[STACKED] Emperor Q, Alchemist, and PPC


I’ve been getting lucid dreams when I listen to Emperor Q at night.

Was initially running 4 loops Emperor v4, 2 loops PPC, 2 loops QL 4, 4 loops Alchemist 4, but decided to cut off QL for my Emperor Q stack.

My current stack will be 8 loops Emperor Q, 4 loops Alchemist and 2 loops PPC.

I ran Emperor Q solo overnight without stacking. Slept for 8 hours so 8 loops.

I had a lucid dream that night. I then looked at the loudest person in my dream and said “Shhh I’m trying to focus so I can control this dream please be quiet”

The person started laughing and then I immediately woke up in the middle of the night. Went back to sleep with no other dream. At least not that I could remember.

[Day 1]

Woke up feeling normal. I didn’t feel “energized” but didn’t feel tired either.

That morning I decided to listen to Emp Q at work. Another 8 loops.

This is the first week of a new job so it’s mostly just Real estate training. I noticed I was able to focus really well and it came across as really “natural”.

I didn’t get a desire to check my phone like I usually do. One of the reasons why I didn’t write this journal yesterday is because I was just focused on the task at hand.

It does feel like this sub has Quantum Limitless Core scripting in it. There’s this level of focus I get on QL that seems to exist in Emp V4 as well as Emp Q.

Friday night I listened to 4 loops of alchemist 4 and 4 loops of Emperor Q.

I had ANOTHER lucid dream. This time I was in my old high school classroom.

For whatever reason, I keep getting recurring dreams where I’m in High School. I graduated from high school 7 years ago.

When I realized it was a dream I just got up and left the building. I pulled out my car keys and noticed there was a Mclaren I manifested in the dream.

I drove it around for a bit but then woke up.

I went back to sleep and I had really strange dreams in between that were not lucid.

I had one where I was sleeping in my bed and my family members all walk into my room at the same time asking me why I’m still asleep.

They’re all shouting at me telling me to get up.

Then I woke up but it was still really early so I went back to sleep.

This time I had a dream that I was still in college but my boss from my previous job was my roommate. Really strange.

[Day 2]

I don’t have any plans for the weekend. Just going to work out, study real estate and mostly spend my time reading. I will let you guys know if anything eventful happens though.


[Day 4]

I listened to alchemist stage 4 + PPC on loop while I slept.

I woke up an hour early feeling refreshed and started listening to Emperor Q.

I went to work feeling feeling really happy to start the day. Listened to Emperor Q for most of the work day.

My boss and coworkers are friendly people and it’s a fun environment.

Today went by faster than other days. I wasn’t the only one that noticed this. My boss and coworkers all agreed that the day went by ridiculously fast which is strange for a Monday.

I’m listening to Emperor Q on my headphones so it’s not directly affecting them.

However it is possible that my “aura” is radiating outwards to them. I noticed my coworkers are paying more attention to me.

When I got home I had a strong desire to spend it on educational informative content rather than leisure.


[Day 5]

I listened to Alch 4 + PPC while I slept.

I woke up feeling tired today but after a couple loops of Emperor Q I felt wide awake.

I generally avoid caffeine and don’t take any stimulants.

My work is somewhat monotonous at the moment and yet I notice that my day goes by fast again. I used to get irritated when I did monotonous tasks but I notice I have no mental complaints.

I also listened to an audiobook alongside the subliminal.

I listened to “Be obsessed or be average” by Grant Cardone at 2.5x speed and finished it at work. Definitely a motivating audiobook.

I feel a shift in my aura that I mentioned yesterday. I feel more in control without being too attached to the outcome.

My task currently is to acquire and buy deals rather than to sell them so there’s not much talking or negotiating involved. Once I get more experience with this then I’ll be tasked with sales as well.

I’d like to step into sales soon but I’m not impatient. I’m enjoying the process. I feel a level of calmness that I didn’t get from EmpV4.


I love it when people learn more and focus less on entertainment.

Did EmperorQ guide you towards any specific teacher / content / book / course?

Yes, this is BIG for me under EmperorQ. Normally, things like washing the dishes or cleaning the sink or whatever, would feel like a complete waste of time. But I am approaching them with a different attitude: To be excellent at everything I do, and enjoy the excellent I put in everything, big and small.

I haven’t listened to that one. Is it different from 10X? I love the 10X book.

Yes, YES, YES. This resonates so much! EmperorQ honestly is what Emperor should have been all along. That impatience EV4 created was not a fun thing. Which with EmperorQ, there is both optimism and a sense that things take their own natural time, with no need to hurry.


Grant Cardone was one of the first that came to mind. I’m going to listen to some other business audiobooks though. Maybe an autobiography. Don’t have anything specific in mind at the moment.

10x rule is great! Be obsessed or be average was written after 10x and is about how we’re all obsessed with something and it’s not bad to be obsessed but that we should learn to channel our negative obsessions into positive ones.


[Day 6]

I woke up feeling refreshed.

I went to brush my teeth and felt a zen state. It was a purposeful flow where I was focused on cleaning each teeth.

