Some Life Wisdom

I came across this post just now, and I found it so wise that I copied it to my personal journal, and now I want to share it here.

The man who wrote it is called Abhishek Ambad. (Clicking on his name will take you to his Quora page, but I have not checked out that page myself.)

Anyway, here’s what he wrote:

The Only Solution

If you’re not popular, you want fame.

  1. If you’re popular, you want privacy.

  1. If you are poor, you need money.

  1. If you are rich you realize that there is still a lack of happiness in your life. You just want to live a simple life.

  1. Life becomes stressful if you are intelligent because you are not able to ignore anything.

  1. If you’re clumsy, you make mistakes because of your ignorant behavior.

  1. If you’re single, you want a relationship.

  1. If you’re in a relationship, you want some space and freedom.

If you’re not a powerful person, you feel like people dominate you.

If you are a powerful person, you realize that you have to handle all the responsibilities. And it’s hard to identify who really loves you and who’s pretending.

Life is never perfect. Every solution brings a new problem. Light exists because of darkness and this is the bitter truth of life. Acceptance is the only solution.


We were told to always want what we can have.

The escape of that prison is acceptance.

Awesome post! :clap:


Accept and move forward


The wheel of never being content . The way out is Indeed acceptance .

Acceptance that No matter How you change your outside world . It’s never gonna make you as fullfilled as changing your perception of yourself to a 10 out of 10 and love


„He who is not content with what he has would not be content with what he would like to have.“

I think Aristotle


I just want to keep the ball rolling!!

If you are running a healing sub, you feel overwhelmed
by the emotions and want to run a sex manifestation sub instead.
When you run a sex sub, you begin to wonder whether you need to focus on healing yourself first, that sex is not the priority right now.



I know what you mean.

Recently I have been thinking if I am just avoiding the deep but subtle recon whenever I switched…

Gotta stay strong :grin:

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Final Showdown man… its working wonders for me.


Nice post, reminds me of Zivorad Slavinski’s polarities(see PEAT and related modalities)

Mind basically oscillate between two opposites (some examples are the ones you show in your posts, they are multifaced actually)
When one is active the inactive ones remains in the subconscious trying to come on the surface again.

This basically create tension (like an elastic band stretching), and suffering.
Integration of the opposite is the solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Integration gives the freedom to adopt the most functional polarity at a determinate time.

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As an extension of Ziv’s work I highly recommend the Satori process by Vladimir Stojakovic or Ziv’s daughter Ivana Mihajlovic’s Highway to Nirvana. I liken it to the wiggling of a loose tooth in order to pull it out. You vascillate from the positive to the negative until both lose their emotional charge and thus the concept no longer becomes a sticking point for you.

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