Some help with some health issues


If you want a refund, send an email and we’ll be glad to oblige you. That being said, a piece of advice: You had major issues with that other producer, who let me know that you ignored the instructions and argued with him every step of the way. You came here and did the exact same thing – ignored the instructions, ignored the advice and just tried to claim everything is rubbish. Meanwhile, people like @Yardbird and @OldChap are finding incredible financial success because they listened to the instructions and took action.

The problem isn’t the subliminals, it’s you. Which is more likely? That everyone here (and at that other company) are imagining their results and we’re all delusional, or YOU have an internal issue blocking you from getting results?


Thank you for the edit.


I still believe what you said was rude, showing your true colors.
Not much for empathy or understanding.
Clearly subs dont work for everyone.
The assumption they do shows utter arrogance as far as I am concerned.
People are different.


@petesei - i can understand that you are frustrated with life in general. I was too. At first I played many subliminal titles at once and it didn’t gain me anything significant except a few benefits here and there

Then I ran Elixir and Regeneration for a month properly. It helped me heal a lot of my mental and emotional issues. After which I ran Emperor, which then worked very well for improving my internal frame. But I needed more healing, and that was the time Dragon Reborn came into the picture and now am on the third stage of that title in which I feel very positive about life (and this is from a guy who has major health issues to resolve)

Now back to what you are experiencing. Either it is that you are not following the instructions or you have some subconscious beliefs that need releasing. For the latter, something like Regeneration, Rebirth or Limit Destroyer could be a great way to open your subconscious mind to alpha titles like Ascension

Also action is important (and this is coming from a person who is very lazy lol). But think of action like doing something very small and the subliminal you are running will magnify the action you are taking. It will help you in a powerful way

Also, if you feel that there is some rudeness over here, do understand that there are certain rules on this forum which we have to adhere to. It’s just like stepping into someone else’s place and respecting the etiquette of that place

Hope some of this helps. But if you feel that subliminals aren’t for you, then do get your refund asap. For my part, I would advice sticking it out and following the instructions to the letter. You can always experiment later when you have gained some level of success

It is my firm conviction that subliminals work on everyone who has a subconscious mind. And since you do, am sure it is only a matter of time. Forget about whether they work or not. For the moment, simply run it as per the manual and do the work. Who knows, maybe you will change your mind


The way I approach subliminals is the way I would approach a mentor. If you were mentoring someone, you wouldn’t want someone who is just complaining, saying it’s not working and that it is impossible. You would want someone who is open and willing to try things, and also someone who in times of struggle opens up about it, and shows that vulnerability and self-honesty.

In this case I would argue that the subliminals itself is the mentor. And people here on this forum are it’s testimonials, it’s all there to read. The producers of the subliminals have a metric ton of data through research to what is the recommended use of it’s products. So back to the mentor analogy, if the mentor says do this, and you do something completely different, how can you expect to get the desired results?

But then again, they always encourage you to experiment. But why start there, and not start with the recommendations?

You actually become a new person when you change, still the same observer though(but that is way on the spiritual side of it). So thinking that you can become the “new you” that you are after by being the “same you” that you are now, won’t work. Your thoughts that you have now are the thoughts that brought you this reality, and having the same thoughts won’t make a new reality, just more of the same. That’s where subliminals can help, but that will screw with your current beliefs, making your mind feel unsafe and it will try to resist it.

Classic reconciliation, we have all been there. It makes you think it doesn’t work, you will think about changing to a new one, you will feel tired, upset, hopeless etc… (Forum again here is great for this, read other’s experiences and become more aware of your own.)

Subliminals rely on consistency and time, but we want it now, don’t we? For me a big one with subliminals was admitting that I actually needed a lot of healing. Even though I get lost in just wanting the positive “cool” traits of the subliminals, realize that it will be far less effective and create far more reconciliation for you if you skip healing.

It’s like you purge things to come to the surface, and then let them go, one by one. When you become aware of this process and learn it, it actually becomes fun to heal, even though you have periods of emotional turmoil. (Journaling is a great tool to become aware of this.)