I drove to work and realized that I need to ask more questions to my boss. He’s fairly busy with my other coworkers and I originally felt like I shouldn’t waste his time since I’m the new guy. I realized today that this was a bad attitude to have and that I should be asking as many questions as possible to get ahead.

I listened to another audiobook today. It was Preventative medicine by Rollo Tomassi. Sequel to the Rational Male. Good stuff.

My workday went by quickly again. I feel like I should be doing something productive after work but haven’t quite put my mind to what it should be. I think I’m starting to feel reconciliation.


[Day 7]

I had a lucid sex dream while listening to alchemist ST 4 and PPC.

My playlist is 2 loops of Alchemist ST4 and 1 loop of PPC and I have that on repeat for 8 hours during sleep.

Woke up feeling great.

The transition from Alchemist/PPC to Emperor Q is an interesting sensation that I can’t fully put into words. The light airy energetic vibe is transmuted into a more masculine vibe.

I went to work feeling great. I was quiet around my coworkers today and I just focused on my work.

The owner of our business saw me when I left the restroom and he started a conversation with me. I could sense that he was trying to size me up to see if I have what it takes to perform well in this industry. I demonstrated confidence and joked back with him. I felt a carefree light-hearted attitude. He told me that once I fully grasp this industry it’ll come naturally to me.

I feel this huge burst in confidence and when I was driving back home it felt so smooth like I was a man on a mission.



[Day 7]

Had a dream that I was in a waterslide roller coaster that had real animals on the side that watched us slide through the stream.

I’ve had this same dream months ago. Very strange.

Woke up feeling great.

I went to work and decided to listen to the Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand.

I’m not an Objectivist and I don’t identify with Rand’s core values. Not really a fan of Rand in general I just like listening to countering views. I like her views on productivity as a virtue. Really liked the quote below.

“The “pleasure” of being drunk is obviously the pleasure of escaping from the responsibility of consciousness. And so are the kind of social gatherings, held for no other purpose than the expression of hysterical chaos, where the guests wander around in an alcoholic stupor, prattling noisily and senselessly, and enjoying the illusion of a universe where one is not burdened with purpose, logic, reality or awareness.” - Ayn Rand

I’ve felt that I don’t want to drink anymore for a while now. I haven’t drank in months. I don’t judge others that do but I don’t think it’s for me. I’ve definitely enjoyed it but I just don’t see it as aligned with my current values.

Work went by quickly again. I saw one of my coworkers close their first deal today. I felt happy for them and got motivated to keep pushing myself.


[Day 7]

Going to take a break from Emperor Q and PPC over the weekend.

I’ll listen to just Alchemist.

Had a really intense dream last night.

It spanned over a couple of months. My mom was having unexplained seizures. Then after a couple months she dies from them.

A couple days pass by and the hospital calls me up telling me my mom was actually in a coma.

I go to the hospital really confused. Turns out they were keeping her brain or “consciousness” stored in a separate container. Her body died but they managed to keep her consciousness. Through modern genetic engineering they were able to regrow her body and she came back looking normal.

I then wake up.

This dream occurred while I was listening to Alchemist stage 4 overnight.


[Day 9]

Had an random dream while listening to alchemist.

I was in a random college party with strangers. A couple girls started talking to me.

Then all of a sudden this random guy runs inside with a pitbull and has his dog sniff all of our belongings.

I see he’s holding a kindle e-reader that looks just like mine. I ask him why he stole by kindle e-reader and he says he didn’t. I check my bag to see mine was still in there and it turns out he has the same type of cover.

Still not sure why he had his dog sniff everyone’s belongings. Maybe I should have asked. I woke up after that.

I started listening to emperor Q when I woke up and felt the effects much faster than usual. That two day break helped out. Also I’m sure running alchemist helped increase my bodies response to subliminals.

Went to work full of energy. I talked pretty often at work today but I was also able to get a lot of work done. I feel like I control the frame at work more often than before. I came into it fairly quiet but now I initiate conversations more. I guess that’s normal even without subliminals.

I feel like I’ve become the popular kid in the setting. In grade school I was the quiet kid. In college I became more outgoing. Here at work I feel like I control the environment. It’s already fairly lively but I can help contribute to it by amplifying the setting.


[Day 10]

Took a break for a couple days.

Listened to alchemist overnight and had a lucid dream. It’s funny because I was initially lucid but then I thought to myself “No way this isn’t a dream my family is here”

I guess I didn’t want to do anything stupid in front of my family but it’s funny how that prevented me from wanting to do “magical dream actions”

I woke up this morning and started listening to Emp Q. Instantly started feeling more power and energy within 5 minutes.

I went to work feeling clarity. We have two people that left our work. A lot of people seem to be kind of concerned about corona. I think it’s serious but I’m not personally scared about it. I don’t want to spend too much time being worried.

I felt focused again today yet I wasn’t talkative. Since there were less people at work I didn’t feel like talking. Things are definitely slowing down right now because of work. Going to have to hustle more because of it.


[Day 11]

Has a crazy moment of sleep paralysis while listening to Alchemist.

I looked across at my window and saw two men in black hoods staring at me. I couldn’t see their face. I then see them slowly move their hood back a bit and I see they have skulls where their faces should be. I couldn’t move and I was just staring at them staring back at me.

