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So these past few days have been really bad, I have been avoiding the gym and feeling super lazy, my body is feeling weak and I’m sleeping almost all day long, I don’t know whether this is because of the fact that I’m running subs all day now instead of a few hrs but I feel like my body is becoming weaker and im even having random pains, anyways I feel like if I improve my diet and gym then maybe I can change this.
Also I have had huge insecurities coz of my weight all my life and I feel that until I get a good looking body that really holds me back mentally, I am running regen and that is helping it change slowly but I feel adding spartan might help since it can help me change my body, plus I will be taking action by going to the gym so even that is there, only problem is my current stack already has 2 main programmes, if required I’m willing to remove primal but I wanted to know if it’s possible in any way that I can add spartan to my current stack
Currently it’s
Regen x4
Regen x4
Limit destroyer
Primal x4
Primal x4
Limit destroyer
And this is on a constant loop
I wanted to know u I can add spartan to make some combination or will I have to replace primal with spartan
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As much as primal has helped me in such a short amount of time I feel spartan will be more helpful for me as of now atleast since it will not only make me physically stronger but also cure my insecurities about my weight


The more subs you use the less pronounced the resukts will be. If you want to focus on gym why not include just spartan and all your healing subs in one stack.


That is what I’m planning to do
Use regen
Limit destroyer
Just wanna know if I can keep primal or should I remove it coz it has really helped me and I don’t wanna remove it but if it’s needed I am ok with removing it


You do not need Primal in there if your sole focus is to get into good shape, diet plan and become mentally and physicall strong as spartan will do all that for you.


i know i dont need it which is why im ready to let go of it if required its just that im in uni and there is this a lot of events coming up plus the massive social help it has given me has been really helpful, which is why if i can keep it in it would be nice even if i run it lesser and the effects are lesser i dont wanna completely lose out on it, but only if its ok without sacrificing the results of the others, if not im willing to let go


In that case keep it in there. As you have said the effects will be more diffused across the stack.


There’s multiple strategies for successful subliminal use. For example, I tend to use a “surgical dagger” approach, where I choose subliminals that will synergize toward a singular, particular goal. For example, I’m using Emperor + Limitless + Ultimate Artist to help my enterpreneurial career and boost my creativity (which I intend on using to make money). So, for me, it’s all about being in business for myself and doing what I want in life. The pros? The results are very pronounced, as you can see from my journal. The cons? You can only attack a singular topic.

Some people try the “kitchensink” approach and use multiple subliminals to improve their lives overall. The pros? You can handle multiple problems at once. The cons? It’ll take much longer to see definite, concrete results, and you have to take more action.

Choose a strategy and stick with it. I’ve been doing the “surgical knife” method for years now, with great success. But, it did take years.

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Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)

Nice insights I myself am running Emperor and Spartan with Rebirth.

Goal to become both physically and emotionally strong.To be able to pave the path of my own life and stop being a door mat. I think Emperor is a good choice because it gives me a real push in the direction I want. Please letme know your thoughts on my choice.