Back when I started working on myself 9 years ago I realized something very big. Whatever is happening to me, I am a part of it, there’s no hiding from it. If I meet angry people or rude people all the time, I must ask myself the question; why am I attracting all these angry people into my life? The answer will almost always be that you have a lot of suppressed anger inside.

It starts with actually becoming aware of this behavior, that you are actually getting something out of feeling victimized, your mind gets energized from these lower emotions. And that’s okay, but wouldn’t you rather like your inner world to be run by feelings of love, acceptance and peace instead?

Hey just look at today’s world and news, people actually get in line to tell the world how badly they were treated or how sorry people should feel for them. Putting the blame out there is a recipe for suffering.

So I made a commitment to myself back then, that no matter what, I will take 100% responsibility for whatever happens in my life. Does that mean that I just let people walk all over me? No! But I stop blaming the world for what I am a part of, and then learn and grow from my experiences. It’s not our faults for whatever happened and traumatized us as we grew up, but it is our responsibility now to grow and heal from it.

Stop blaming other people, that’s what 98% of the world do, and how is that working out for the world?

Or like Eckhart Tolle so beautifully put it: Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.

And also, when you heal, you help the world to heal like ripples in a pond. When you become a more loving person you spread that to all people around you. Become the change you would like to see in the world.

It all starts with admitting where you are, like I did 9 years ago(still do), and forgiving yourself. Stop being your worst critic and become your best cheerleader instead. You are a wonderful human being, a work of art, and you are a powerful infinite being.

All the best to you :pray:

I believe in you, even if you don’t :wink:


You’ve been exceptionally rude to me and my staff since your first inquiry email. You were claiming that our products were “rubbish” before you even tried it, and said my support agent was unintelligent because you didn’t like that she recommended the forum to answer a question that’s best answered by the people who have run the programs.

You haven’t used the subliminals according to the instructions — you admitted that yourself, claiming you didn’t have enough time to run a lower amount of loops.

You insult us relentlessly, you use our products incorrectly and then claim they’re not working and calling us rubbish and frauds, and you went to another forum bashing us because you refuse to follow the advice.

Yes, you’re right — I have little empathy in this situation. You seem to think that your money is also buying the ability to say or do anything you want to us. That is incorrect. Your patronage or lack thereof will not make or break this company. You have a choice — you can talk to us with respect and listen to the advice, or you can leave this company. Your choice, and last chance.


I will tie in into what @SaintSovereign already said - I was honestly sickened and disappointed when Saint showed me the e-mails. It boggles my mind that anyone considers that acceptable behavior.

We will never allow our staff or our customers to be treated in such a manner, and no kind of threatening or attempts at manipulation will budge our position on this. It really is your last chance.

I will, however, offer an expanded view of the situation (even though I have seen in just this thread the lack of ability to follow instruction), for the sake of anyone that might consider such course of action in the future.

I will start off with this:

It is interesting how people can be so cemented and confident in their viewpoint, mindset and subjective opinion of reality that they would rather scream arrogance at others than consider being wrong.

Sadly, to rectify that position requires a balance of humility and confidence.

The reason why you believe the subliminals do not work for you is made up of a couple of factors. I want you to keep in mind however, that this is not subjective opinion - this is cold, hard data and statistics, straight from our facilities (the kind that would make many scientists pretty jealous) and Q.

  1. Each individual has a different level of sensitivity of their inner processes. One type might be able to accurately notice every little change in their conscious minds. Some extremely rare ones will be able to directly see the underlying processes of the subconscious mind in action. Some will not notice absolutely anything. The important thing is, not seeing does not mean it is not happening. It just means you are not aware of it.

  2. You have talked in detail about your situation. I empathize with you - but situations in your life move your focus away from your inner processes, lessening what you can perceive. It is similar to watching television - you get tunnel vision and can ignore the outside world. Again, not seeing does not mean it is not happening, you are just not aware of it.

