[Stacked] Avengers68's adventures with Emperor Q and Stark Q Terminus


Hi everyone

I have been and still is a strong fan of QL and Sanguine. I listened to Emperor v-3 and v-4. I liked EV4 and I would like to go beyond with EQ. Emperor fitness makes me sleeppy in the first level.

When I will receive EQ I will be ready to join the club of guinea-pigs :slight_smile:


Guinea pig scientists approve.


I hope I will receive soon the EQ … I have an interview for a new job end of April… please SaintSovereign :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign did you receive my 2 pms ?


Give him time. He probably received 200 PM’s, not just 2.

Besides, EQ is so powerful you’ll be running your own business by the end of April. :wink:


Correct Mr Ambassador :slight_smile: But when I read the journals that EQ is more powerful than QL and Sanguine, my 2 absolute favorites, I start to jump of impatience :slight_smile:
Lets breath, and stay zen :slight_smile:


Thanks SaintSovereign for making me part of your guinea pigs team :slight_smile:

Files downloaded. Masked file is 1 hour, ultrasonic 1h05


OMG ! I finished my first loop and I have a big question mark… Are you sure @SaintSovereign that you gave me the title EmperorQ ? if I did not see the title and have a blind experiment I would conclude that you gave the most powerful version of QL and Sanguine ! To be more precise, Stage 3 of QL

  1. At 10 minutes, I entered an altered state of mind that is called the zone, relaxed and focused, like I have when I listen to QL stage 3 but so much smoother, like a natural change of mindset.

  2. At 20 minutes, I realized that all my stress and tensions melted and it was replaced by a strong warm energy all over the body.

  3. At the end there was some tension in my forehead linked to a lot of energy there

  4. The color outside are bright !

My question to @SaintSovereign, is this sub only for men or neutral gender like Emperor Fitness ? All the effects I felt in this first loop could be experienced by my wife also :slight_smile:


2 hours after the first loop, I feel … high ! Super good mood :slight_smile: Mind clarity with bouts of euphoria

When I see my wife tonight she will think I am crazy :sweat_smile:


I would not be surprised if there are some NLP technics in these subs : I am having some flashbacks on my childhood, with remembering positive events.

I feel much younger and optimistic ! (4 hours after doing my first loop !)


I finished a second loop and… O miracle ! The pain I had in one of my shoulders disappeared ! It is already 3 weeks that I had that pain and even massages did not stop it (just temporary) ! No more painkillers !


I was wondering whether or not Quantum Limitless stage 1 was in here. The strengthening old pathways and neuro connectings brought up lots of old memories for me. Might be coincidence though.


Interesting. I did not feel too much with stage 1 of QL. I was hit by Stage 3, the flow state


Day 2
Just before waking up I did one loop.

Then, everything was unleashed ! An incredible energy. When I left my home, I met my neighbor, a woman who never talked to me… she saw me and started to talk talk and talk and laugh and laugh :slight_smile: I could not believe that ! Then, along the street a policewoman. She started to smile when she saw me, I smiled back at her and she told me thank you for your smile, it starts well my day she said !
Then the taxi drivers, all men, laughing a lot and very nice ambiance
Then I arrive in the university for a conference. Before the conference starts, a beautiful woman came to me. I did not know her. After a short chat about her being a professor, she told me that I look like a boyfriend :slight_smile: Many women students were looking at me, it was quite embarrassing as I was not the speaker of the conference :slight_smile:
Generally, around 11 am I start to feel sleepy and starving during a conference. But today I was focused and with a huge energy during the event.

Now during the loop this morning I was trying to guess what are the modules in the sub…

  1. Clearly there is QL.
  2. Yesterday, my pain in my shoulder disappeared. Today all my pain in the back disappeared which is fantastic ! So many years of working in front of a computer, the pain was temporarily reduced my weekly massages. And suddenly, just by listening to a sub, no more pain in the back. So there Is probably a physical healing module
  3. a module for supreme confidence also
  4. a module to fight stress (maybe linked to physical healing)
  5. a module to be bold/fight shyness. I asked questions during the conference when normally I prefer to ask in private these questions
  6. a module to create a huge energy
  7. there is surely True social in this sub. Conversations are easy to start
  8. module positive thinking and optimism


9)There is also a module on charisma

End of day 2: after 3 loops I feel on TOP of the world ! my wife and children look at me strangely, thinking I am crazy :slight_smile:

I feel that everything is possible !


Day 3
had one loop just before sleeping. During the night I had a funny dream : I was somewhere in a kind of spa with beautiful ladies massaging me. Then somebody I don’t know entered and told me “what I are you doing here ?” and I answered : " well, I am healing, why ?" then I became somewhat lucid in the dream and I told myself : “Ah, so the subliminal is really working !” then I slept :smile:

Question @SaintSovereign and @Fire : what will happen to my wife if I put the ultrasonic during the night ? will she be interested by women ? :rofl:


Nah. But… there’s no telling how her personality would change. :wink:


Can you elaborate since i am playing around my gf? @SaintSovereign


I’m second to this. Running eQa round my girls, haven’t seen anything unusual but it would be good to know if any side effects can occur.


I am now on EQa. The whole day yesterday I was feeling calm, confident with sudden burst of horniness ! Particularly when a female colleague came to my office and gave me some papers. The fun is that I realized this horniness and I transmuted it in productive energy and was focused up to the end of the day. I was not very successful, in the past, with the files of the Alchemist, even stopped using them, but yesterday I realized how powerful it can be.

I read in some of the journals, that the guy could be tired and at the same time super energetic which is strange ! Yesterday I experienced exactly that : yawning and yawning, wanting to sleep but at the same time having a lot of energy running in the veins.