[Stacked] Avengers68's adventures with Emperor Q and Stark Q


Day 14 to 17

I would like to thank @SaintSovereign and @Fire for this subliminal file. I am in a country impacted by the coronavirus and partly lockdown by the government. I had to take very quickly many decisions for my family and friends and the sub helped me to keep totally my calm, focused and stay zen amid the chaos all around. Many people are asking me how I do to stay so calm. I answer, its my secret guys !!


Day 20

Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire, I am adding Aegis Cov19 to EQa. I lost a friend today who was sick with Cov-19, we need to use all the means to fight this BS !


Truly sorry for your loss. A number of close family members were exposed and I’ve spent the better part of this week in constant worry. Seems like they weren’t infected (we’re still holding our breath), but I can understand your pain.


Thank you for your kind words @SaintSovereign. I just would like to say that this : it is not dangerous only for senior persons … my friend was 35 and in good health.
Take care all !


Day 22

I mix EQ and Covid-19. On loop each for a total of 4 loops a day. It seems to reinforce each other in terms of being calm and positive thinking. It is great. The quarantine is enhanced and only one member of each family is allowed to go out of the house for shopping. I did it with complete calm and zen but I could sense the worries of so many people queuing in front of the supermarket.


Day 25

Ouch ! EQ is making me so horny for 3 days already ! Up to now it was the aspects of relaxation, confidence, positive thinking which were so strong but nothing on sex. I hope it will less strong in the future, I don’t need it for the time being !


Day 29

Nearly a month of testing EQ… What can I say ? Whouaaah, incredible sub file … at least for the first 3 weeks ! The first 3 weeks I felt my levels of confidence, calm and positive thinking to increase to an incredible level. I never felt that before. After a week or so it became my normal feelings and so the changes were not anymore as obvious but much more subtle. Like feeling calm and relaxed at the beginning of the epidemics when many people started to panic. It was subtle for me but obvious for the people around me : they were asking me how I can keep my cool when there is panic buying around etc. This is when I realized that the changes continued and I did not noticed then. During these 3 weeks I did not notice any resistance/reconciliation. I was even surprised that I was still listening to this file for three weeks without getting bored of it and changing file in between. Being bored of a file has always been my biggest reconciliation. That’s was during the first 3 weeks.
Then the fourth week became the most challenging ! I suddenly became horny as hell ! to a level that was difficult to control. The good thing is that it happened when we are in quarantine at home and not in the office, OMG ! Well, I will not give more details here but it becomes problematic when all the thoughts of the day become sexual in nature. I was not prepared for that. So I took 2 days cooling off :rofl: … and arrived StarkQ !

My plan now is to run the 2 EQ and SQ together and see what will happen : morning EQ and afternoon SQ for example. I just hope the sexual aspects will be lower because I have many other things to think and I am married :heart_eyes:
@SaintSovereign can you give advices to lower the horniness created by your great sub ?


Paradoxical, Isn’t it? Lower horniness… Many ladies will love their couples live in that constant state. I wish you luck my friend! Enjoy your cooling off sessions.


:joy: I know it seems strange but I have other things to do than being obsessed by sex :joy:

Day 30

Well today is a full day of SQ. I am full of confidence and power. I had to wait for 2 hours before entering a supermarket. OMG ! The queue was so long because of the social distancing and few people allowed to shop at the same time. I kept my cool and stayed zen, enjoying the moment when some people started to complain and complain ! .


Day 31

My routine : 2 loops of EQ in the morning and 3 loops of SQ in the afternoon. Seems to be a good balance as I was (am) very focused on some reading materials. In the flow with a clear mind. Perfect !