa v1.5 x 3

Playing this throughout the day and while I sleep.

I also plan to use The Commander and The Legacy as my part of morning meditation routine.


@sidneyficance Go friend! We can make this happen.

Found your old Emperor Journal, i’d say it’s one of the most inspiring Emperor V4 Journal I have found, hav my Gratitude


Felt tired for the whole Day 2. Reconciling? It does feel a bit more “relaxed” than the Emperor V4 that I have used.

I was going through some course material earlier - where I had this thought of getting rid of “just in case” information and focus more on “just in time” stuff. This is something I catch myself doing very often. Learning things “just in case” instead of just applying it directly.


Thanks! Happy you found that useful! :wink:


Testing out masked version of the stack instead this time (Day 4)
I have been having interesting dreams of buying this product called “Obsession” in stores but having it being sold out everywhere.

I had another dream of visiting India and being very nonchalant about departing times (and knowing airports in India - probably not the best idea). But things flowing through well.

Not too sure what these dreams mean but recording this as part of requirement.

In terms of productivity, I haven’t been doing as much as I should for the past few days - partially as I am on sick time off. Today I officially start work again, lets see if this helps.
I recognize that effort and energy is like a meter gauge and is limited. I was about 70% productive during the week before and this week it came crashing down. Could also be due to me cutting off caffeine.


I had a vivid dream last night on meeting someone whom I just know is the epitome of success. You know the feeling of just knowing something. And this person was attributing his success on the subliminals. I wasn’t able to catch the exact formula or tracks he used.

I also woke up with the thought of having a mindset of “How can we learn from this?” at every point in life. And the scope of my thought for this fundamental question expanded to even CoVID, as a leader of a team, nation, etc - how can I have handled it better, now with better 20/20 vision. What would make my team feel that I truly care to exert more influence?

Going meta on the dream, that is my “best self” and I need to bridge the gap between my current self to the better self - in Masonic terms, rough ashlar to perfect ashlar. Closing this gap is vital to live your best self. First step is getting clear on what does the best self looks like.


I have to say that I enjoy listening to Masked version of the subliminals better than Ultrasonic. Sure, Ultrasonic is convenient but Masked really affirms to me that I am listening to something :wink:
I also feel the raindrop sounds to be especially soothing.

My energy today feels lighter, probably due to more interactions with people. I have also been a bit more consistent in meditating this few days.

The question is how do you catch on the right energy patterns? To be able to practice the Eightfold Path:

  • Right Understanding
  • Right Intent
  • Right Speech
  • Right Action
  • Right Livelihood
  • Right Effort
  • Right Mindfulness
  • Right Concentration.


You must have had a nice feeling of euphoria after waking up from that dream eh? As for the subliminal tracks this successful man was using in your dream, surely it was EmperorQ and the man was actually a representation of your future self.


Would think so. It felt surreal. I think we are too used to trying to get proof vs intuitively knowing something…
Dreams are sometimes such - you try too hard to get answers (it was lucid at a point where I knew I was dreaming) but end up empty.


I am on masked today. Few emerging themes speak very loudly:

  1. Get a business journal - if it’s so important, have a separate record of what you have learn, want to learn, plan etc.

  2. The concept of self care and taking the best care of yourself to be the best.

  3. Connection with Source Energy

  4. Getting coaching / accountability

For some reason I have been also revisiting my spiritual roots. Been going back to shamanism and the call back.

I had a dream that I was in another reality where my wife friend zoned me. I was kinda kicking myself for it but I was ok with it for some reason. It’s as if there is a quiet confidence of acceptance of the situation and knowing that things happen for a reason.


I just saw 3:33 :clock330:


My energy momentum has returned. Not sure if it was biological or more of the subliminals needing time to calibrate and me listening to more Masked versions on top of the Ultrasonics.
Too many variables to tell for sure.

I had the motivation today to go for yoga in the morning, came back and had Superchargers - Commander and The Elixir. Either due to the lack of sleep, I got into a good dreamlike (Alpha?) state during the session.


Feeling better today, I did not play subs during the night and retired to sleep earlier after some breathwork. I dare venture, there might be some Alchemist in the eQ stack.
Had a few weird dreams including spraying down women with water. LOL. Go figure.

