(STACKED) Emperor Q stark and primal


Hi all Saint was kind enough for me to test emperor q so I will be documenting my results. Excuse my English as I am not as eloquent as many of you in the writing department.

Bit about me

I am 44 years old and live in the UK and work as a careers advisor in the public sector

I have been a member of sub club since it started and have bought many of their products, including Khan Emperor AM, Sex Mastery, primal seduction, spartan etc and a ton of super chargers. I have used all the products over the years but always came back to emperor as it seems to suit my personality and goals. I have used all the versions including emperor extreme back in the day which was hardcore

I have been using Emperor V4 since it was released and I have improved in many ways by creating new habits

Fitness - been getting up 5 am in the morning everyday which is rough :blush: drinking pre workout and then working for an hour – which consists of weightlifting and cardio Really hard getting up but once your done you feel amazing and have steady flow of energy for the day

Money – I have been learning a Belfair trading course to supplement my work income. I have just started this, and I am making a small amount of money a day while I am learning the course. There is a lot of information to learn, quantum limitless has helped a lot. With remembering information

Social I have not been out much due to working and the current Cov situation but in work life my confidence has dramatically increased, I am speaking and bantering a lot to work colleagues and I have less anxiety when public speaking.

Well-being – This has been mainly at a steady flow but I get episodes where i am feeling down and anxious. I am a carer for my mum and I am concerned for her health with the virus situation so I am hoping emperor q can reduce my anxiety

I will be using around 6 to seven loops of emperor q throughout the day masked as I can wear earphones at work. And in the evening, I will be playing Primal seduction iron throne for about 5 loops as I want that sexy emperor edge. I will document any changes and differences I notice with emperor q vs emp4 Thanks


Few days of testing emp q and i can definitely feel the difference between v4,. I feel a lot lighter and not to much brain fog so i seemed to be processing data and daily tasks a lot smoother and faster

My energy levels have increased even though i have been getting about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night i seem to be going through my workouts a lot easier without the early morning blues

My strength gains have also increased quite a bit and the weights i was lifting before do not seem as heavy

Social skills are smooth with work colleagues i seem to be able to come up with witty comments on the spot which i could never do before because i was so in my head

I am also living more in the now and watching my thoughts usually when i wake up with negative chatter hits me but i seem to be to catching myself before it gets out of control

Parts of the day seems to slow down and i feel in the zone like neo in the matrix. Shopping the other day and people were going crazy in a rush to buy crap and just watching their behaviour and how they act made me realise how much society is brainwashed by society

locked down like a lot of you so no more social life for the moment will be working from home, read a few self improvement books. Has anyone heard off david goggins, i highly recommend his book cant hurt me the audio version one of the best i have read


Haven’t posted for a while had a mild form of COV 19 so stayed off the forum other platforms most of the time. Anyway, I bought Stark q when it was released so my current stack is

6 loops stark q

3 loops emperor q

2 loops AVcoid

3 loops Primal – I was using Iron throne but as Amash mentioned that it is all about action and because I have to stay in I would rather work on the inner game, even though stark has Iron throne, I would like to balance it out with Primal

Since using stack the past couple of weeks I have noticed the following changes

my anxiety has reduced, and I am feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed. Staying away from social media as most of its depressing and drains your energy. Working from home so no contact with people except over the phone and video conferencing.

I find myself looking in the mirror more often, and I like what I see. My jawline is more defined, and my face seems to be glowing. There is definitely a beauty aspect to stark.

My energy has increased I usually go for a walk for an hour every morning. Today I decided to jog for half an hour, and I was not out of breath at all Considering I am 45 and a smoker.

My memory has improved I seem to be remembering numbers and passwords quite easily once I have seen them a few times.

Productivity and focus – I am still focused by creating good habits organising my workload and using my time productively reading self-improvement books and online courses

Although I have no public interaction, I participate with a lot of live webinars with my company. Usually I am quite In meeting but I am now voicing my opinion and becoming more extroverted

Body language – Walking more upright and relaxed way with a carefree vibe

Determination to get things done. I have clear focus when completing tasks with tunnel vision. I feel emperor has a lot to do with that

I feel emperor q and stark complement each other; it just feels like a powerful stack to me, one gives me the social creative aspect and emperor gives me the will to get things done.

Can’t think of anything else, as stuck in the house all day. The true results will show up when I am allowed back in public. Looking forward to adding primal q to the stack :blush:


Nothing much to report its Easter Friday here in the uk, the sun is shining and usually i would be getting ready to go out on the prowl but i am stuck in which is torture. Stark seems to be bringing up a lot of past negative memories which i have totally forgot about, they seem to be resurfacing which is good in a way so hopefully i can finally release them. Also starting to practice yoga i didn’t realise my body was so stiff from years of lifting weights


any updates?


I am not using Stark at the moment just primal and emperor q also using khan total breakdown and regeneration at night for healing i have made another thread probably should close this one