(Solo) StarkQ terminus


Bought starkQ yesterday just for terminus.

Daily Plan: listen to 2 loops

Initial observations.

Feels refreshing.

Ultra focus, was able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

The urge to restart my workout is persistent


Day 3

It feels like nothing can affect my state of being.

Inspiring thoughts and ideas pop out of nowhere.Going to take action on those daily.

I am working towards unmitigated discipline.Starkq is helping me to get there.

Noticing some Khan ST1ish effects


Can you elaborate some on this? Thanks


Total no of loops 6- Terminus

It has dug up repressed memories and they melt away within a few moments. While on Khan ST1 the same thing happened after a while. This is quicker in digging up and melting away the repressed memories. Khan ST1 could do this on a consistent basis for about 400+ hrs(listening time).Even though it is early days,terminus has dug up untouched repressed memories.Khan ST1 made me take action on my goals.In terminus the push to take action is powerful.


Thanks. I’ve got Khan, so that’s why I asked. Thanks for the comparison


StarkQ from what people are saying it sounds like Khan ST4


Lockdown screwed up my Khan schedule.I have hit pause on Khan at ST3.Will get back on Khan as soon as the lockdown is lifted.


You are crazy

Are you noticing any effects of reconciliation, general tiredness, exhaustion, anger, sadness?


Sorry if that was confusing,that is the cumulative total for 3 days.Until now zero reconciliation.


How is it going for you?


Apologies @friday for not responding earlier.I had a severe ear infection.Will start listening listening from tomorrow.I have not used any subliminal for the past 2 weeks.The effects of terminus started diminishing only after a week(might be due to weakened physical condition).I was just taking medications and just lying down.The rock solid confidence is still very much there.


Wishing you a speedy recovery @Druclair