[STACK] Road to Abundance (Trans. Med. 4) - EoG and a bit of EV4/EQ


Hey fellas, how are you?
Just did it, just bought my first multi-stage subliminal. Ecstasy of Gold…
I have thought about my journey with Emperor and what I could do better next time. Here are a few things: Define precise goals and journal.
I feel like the reason why my results with EV4 are so vague until now is this. I’ll keep listening to ev4 during this, for about 2hours a day to not lose any progress and also because I think this is a nice combination, ev4 and eog. So, right after I finish writing this I am going to hit play and start the journey.
We’ll do this nice and orderly, one stage at a time, so I got to prepare myself for reconciliation. I ordered two books yesterday, one about marketing and one about reality transurfing, which I hope I come to binge once reconciliation kicks in and I don’t feel like doing much.

My goals are set up in multiple stages and some of them are vague and some of them are very specific. I’ll write them down here and refer to them later down the road so we can keep track whether we are getting closer or not. I’ll journal every 3 days and use the Simon-Method (He’s officially become a guru now) and work on the questions.

Vague goals:

  • Transcend limiting beliefs, doubt and insecurities around money into trust and deep faith in abundance.
  • Be the one people reach up to to build a business (kinda already happening rn but the manifestations get stuck and it doesn’t work out)
  • Stop wasting time and use my time productively while not stressing out and enjoying my day
  • Edit this right after I’m back from eating if there is something I’ve forgotten

Specific goals:

  • Build a business with the option of full automization which earns me a monthly income of 2000 in cash

What came to mind after thinking about ev4 and results:
I don’t know about you guys but for me ev4 is a really strange experience. It feels like… I am in the 3rd floor of a house, waiting for the guy to clean up the apartment. But he’s in the basement and he just won’t come up. You want him to clean your apartment rn but he takes his time and cleans each stage fully to its core. That’s what I think of ev4. In other words… for me it seems like the subliminal you use to really sort yourself out and change into a new person. I think what would be best is to use it for 3 months straight alongside regeneration, rebirth, limit destroyer and trauma work and meditation on your part.

I’m not sure if I know what I am getting myself into, right now I am naive enough to say reconciliation wont be that hard and it will just work out, but I guess it will get really really bad. Anyway, if that is what it takes to reach my goals, I’m in.

So, stay tuned if you want to stay updated on my suffering and the continuation of the journey!
(Wow it’s already part 4, it’s been a long way so far, hasn’t it?)


I look forward to reading your progress man. You’re courageous, and courage is needed more and more to achieve your goals in present times. Trust your inner wisdom, and you’ll bloom nicely.


@subliminalguy Thank you. We’re gonna make it.

The first thing I notice is I feel physically weaker. Might be the flu, might be st1. Oh man…

Edit: Btw. is there a learning-script or something in EoG? Thinking about it, in the sales text it says “You will quickly learn about stuff you need for your business” something like that


I’m reading about the power of words this morning:

I already have my wealth, and I’m discovering its purpose for me each and every day.


That’s pretty good. I read somewhere in one Neville’s books someone said “My goal is not to earn more money, but to spend it more wisely” indicating he got all the money he wants


I haven’t seen specifics myself. I asked @Malkuth about ST4 additions (like Kahn has), but we’re both uncertain.

I do know my mind has been very active lately, and I’m only on ST1. :+1:


I haven’t run it yet.


Are these two related? Were you asking about Emperor v4?


Yes, they are. But it is also a general question


ST1 - Day1 - 4.5h - 2/11/20
Mild resistance noticeable. My ears start to hurt. Turned it off for now. Going to retreat and do the writing exercise.


Well. I wrote the general answer.

But Ev4 is a special product.

And that will be a longer post. :blush:

I’ll write when I can make time for that. :+1:


ST1 - Day1 - 6h - 2/11/20 - Post 2

Guys, I can guarantee you EoG and I will be very best buddies. Apart from the ear pressure I noticed an increase in “Oh, nicea idea, let’s do this quickly and continue with what we are doing rn.”
To be more specific, I started creating some designs for my business and every now and then afterwards I got very good ideas for new designs and I created them. Just a few minutes ago my gaze fell on the package with the printer paper and I immediately had an idea I wanted to get down. Did it.
So I went from originally planning to do 1-2 designs to creating 7 desgins in total.
We’ll have much fun, Ecsty. Much, much fun.