Energy slump observed at 2.20PM. I should start keeping score on when these happen to see how I can bounce back.


I have been a bit more conscious on the decisions I make instead of letting life go on auto drive. Eg. being more conscious of distractions (picking up my phone unconsciously), switching cost of moving to different activities, dopamine detox, and perception of others based on what you say / do / think.

Last night played the Recovery stack and started the morning with Elixir.
I had an odd dream of lining up to submit an idea for a contest to win an iPhone, the contest is to share ideas for apps / technology. I was looking to submit this simple idea on a brainstorming / idea sorting / prioritizing tool - I had notes on paper on how the app should look like etc. I knew even in my dream that it wasn’t exactly earth shattering but I still carried on waiting in line to submit that idea.

I had some early morning calls so I had to wake up earlier than ideal. I have been consistent in my meditation the past week and I actually enjoy it. I also am more driven to looking at what really moves the needle and getting that shit done.


For some reason, I have been attracted to the Mont Blanc items / branding for the past week. Is that what my subconscious links to abundance?


I didn’t sleep as well last night. I woke up with these few items in mind:

  1. Finish what you start - else don’t start. Be very firm about what you promise yourself or others.
  2. Keep your time PREoccupied instead of Occupied. What is the difference? Pre-occupied means you have a set plan that is “pre-set”
  3. Set and keep a strict budget - order is vital to ensure that you do not be wayward.

My energy was a bit all over the place in the morning, had meditation session. 4 days in a row! Had coffee and few other realizations:

  1. Order is important, you need to keep a stack IN ORDER to succeed. There is just not just one silver bullet. Like a recipe, you need to follow it in order and be consistent.

For me, its sleep, meditation, low carb, water, workout / sweat, subs and journaling (keep refine your thought process / mental models)

  1. Looking at things in a way of Identity - what do you think a person who is able to reach your goals is like? How is the person like? What can you do to get there?


I had a dream of being given backdoor access to some park / farm where I presented my ID to the guards. He exchanged it for rare stamps that can be used to buy items inside? I don’t remember much inside but coming out without using the stamps.
I had this random dream of someone’s long lost sister coming back to be able to spend more time with a relative after a breakup / serious breakdown.

I am starting this new morning habit of viewing my ideal identity first thing in the morning and sticking as close to a morning routine that I have set aside.

I am testing running subs on the background of brain.fm and Modafinil for today.


I went on a spree to sort the following:

  1. My Finances
  • Worked out a budget and looked at my numbers
  • Especially with CoVID19, it is VITAL to have cash at hand and having a firm grasp of the numbers. I have been hiding my head and ignoring this.
  • Used T Harv Eker’s Jars system to assign my salary and have more structure in my finance.
  1. My Tasklist
  • I have been procrastinating on this as well. I have a ToDoist account but have been very inconsistent in how I use it.
  • Using the various organizational tools within ToDoist to make my ToDoist almost like a 2nd Brain and attempting to organize and put structure to my work and setting the necessary deadlines.


I just got my grounding sheets on Saturday - sleep / proper rest is vital in ensuring that I have sufficient energy.

The weekend was lazy but I had a few thoughts:

  • The world rewards order and knowing what happens when. Think of it, you get good service when you are a regular in a restaurant. Besides rapport, it gives people an expectation. Nobody likes unreliability - that’s why most people prefer using Apple. No surprises.
  • I have been thinking how do people get rich - real estate, high level executive, business owners in select industries - I am motivated to finish this book (https://www.flowresearchcollective.com/future-is-faster-than-you-think) by this week to be clear on what BIG IDEA industries I should be in, EoG has been giving me the impression that I have not been thinking big enough. The rich are owners.
  • Thinking big in creating a family office - that’s basically $100 million in investible assets.
  • Being more conscious of how I view the rich - thinking that its due to them scamming or having an ‘unfair advantage’ is a bad way of looking at things.
  • Having a set agenda and being a captain of my ship vs being a ‘random’ person.
  • Finding role models - even fictional ones and emulating these role models or finding out what are the mental models / worldview do they have to do things in a certain way.

How you react to life depends on the scripts that you run in your head and the questions that you ask.

  • What can I learn from this?
  • What is the opportunity here?
  • How can I ensure this does not repeat?
  • Why is this important now?