Sort of a niche question- driving skill?

Is there a sub to help me with driving a car? I’m not that new to it, about 3 years of experience but I feel like I mess up often or am too nervous. No accidents or anything, but still. I only drive to and from work and try to use bike or transit to get elsewhere but my area is very car-centric so it’s hard and I hate asking for rides or paying for them when I have a car. I know it’s kinda weird topic but hopefully I can get advice? I think it’s cool there’s a sub dedicated to improve skills at video games, something like that for driving would be interesting but probably not too popular haha.

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Hero improves all skill, and any of the intelligence programs will definitely aid whether directly or indirectly


Just to confirm, this one? Thanks for the quick reply. This is an interesting sub, I guess driving can be considered a “craft” in a sense. I see this has a disclaimer that it’s for advanced users. I have maybe 10 cycles of ascension (over about 1.5 yrs) as my main experience, do you think I could handle this title without much recon?


Bro. 10 cycles of consistent use of Ascension? Hell yeah you are an advanced user!

So go ahead and use HERO Origins: Sage and the Blade if you want to.

Another option is the original Sanguine. It will make you calm and composed which helps with confidence in driving and avoiding roadrage.

Also SubliminalClub is considering making a Driving Mastery audio. Not confirmed but that’s what the roadmap shows.


is it such a popular problem where many people cannot ride calmly, without anxiety, that SC considering put some of their time into Driving Mastery title?


if i were to guess, QL or something from the limitless series might help.

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That’s possible. And also to gain mastery over a skill is a nice thing to have. Might be part of the skill-based titles SC is looking into.

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won’t be wonder if some day we get Walking Mastery X lol

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That’s consistency. What were you like and are you like now?

I love reading about people who have run one or three titles for a long time and how it’s changed their life


Crawling Mastery X for babies


Haha! On the bright side, some wheelchair users might love that to get them walking again. Or might even help sprout legs if you lost them.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be “popular”

If it’s on the roadmap that means someone requested it, and they decided it wasn’t a totally ridiculous idea, and they’ll consider it.

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I mean founders would not puck up ideas just like “yeah it doesn’t sound ridiculous” but “this title could solve or help to solve the problem of many people” if you understand what I mean

Sounds like a mental thing not a driving skills thing.

Limitless Executive comes to mind.

It would provide the brain boosting effects of something like QL, to a lesser degree… and you don’t need something as broad as QL for something as isolated as driving skills.

It would also provide confidence and certainty, the executive has a bit of “ceo like confidence”

But the executive scripting more importantly would provide executive function enhancement, aka mental organization, which would be useful for driving - you know what to do, you just need to do it effectively.

I think HERO is too focused on physical arts or arts with unlimited improvement, first of all. Sure… driving could be a “craft” but are you really focused on studying 3-4 hrs a day, and completely mastering it? No, I don’t think so.

In personal experience, I wanted HERO to help me “master my craft - sales” but it simply didn’t translate that way.

And the other thing that comes to mind is sanguine: Elixir - a bit of healing but mostly just calm content confidence when you’re driving.


Agreed! On this note, you could consider Emperor, as it has intelligence boosting, and it has massive confidence, and you’re definitely ready for it!

BTW the last time someone asked what sub should I listen to for Xyz this was the answer I gave them on picking your own subs

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IIRC when they talked about it, it wasn’t just for driving your car, but controlling vehicles of every kind. Be it a 18-Wheeler, a coach, an excavator, a stretch limo or just a car.

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Quantum Limitless and Hero

What do you feel you mess up with? There might be some more hints from that to choose a good sub.

Driving you say?

There’s a hundred-thousand streets in this city. You don’t need to know the route. You give me a time and a place, I give you a five minute window. Anything happens in that five minutes and I’m yours. No matter what. Anything happens a minute either side of that and you’re on your own. Do you understand?

This man knows a thing or two about driving I think

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