Spiritual Sigma Journal


I just got my Custom Q (Terminus):


Limitless Core
Learning anything and everything at a rapid pace could be considered a superpower, and this is what Limitless is about. You will become able to learn and memorize incredibly fast and accurately, while also developing your overall cognitive abilities. Manifestation of mentors, guidance to correct information, learning the correct things, building mental and neural connections are just small parts of the whole Limitless module.

Emperor Q Core
- The core of Emperor – containing potent all-around scripting, from status, wealth, energetic development,…

Alchemist ST4 Core
- The core of Alchemist ST4, a subliminal for developing your spirituality and connection to your chosen beliefs. Use it for name embedding and therefore making it much more effective, or add your own modules to it and make it your own dream subliminal.


Energetic Development XI
- Developing your energy, be it viewed as something spiritual or psychological, results in greater capacity to execute and manifest any subliminal instructions. With this module, you’ll easily improve your energetic system, helping you get better and better results with subliminals, psychological and spiritual practices.

Auric Overdriver
The Auric Overdriver will push to the limit any and all auric modules and components of a subliminal, and then keep developing it to be stronger and stronger. This will create general improvements in your energetic system in order to support the newly developed aura.

Invincible Presence
Your presence is everything. Having the entire room turn when you enter it is what Invincible Presence is all about. It will make others aware of your power, inspire the people around you, demand respect and develop your confidence and both inner and outer senses of power

Lion IV
Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated. The Lion module is about creating a sense of relaxed mastery in you. You will notice yourself becoming so relaxed, but at the same time an unshakable sense of power will be coursing through you. You will also massively develop your social abilities, your wit, your composure, your body language, and you will see your status steadily rising as you become more and more in tune with the Lion.

Natural Winner
Sometimes there are people who seem as if they always are winning no matter what they do in life. This module is meant to create such a natural winner. But what people often don’t see is the dark side of such natural winning – an unrelenting motivation that pushes through all failures that happen. Failure will disappear, it will not exist in your reality. What will exist in its place is a learning tool. You will also let go of negativity, and you will start feeling as if success is simply your destiny and is inevitable. And it truly is when you can advance your subconscious potential.

- This module will overdrive your life with success, making you a natural winner. Even if you sometimes fail, it is simply a small setback for a true winner. More importantly, Overdrive will make your subliminal endeavours more successful.

- A module making use of the latest quantum breakthroughs, allowing the subliminal to work from an infinitely massive amount of angles. You can expect Omnidimensional to help things manifest rapidly and develop changes in yourself and in your life in ever more profound ways.

- Pragya
- Understanding and wisdom are essential parts of any individual that desires to advance on his path. By adding this to your subliminal, you will expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace.

Power Unleashed
- Power Unleashed is designed to develop and make you demonstrate your power in the most natural way possible for you. This includes through your eyes, body language, speech, voice, actions and so on. Every single angle is covered, and causes you to become more and more powerful in every aspect of you and your life.

Submodel Alpha
- Imagining situations allows us to train ourselves and to help us predict and react well to situations. Submodel Alpha allows us to do this process rapidly, millions of times in our subconscious – a similar process to how AI is trained, on a much more profound, enormous scale. Using Submodel Alpha, you will be able to be prepared for any situation that you might go through and react in the best possible way.

Emperor’s Voice
- Your voice is an integral part of your identity and how others perceive you. A deeper, more dominant, more confident voice is an essential tool for any area of life. This also applies for women – a more bubbly, confident voice for women can be the difference between a new job or failure, or even a new relationship or nothing. Emperor’s Voice will work on your pronunciation, the physical attributes of your voice, the emotion you carry in your voice, and other such details that together cause you to become noticed whenever you speak.


The primary objective of this sub is to craft a man who is of this world yet not of this world. Who is self assured of his place in the world and has the wisdom of the ages to bend reality to its knees. He exudes the deep aura of wisdom, compassion, spiritual, meek but not weak. He beats to his own drum, even if he might seem to be not of this time - it doesn’t matter. He knows life is an illusion and he just needs to play it well to get what he wants.

Like a Renaissance man, this is a polygot with multiple interests. He is able to blend into situations with ease like a chameleon. He has the charisma, clarity, and intensity to bend others to his will.