I then see behind them several other hooded figures walking towards them. These were children that also had skull faces.

They huddle behind my window and just smile at me with their skull faces.

I then got out of the hypnogogic state and could move. The things disappeared.

I woke up after that and started playing emp Q. I started feeling the now familiar energized feeling.

I went to work and emperor Q was definitely working its magic. I’m glad I took a break because it does feel stronger than before.

My coworkers kept talking about corona and it was getting kind of annoying but I just put my headphones back on and grinded.

There’s this calm collected feeling I get when I walk, talk, or drive that is really hard to explain. I just have a swagger to my demeanor that I haven’t had before.

I’m mostly going to avoid going outside and socializing for the next couple weeks though.


[Day 12]

Took a break during the weekend.

Started listening to Emp Q in the morning. Came to work feeling full of energy.

We started talking about the possibility of a recession coming up. For some reason I don’t feel concerned.

I remember Grant Cardone saying that during a recession everyone else contracts and that you should expand. Work even harder while others are slowing down.

Things are definitely slowing down at work though. Going to have to find a way to leverage other networks to expand my reach. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve decided I should commit to semen retention. I usually come back from work and edge a bit before cumming at night.

I think I’ll try and cut down my ejaculation to once a week and then once a month.

I need to do everything in my power to remove distractions and diverting my sexual energy is not something I should be doing right now.


Day 14

Imperfect action is greater than perfect inaction.

I let go of a lot of negative limiting beliefs about myself recently.

It’s funny how I had the mindset that I wasn’t concerned about the external while most of my concerns were internal. Yet i ignored these internal beliefs. Difficult to put into words what I mean but I wasn’t scared about the outside world yet I was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough. I wasn’t worried about my problems I was worried about my own inner strength not being good enough.

I realized I’m not going to become better until I actually put in the effort. Of course we already know this but it’s one thing to actually integrate it.

I may have got my first deal at my job today. We’ll see if it ends up being closed.

Even if it doesn’t go through I still feel great. There is something magical about alchemist that I can’t put into words. Just this relaxed but also focused feeling.

While emperor Q gives me a focused but determined feeling.

I love starting the day off with at least 5 loops of Emperor Q and ending the day with minimum 3 loops of alch stage 3 and 3 loops alch st 4


Day 15

I felt terror for the first time in a long time today. I’ll get to that later.

I listened to the astral projection subliminal + alch 4 overnight and had strange dreams.

One where I had a teacher that looked like the actress that played Skyler in Breaking Bad. (The wife)

Then I had another one where I was an actor and in a marvel movie.

Then I ended up outside my house floating near my tree. At that point I became lucid. Was it an actual astral projection? Maybe. I’m open to it being that.

I woke up went to work and it was a normal work day.

Emperor Q makes the day go by faster while alchemist seems to make time go by slower.

As I left for work I noticed some slight rain. I decided to take the freeway instead of the highway because I don’t like driving in the highway during rain.

Then 10 minutes into the drive the rain was the most intense I’ve ever driven in. I couldn’t see where I was driving. I was terrified and worried I was going to crash.

I became conscious of my fear and the tension in my body and slowly released it. I told myself I was going to be okay and also gave a quick prayer to God.

The rain started slowing down.

One good thing about this whole corona thing is that no one is driving around outside so there were very few cars out there.

I saw an ambulance speeding afterwards so someone did get into an accident.

I feel grateful to be safe.


Day 16

Well it’s happened.

My county is on shelter alert for corona virus. I won’t be going to work for the next two weeks. I can still work from home but it’s going to be difficult to make deals since a lot of people aren’t moving at the moment.

The covid 19 subliminal makes me feel good internally but I’m not going to pretend I’m not a bit upset. I’d prefer not to stay home but I do think it’s the best action to slow down the spread of this virus.

I feel like there’s an overarching metaphysical reason for why this virus has appeared. I don’t know if I’ll ever know what that is in this lifetime though.

I listened to the astral projection subliminal overnight.

I had a sleep paralysis moment where I saw my ceiling turn into a waterfall and then a crocodile jumped on me. The crocodile started talking to me and asked me if I believed in ghosts.

I couldn’t respond.

I didn’t listen to Emperor Q during the day time. Just spent most of today listening to The covid 19 subliminal.


day 17

Since work has slowed down I’m focusing much more on the alchemist and astral projection side.

I’m still listening to 4 loops of Emp Q a day but I’m doing more loops of alchemist.

Last night I think I had a break through experience.

I’m used to getting into a sleep paralysis state where I see different apparitions and entities but it feels like I entered something beyond that.

I was in my bed and felt a hand behind me. I panic and immediately bite the hand.

I then see a figure that has the appearance of my father. It doesn’t shout after I bit his hand. He just gets up. He has a blue tint to his overall appearance. He then says to me “I’m going to leave” and then gets up and leaves.

It was probably a hypnopompic hallucination if I’m going to make a “rational” explanation of it.

It was just unusual because my dreams and hypnopompic/hypnogogic states have just progressively been getting more vivid.