SpartanQ, Primal SeductionQ, Aegis + a bit of RegenerationQ


I am now running SpartanQ, Aegis and PSQ.

I don’t much care for comments about what I am doing. If you are one of the know it all types that abound here, please go away. I won’t be commenting in your journal either.


Other than Aegis, this was the stack I was running before I switched to EmpQ on Feb. 29.


Not much to say after having my stack running over night. Aegis is significantly louder than SQ or PSQ.


what is PSQ?


It was just my abbreviation for the new Q version of Primal Seduction.


I see. Interesting stuck, I stayed away from the forum for a while and didn’t realize that all the titles had been updated to Q.


Should also mention that, at least at this point, I only have Aegis Ultrasonic running in my office. So I am getting 4 or 5 hours of just that M-F


Three listening stations, one has four sets of speakers set up in different parts of the house: PSQ, SpartQ, Aegis.

Second listening station is in basement workout area. This station only plays SpartanQ.

Third listening station is in office at work. This only plays Aegis Ultrasonic.


That’s awesome


Thank you, Lowrider. I think it is a pretty efficient set-up to make sure I am maximize my listening.

I can also get a track or playlist going on Musicolet under Spotify or Youtube so it can play while I am driving or while I am walking around either through headphones or the speakers on the phone.


I go from player to one of these splitters.


From the splitter I go out to long 1/8" cables and then to computer speakers.

Totally analog beyond the mp3 player, pretty much completely reliable. Easy to trouble shoot if there is a sound issue.


Mega splitter go


The splitter works well and is cheap.


The Q update only just happened a couple of days ago.


At the end of my first 24 hours of this new stack and I can’t yet say much about it, of course I interact with no one in person, so that may be part of it

Was pleased with my workout and sense of physical vitality today.

Have developed a cough that can be controlled and doesn’t get any worse, but it has me slightly worried.

Heavy rain outside.


This has a bit of a Jodorowsky vibe to me.


Would I buy a “Holy Mountain” themed subliminal? Maybe.



As I wake up in the middle of the night I have the sense that some sort of major rejiggering of my brain/mind is occuring.