I have got a “dark night of the soul” experience last week where I was questioning even my own existence. It was quite overwhelming triggered by a disappointment at work.
I still presevered and soldiered through with the subs.
Took days off - was jumping between fear and the feeling of being stuck.


Side Note:

To include the following in the potential future build:

The Architect, Merger of Worlds, Yggdrasil, Raikov, Perfect Style and Smell, Power Awareness, Negative Energy Transmutation, Inner Voice, Joie de Vivre, Jupiter, Financial Success Reality Shifter, Ego Adsum, Deus, Divine Will, Dominion

I am happy with the current build and I think it should be able to last me till the next few months until I am done with my shamanic training program.
I just love how it sort of have a feeling of ‘few layers deep’


I am currently doing some research on Flow states.
Few things that I picked up that is relevant to Subliminal work.
How character is built comes from our belief. Belief is the what we assume to be true based on experience and what other tells us (including the media, subliminals, etc).

This stems back to Growth vs Fixed Mindset. None of the subliminals are going to work if we continue to operate from a Fixed Mindset (ie. no control over life, you are stuck with the current intelligence, luck, etc). You can have a growth mindset in one area but a fixed mindset in another. Being conscious about this is vital and catching yourself whenever you say to yourself:

  1. You are not enough - I am not good enough
  2. It’s not available to me - it’s available for other but not me
  3. Being Different - It works for everyone else but not for me due to X,Y,Z circumstances

There is a loop of Action -> Belief -> Consequences
So taking a specific action will plant a belief and will lead to consequences which will provide feedback and input for action and belief.

Action and Frequency = Evidence of Identity
New identity can be developed by small changes. This is vital in reprograming your behavior - constantly asking yourself - “What would a person with the identity that I want to embody do?” and taking that action consistently. Consistency is the key here - that will provide the “proof” that you are that type of person that does X. Creating this positive pattern is vital for your mind to build connections and seal that personality based on habits.

It’s vital to tap on Growth mindset to step into positive emotions which will get you out of fight or flight mode and enable you to see more possibilities and open up the possibility of actions that opens up possibilities of results. This activates Neuroplasticity that enables you to think better and have the mental and emotional attitude to expect good results.

We are meaning making machines. How we paint meaning determines our outlook from life. Changing the way to explain your circumstances and how you associate meaning to events will affect your grit and optimism:

  1. Permanence - How permanent is it. Optimistic people view positive events to be permanent while pessimistic people view negative events as such.
  2. Pervasiveness - Is the particular episode a reflection of life as a while? Or just a brief episode? And that you can get better (back to Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset)
  3. Personalization - Are you in control or out of control over your destiny? Does life happen to you?

Action step is:

  1. To flood my consciousness with positive feelings and emotions (from gratitude - as that bypasses the brain’s BS detector - it’s from true things that have already happened) before I play a subliminal track. This enables my mind to be more receptive to the messages of the subliminal.

  2. Being more conscious of my thoughts whether they are growth or fixed mindset oriented. If they are fixed, to probe further and see if I can change how I “explain” what has happened to give a different meaning to the event / circumstances

  3. Constantly asking myself - What would a person with these personality traits think and do - and do so.


Very interesting.

Which modules/subliminals do you think are the best to complement such actions?


I think you can use any subliminals for that for what you want to achieve. It’s just doing a bit more work vs just listen and forget.
But being a bit more intentional and noting down from the traits you want - what sort of actions would be closest.

So for me, it would be having a non negotiable daily workout, daily meditation and constant learning and application (Limitless Q) of persuasion, optimal living (Emperor Q) and spiritual growth (currently in shamanic healing - Alchemist ST4). The sub modules support those by providing traits that I want more of (eg. Calmness - Lion IV, Energy work and presence - Energetic Development XI, Auric Overdriver, Power Unleashed, Submodel Alpha).

So it’s thinking though your stack and being more mindful of how best to optimize delivery of it.


Love the info on flow state models, thank you for sharing. I was thinking of reading a book called Mindset, that I believe is about this, and your post confirms that is a good idea.

How is your experience of the Emperor core alongside the others, can you tell it is impacting you as strongly as when/if you ran it solo? Curious how the Emperor signature/self effects is modified by Alchemist Stage 4.


Who’s the author?


Carol Dweck


She actually has written 2 books with the title “Mindset”:

Mindset: The new psychology of success in 2006, and Mindset: How you can fulfill your potential, in 2012.

Which one are you thinking of reading?


