[SOLO][LOVAGE] EmperorQ journey


Here it is: my first day with EmpQ. in a middle of a cold, so not much to share.
Here’s what I plan to keep an eye on during this journey:

  1. Mood: optimism, pressure
  2. Presence: commanding, respect
  3. Communication: chill, short tempered etc
  4. Focus on getting stuff done
  5. Women: impact on my open relationship, women interest
  6. Libido
  7. Anything you guys would like to report in

I have a successfull career, in an open relationship, looking to open my own business.

Let’s do this!


Day 1, still sick stayed in house.
Daily loops: ~18 (masked at night, ultrasonic during the day)

  1. Mood: while low energy due to the cold, I felt slightly on the happy side
  2. Presence: #NA
  3. Communication: a bit short tempered with people that talk for 2 minutes to say one simple thing.
  4. Focus on getting stuff done: excellent, woke up at 6:30 in the morning, did my chest and back routine. skipped my daily reading though.
  5. