Spartan for developing a more Alpha mindset?


I figure there must be an “alpha male” component to Spartan: Apex Warrior, but how might it compare, contrast and integrate with the scripts of Emperor, Ascenscion and Primal? Could this be a standalone in developing an Alpha mindset?


Hmm, we’re still brainstorming how the Spartan mindset will come together in the subliminal.

But, you can expect an indomitable will to get what you desire, as well as a readiness to go through any amount of pain for your goals.

As for it being a standalone for developing an alpha mindset, we will see. It is too early to tell. The most important point right now is the physical part.


Interested in thoughts about this for people who have been using Spartan for an extended period.


@dorfmeister - I have been using Spartan along with Khan ST1 and Regeneration for around a week. I am using Spartan mostly for health but the difference I feel adding Spartan to my previous stack of only ST1 and Regeneration is a stronger mindset to weather any obstacles in the way. I don’t know how much it is helping with my health but am hopeful it is playing its part.


Thank you, Raphael. I just added Spartan, mainly to help with healing a lingering knee injury and to motivate greater physical activity.

I had been listening to only Ultimate Artist, so it paired with Spartan should give interesting results.


I dropped Spartan for 2-3 weeks to see the effects. I tried to run a stack without spartan but the difference is huge in the mindset. I added yesterday again and i feel much much stronger mentally. When i removed Spartan i felt everything was a huge mountain that i couldnt climb. I added yesterday and only after 3 loops i could laugh at anything threw at me and it was a very difficult day. I will personally add spartan back to my stack and drop eog since i dont like the effect of the second

For my case, i figured spartan+khan st4(+propably limitless) is the best combo for anything you want to achieve from subclub. Maybe @Fire can confirm that is some true to what i am writing

Why i believe this is happening?
Life is hard no matter what you do. Spartan provides a very strong mindset of a warrior that you can do whatever you want overall. Khan provides alpha male personality which helps with women, social interactions and business. Spartan magnifies those providing something like a bubble to anything that will hit you. Limitless is helping with any info you get and drastically improving the effects of both Spartan and Khan

I dont know if Spartan alone will help with Alpha Mindset but i doubt it wouldnt. I dont think any true warrior is a beta in any part of his life


Thanks for confirming the mental strength side of Spartan, @rising. Since I eventually want to take up lifting weights, am sure Spartan will also help with both the mental and physical side of body building.


It surely will, @dorfmeister. Like you, I hope SubClub will release a more updated form of Artist and an altogether new Health. Until then, I will use Khan and Spartan for a while. And then add Ultimate Artist when I reach ST4 of Khan.


It seems like Spartan is the closest thing Sub Club has to a “health” sub. I am also interested in the mindset and mental toughness possibilities. It seems like this could really help one to develop a more stoic view.

As an aside I ran Spartan for about a month back when it first came out but was too unfocused, as I was running it with Emperor and Regeneration, and then Removed it to add Ultimate Artist.

I’d like to run it by itself but I want to keep going with Ultimate Artist so that is why I am running them both for at least the next two months or so.


Interesting guys i am currently running Khan st4 with Power can corrupt. I would like to add spartan but it might nullify my stack.

4 x Khan Stage 4
2 x Power van corrupt


Yes, @dorfmeister. Even now I feel grounded in myself. Am a pretty emotional person usually having to push feelings inside to control myself (am an INFJ). Spartan makes me feel relaxed. Especially good when I am running Khan ST1 and Regeneration along with it since Spartan helps me cope with the “volatile” aspects of those 2 subs.


@blackadder - it could help. Especially since you are out of the initial phases of Khan. I feel that you can add Spartan without any issue. I would ask @AMASH for his expert opinion but I don’t see him around the forum these days. Hope he is well.


@raphael thanks for sharing your wisdom bro


@blackadder - you are welcome, my friend.


@blackadder, why did you think Spartan might nullify Khan or Power? :thinking:


@dorfmeister, thanks for bringing up this thread, and @raphael & @rising for your replies.

I had recently removed first Khan, and then Alchemist from my stack, and was wondering about what to use for the Alpha Male part. Spartan would’ve never occured to me as an option.

I always wanted to try Spartan, but never did. This time, I’m gonna stack it and stick with it. :grin:


@Simon - to be frank, even I didn’t expect this result. I merely wanted the health benefits and it surprised me with more. Good luck with Spartan!


When stacking spartan how many loops are you running ?. I thought 4 loops was the minimum required. Having said that i believe that was the traditional wisdom when it was released.


Too many products in the stack i thought may diffuse the effect.


In the faq pdf they say it is fine if you stack 3 better if you do 2