(Solo) Starting My Journey with "EMPEROR Q"


I have started listening to Emperor Q since yesterday earlier I was listening to Emperor v4 since its release.
My Emperor Q listening routine consists of 2-3 loops of masked version then as many loops of ultrasonic as possible.
So the ultrasonic track played whole night while I was sleeping. I dreamt whole night but I can’t exactly remember any of those dreams after waking up .
when my alarm went off I felt a bit lathergic and just wanted to stay in bed for a little longer but somehow I managed to get out then after getting ready I left for the gym.
While on my way to the gym I started thinking how my life is same as it was 3 years ago it’s like i’ve been standing at the same point and have’nt move further In my life it almost felt like I’m not living my life I’m just existing .
Then while exercising I suddenly started missing my girlfriend with whom I have’nt talked since last three months because after some argument she stopped answering my calls .
Many questions just started poping up in my head
What’s going on in her life ? Is she OK? Is she fine?
Has she moved forward?
Is she dating someone else now?
And many more questions
And I was feeling sad and angry at same time.
Then my inner voice told me that there is nothing I can do about it it’s totally her decision wether she wants to come back in my life or not.
And instead of thinking about what’s going in her life I should focus on mine.
I think all this emotional rollercoaster is due to some healing module in Emperor Q but it’s to early to say anything.


Today was my 3rd day on Emperor Q. Last night I had a dream where I was back in my school and arguing with one of my teacher over something…
Today was a lazy day just spent the whole day at home thinking about future.


From last 2 days I have been experiencing sudden mood swings
Like yesterday some emotions suddenly surfaced and I started feeling extremely depressed then slowly that feeling of depression subsided . Similarly today in the morning I was feeling some negative emotions then slowly as the day passed I started feeling extremely positive and motivated.


Since last 10-15 days I am also experiencing some Synchronicity like repeatedly seeing numbers like 1111 , 555, 333 etc and these synchronicity seems to be increasing day by day.


Emperor Q is hitting me emotionally I am experiencing extreme emotional shifts .
Apart from these emotional shifts it’s encouraging me to take steps to improve myself.
I have purchased some self self development books and I’m totally prepared to invest more in myself.