I also manage to keep listening to ev4 (See, time management already kicking in), so it will be 6h EoG and 2h Ev4. Not a bad start, I’d say.

Edit: Another reason why I think ev4 and eog are a great combination is because of the feeling it gives you. I don’t go outside much as you may know, but earlier I went to grab something to eat. I just felt like something you would call a high-status person. That’s the best way I can describe it. I felt like a man among men. I felt respected even though no one showed that in an obvious way.


ST1 - Day2 - 11h - 2/12/20

It’s just day 2 and what’s going on here is already this crazy. I have no clue how this works but the time management is magic. I don’t know how I manage to comfortably listen for 6h to EoG and then 2h of Ev4. Before on Ev4 I struggled so hard everyday to get to 6 hours and now I listen to 8h in total and still have plenty of time left. I also noticed I ate more yesterday and today (Normally I eat less than what I should eat) and it made me so full I had to lie down.

Just now while I wrote this I checked my phone and I got a message from someone I don’t know, he’s a friend of the guy who approached me and wanted to do business with me in Road to Realisation (Trans. Med. 3). He texted me and explained his company is looking for someone to help them with in graphic design and marketing. This is really interesting because I knew this before but I decided not to do it because it would take away too much of my time. But now this comes up again and he’s the one who approaches me first which is very unusual. I feel like I should give it a shot.
If my time-management-skills keep improving, it shouldn’t be a problem to spend a few hours working and then getting home and start working on my own stuff.
I’ll text him later that I am ready to meet him and I’ll give it a shot.

There are a few other things I wanted to talk about but they went away when I wrote this. I’ll edit when I remember.

Edit: I am more enthusiastic and confident about being an entrepreneur. First because I feel I am going to be successful and secondly because I feel like hardship may just be part of the adventure. I remember HappyHero telling me he’s living the pb&j-sandwich-lifestyle right now and eating ramen besides that and somehow this stuck with me. I can explain this only this way: I feel like it is the rite of passage for everyone who wants to be financially free (Although this doesn’t really count for me because my family provides for me so I miss out on the peanutbutter-sandwich-part.
I am just excited and confident about this whole journey together with you guys.


ST1 - Day3 - 15h - 2/13/20

What a weird day. First of all my back started to hurt sometimes. Guess it is because of my bad posture when I sit in front of the computer. Second, one of my google accounts has been activated and I don’t know why. I sent an email to the support to clarify this. This is really weird lol.
Then I got another message from the guy I told you about yesterday. He asked me to hand in myy CV and my portfolio which I did.

I feel weird about this I must say. Since the last couple of times things didn’t turn out that well I became more cautious and there are several things about this that I can’t stop thinking about.

  • Why the hell did he reach out to me in the first place? A part of me thinks it is the universe at work,
    the other part thinks it is strange when you include the fact that he is looking for a trainee for more
    than 3 months now. This must mean in the whole time he found noone to work with, or noone who’d stay. Maybe because of the conditions?
    He and his friend seem to be surprisingly consistent with this, considering that his friend, who is in my class, still didn’t answer to talk about the business we wanted to build or to send me a presentation we had to do 3 weeks ago…
  • There is something strange about this website. You know the part of websites where they list their references for social proof? Normally, companies would put up names and logos of clients there. What the did is write “We have leading clients in the following branches” followed by a list of business branches. I have never seen something like this before.

I handed in what he asked for and I am ready to hear him out and then decide. But for now I am almost 100% certain I am not going to do it. Apart from the points I have mentioned above, there is little to gain for me. Probably little money, nothing to learn (because they are looking for a designer and I want to learn specific marketing topics. They mentioned marketing in their ad but they mentioned it so little it is obvious they are mainly looking for a designer) and I’d just waste time I could invest in my business. Apart from that I don’t want to spend 5-7 hours staring at a screen at work and then getting home to stare 5-7h at a screen at home.

The only circumstance I’d be willing to do this is if there was a possibility for me to freelance the work. But we will see what he has to say and then I will make my decision.