Love your Custom.

I am calling it the Kwisatz Haderach, or Muad’dib.

(Hopefully you get that reference. But if not, you’ve got an awesome book ahead of you to discover, so don’t google it.)

The combination of Emperor, Limitless, and Alchemist is awesome.

My research now involves the cultivation of beneficial states. I’ve chosen four key states: flow, awe, empathy, and meta-awareness (aka mindfulness). I think that a kind of wholistic synergy can emerge when these states arise together, because they cover so many key parts of us: physical, mental, emotional, ecological, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and so on.

So, I’m digging your ideas.


The first one 2006, unless you recommend otherwise. Although I had never heard of the second but looks like it’s not on kindle.


Not at all. I’ve never read any of her books, hence my clarification.


Haha I have a copy of the said book and have been meaning to read it. I will take this as an omen to actually start reading it today. I hope to finish it before the movie comes out!
Did you read the full series?

I have also been experimenting with breathwork and entering a different state. I find that helpful in developing awe and meta-awareness.


I read a number of them. None for me captured the grandeur and scope of the first volume. That’s not really a criticism. The first book was truly great. I’ve heard that a few other books in the series were also great. But for me, the first book was simply enough; a complete statement.

There’s a breathwork approach called Holotropic Breathwork. I’ve been through 2 or so experiences of that. One was very striking.

Happy journeying, and look forward to your sharing when the spirit moves you.


I was listening to a coaching session call and I found something that has been blocking me from progress - which I think would resonate with a lot of people seeking clarity.

Conflicting Beliefs.

There is a difference between KNOWING and DOING beliefs. For the most part in my life, having done personal development - I was just knowing the concepts vs actually doing it and incorporating it inside my being.

The “symptoms” of conflicting beliefs are not taking action, having confusion - and being confused of what you truly believe vs what a new program / book says, having conflicts of what you say and do (an example for me: saying that I value deep work and doing 80/20 work but working hard and putting in additional hours vs actually doing the deep work and doing less with no distractions).

Once again the action is to taking action on the new belief so that you are reminded on the belief you want to embody. Which is why subclub always emphasizes on action.


Past 2 weeks I have been running Emperor Q x 2, Sanguine Q x 2, Esctasy of Gold x 2, Alchemist Q ST 1 x 2 on Ultrasonic for 3-4 nights a week.
I haven’t been as consistent with my Custom Q Terminus - once or twice a week. I feel a deep sense of resistance of late - maybe too much of night stack.

Energy levels have been on a yo-yo.

Last week for instance, I had 4 ultra productive days and slump on Friday where I barely had much energy. I found batching emails and Whatsapp messages to specific times of the day worked wonders in productivity and only reading and responding to them in a batch vs chasing emails / notifications.

Besides that, I have been doing my best to remain aligned to what I have decided to do. I found that since I have consecrated my healing stones, I have been able to block out a lot of outside influence (and have been consuming less) - which is much in line with the minimalistic ideal that I have been trying to cultivate.

I miss using phenibut (previous source has closed shop) where things just flows much more peacefully in the day. Its artificial but it gets me through tough times. Almost like life on an easier mode. Not sure if any of you experience this before or is it just placebo.


I have just completed the 21 day SOMA breathing challenge - which was pretty good. I am intending to merge SOMA, with Shamanic medicine, Flow research and personal development.

I find a very good intersection between these in transcribing reality and healing from past traumas (or imprints in shamanic medicine).

In shamanic medicine - the physical informs the emotional and mental which informs the energetic body that informs the shared energy field to grant your current reality.
Imprints to your energy field happen when you are too tied up with stories that you (or others) tell yourself that it wounds your energy / leaving a mark. You get too caught up in the story that you forget that you are the storyteller instead of the story.

Intentionality plays a very important part. There’s the biology (sufficient sleep, nutrition, exercise) and the energetic (intention and being mindful) that makes up a healthy (or whole being).

I am still at the initial stages but its been quite a ride so far.


This stood out during the last week:

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional

As we are meaning making machines, how do we play out the narrative determines how we react to a stimuli and how the future plays out. Being very clear on the differentiation of each and how they all work together to create our current version of reality (or our narrative):

Thought - defines how life feels like allowing you to think different thoughts
Consciousness - decides what thoughts to creates and how do they affect your perception
Mind -how we think, how we feel, our meaning making machine