[SOLO] Q The Testing


I’m ready to test this. I’ll get to take a break from Khan ST 2 along with running emperor v4


Okay so I had the chance to download and play it last night. I have to say it gave no complications or anything serious. I don’t feel super tired and completely drained. I’ll write down what the rest of the day feels like.


Okay so throughout the day listening I got to say I have felt more active, not tired, less negative and even stopping mid negative thought as well. As well as feeling calmer and yet happier with determination.


So the past few days have been pleasant and negativity hasn’t gotten through at all. Just life has been less stress filled. Also time seems to go faster at work and much more pleasant. I also feel more productive as well.


Okay so I don’t know what it is but I freaking love this sub.like I have way more energy or at least it makes me less lazy in the gym. Also my daily practices like mantras as well as my work and job feel less tedious. I don’t know what’s in this sub, but I freaking love it.


I wanna also jot down how things are just lining up and less rocky. Like negative people are out of my life, sources that are helpful and needed are coming in. Plus honestly this has been immensely helpful while going through Manifesting Mastery for me.


So one thing I’ve noticed is when things come up that agitate me; they dissipate quickly. Like I don’t linger on negativity or something that causes anxiety. Also it’s been immensly easier to be happy. Also people who are super negative or time wasters have just gotten out of my life easier.


Okay so one thing I’ve started to notice the past couple days is that my dreams have been more vivid. Like I got some things that have to do with sex and random shit. Also my sleep has been a lot deeper and when I wake up I’m never super tired or groggy. Even working a lot I can keep going after long days.


So today for some reason was a breakdown. Everyone’s mad or sad and it just got to me. I was more irritated and pissed today. And than my depression was worse like an off and on switch. Well today’s over but yeah. Today was ughh


Well I’ve been taking it easy the past week but I do have a couple things to report. 1. I noticed my dreams have been very vivid in bring up repressed memories and fears of mine, but I don’t know how to handle this. 2. While this whole coronavirus is going on I’ve been somewhat financially stable and calmer about spending money. 3. Worked a lot and finally got a week off, but I’ve got resources and teachings that have been super helpful and on point about succeeding in these times. 4. I’ve had back and fourth breakdowns, but they haven’t last as long as being on Khan ST1 or anything.


Wow it’s been a minute since I’ve lasted posted. Anywho here’s my 3 week report of what’s been going on.

  • Been more productive

  • finding necessary materials and guidance from both my mentor and books.

  • Found a renewed passion for gaming again

  • Have had a lot of free time to learn.

*Unfortunatly quite a bit of breakdown moments.

  • Bombarded by negativity and worry from my mom.

*Been consistent with mantra practice and copywriting practice.

  • Been mainly positive throughout, but have moments of weakness, but goes back to positive.

Other than all that it’s been good, but I’m tired of breakdowns and want more breakthroughs. So today I’m probably gonna take today and tommorow off. Also my listening time has been 18 hours minimum total awake and asleep.