Now on to something else.
Dunno if it is EoG but I think I feel bad today because I didn’t get to where I wanted to today. Which is crazy when you consider I wanted to setup a complete store from scratch today. I probably could have done that but there were several things that held me back. I thought about doing my homework and the presentation for my classes but then I thought “What for? It’s just a waste of time”
This may seem stupid for you but trust me it is. I have my points for that. I still got work done though.
I created some more designs and now I ended up doing 13 designs in 3 days. Pretty neat actually.
This mood is also funny when you consider I just spent last week doing nothing on purpose haha.
But this may be really interesting, EoG pushing me to do stuff and making me feel bad when I don’t. There are so many possibilities with this (I really hope there is something like this in the dating-subs)

On to something more positive: Remember the flu I caught and that I told you about?
It’s almost gone now. This is very crazy and disturbing. Since I am doing Wim Hof breathing every day, a flu normally never lasts longer than a few day to a week.
This has been bugging me for about 2.5 weeks now and it wasn’t like a usual flu. I had cough a lot and I talked to a friend of mine who had the same symptoms but much worse (Thank god for Wim Hof).
The possibility of this being a normal flu is rather low. Considering there are numerous reports of Influenza spreading rapidly, I think this is what I have caught (and fought).
So yeah, I fought the evil virus-monster!

I think people would worry much less about Corona and illnesses and general if they did the Wim Hof breathing.

That’s all for today (sorry for the long post)


ST1 - Day3 - 18h - 2/13/20 - Post 2

I went ahead and did 3 more designs (maybe because I felt guilty before?). One of them I am especially proud of! I also got an idea how to sell them, I am going to ask a friend tomorrow if he’s going to help me.

Going to have a phone call with the internship-guy tomorrow. Let’s say how it goes.


ST1 - Day 4 - 19h - 2/14/20

Just had the phone call. The conditions are pretty good, beyond my expectations. If this is true and we get along well, I’m in. Maybe I’ll earn a bit money and sharpen my skills while working on my business at the same time. He said he’ll talk to me again soon. Let’s see how it goes.
No matter if it works out or not, I should always rely on myself, and noone else.


ST1 - Day 5 - 25h - 2/15/20
1. Week Progress: 0 / 2000

I have an idea: I am going to answer 3 more questions by the end of each week, so each week I have the opportunity to contemplate Simon’s and my questions and monitor my progress.
These are the questions that came to mind:

  • What did I do this week to get closer to the goal?
  • What am I still doing that I know is holding me back from reaching the goal?
  • What can I do/change about certain behaviour to make sure I reach my goal (faster, with more ease…)?
  • What are the lessons I learned this week?

The time-scripting is magic. Yesterday I noticed I already finished my daily 6h on EoG and my 2h on Emperor and I still had time left, so I decided to run another loop of EoG. Can you imagine that? That is almost 9 hours! I struggled to get to 6h listening to Ev4.
I am going to test out reaching 8 hours next week.
There is a little thing that bothers me rn, that is I haven’t been able to recall my dreams that great lately. I remember a snippet of something today but it is like nothing.
I figured it is very important to pay attention to the dreams, so you actually get the lesson consciously, and not waste it. I will think about how to solve that.

I will edit this as soon as there is more to say.


That’s very independent of you @ExploringAstronaut. I personally value autonomy highly.
It’s actually one of my 5 values, which I even have an acronym for my personal guiding life values:
FIGAH :smile:

And also relying on yourself and noone else is one way of looking at this.
Sometimes, I like to imagine Oneness, that everyone else in this world is actually a manifestation of you, a side of you, a version of you…

So however people treat you and you treat them, is the way you treat yourself and view that you deserve to be treated.

If you could take on this new perspective for a few seconds, what new understandings and insights could this possibly give you that would make your life better?


That’s what Neville called “Everyone is you pushed out”. A very interesting idea. What I think is this: The ways of the universe are greater than mine. It knows its ways. It never betrayed me.
Why would I worry?


Yes, and what if the metaphor is not of a ship being swept by the waves of the ocean somewhere where it is being taken and doesn’t know where…

What if the metaphor is: the universe is sending everyone hints on what they should do next. And it is waiting and hoping for you to take those hints and follow those paths that are new to you.

It’s hoping you take a new chance, you try a new possibility, because only by doing something new you can expect results that are different.

And what if that’s how the universe filters those who are worthy from those who are unworthy?

That those worthy will hear the hints and take the new actions, to show with their proactivity they are the true warriors in the face of any storm? While those unworthy wait for things to happen to them?

Does that match any of your own inner thinking on the topic?