  3. Reconciliation, meaning excess loops, can cause your inner awareness of the processes to become more clouded. The stronger it is, the harder it gets to see. You have ignored our instructions, completely disregarded the instruction manual, and continued to run over 6 loops. Of course you’re not going to notice effects when you do that - but not seeing does not mean it is not happening, you are simply… not aware of it.

  4. Finally, since you are completely disregarding our instructions and the instructional manual, I am absolutely positive you are not journaling. Journaling, the less self aware you are and the larger amount of loops/stronger reconciliation you have, the more important it is. It is how you work around the lack of awareness and the clouding of it - when you journal, you are translating the changes that you are currently not aware of onto a third party, which then, once some time passes, allows you a clear understanding of what actually transpired during the time you were in the depths of reconciliation and journaling. You will very likely not see the changes in the journal right away, maybe not even a week or two, maybe a month, but once you do leave that phase of reconciliation, you will - and you will be amazed. Again, you were not aware of the changes, but they did happen, and journaling is what gives you this window of insight into how incredible the changes you undergo actually are. Can you do without journaling? Of course, but you need experience with our subliminals and confidence to keep going when reconciliation is rocking you. Even then journaling is recommended.

To reiterate - this is what the data consistently showed. Our technology is at a level that it simply works. What is fallible is the subjective awareness of the process - some rare testers in our studies will happily tell us nothing is happening, but then jot down in their paper increased overall subjective feeling and an objective increase in their relationships and wealth, compared to their before paper, and especially, extremely so when compared overall to a placebo phase.

Are they wrong? No, they are simply unaware.

But we are aware. This is also why our subliminals are so effective (and why copycats are trying to leech off of our success and failing in the process) - no one is going through all these extensive, laborious processes and constant innovation to ensure continuously improving, cutting edge technology.

You can call it arrogance, I call it truth.

To wrap it up:

Unofficial frequently asked questions

Although I never take kindly to being told “my way or the highway”, I will follow instructions.
Since my last entry I have moved to 1 loop per day, 5 days (weekdays) on, 2 off, at night Ultrasonic.
How long should I do this for? as the instructions I received with the subs say

“How Long Should I Listen to the Program?
As much as possible, up to 16 hours a day (don’t worry, if you use the “set and forget”
method, it’s easy to achieve). Just like going to the gym, the more you listen, the greater and
more obvious the results. Also, just like exercising, you need to give your subconscious time
to process the subliminal script.
If you start getting a headache, or experiencing extreme fatigue, turn off the program and
take a day rest before continuing.”

Also as of the current date, I am experiencing no changes in my environment.
This is not said to be negative, I am just making a simple statement.

thank you for your help.


1 loop per day might be enough for you. I find with Ultima, 1 loop might last for 8 or more days.


Can you please explain why?


What is your why referring?


You’re going by old instructions based on old tech. None of that is applicable to Q Subs .
Read the updated instruction manual and go from there


Thank you for posting this! I missed it.


I purchased Mogel and Ascenion separately, but I cannot find anywhere where it says what type of Subliminals they are? Those instructions say Q-Strength and things like that.
Can someone help?


At the bottom of the Ascension description

Both are Q strength


Ok thanks.

Not good at the moment with everything else. Was unable to pay my rent this last month, as well as a number of other items. Tax is coming and I am already a year behind. Very very worried. Can’t eat every day. Keep praying for some changes. Doing the subs as required. 5 on, 2 off, 1 loop of ascension and mogel.


This is not working… nothing is changing… .I am almost out of funds to live…
I had more response from the competitors product…just stating facts…
I cant keep going like this… I am having daily panic attacks…
and I am on the verge of losing my car…


Then why don’t you close your business and get a job?

Any normal person would have already done this, instead of looking for some magic bullet to solve all your problems.


I wish it was working for you. In addition to what you are doing now, I’m wondering how distressed you are. I’d encourage you to think about mental health services to help you during this time, as you are dealing with a number of practical concerns.


Sometimes you need to break something down and build something new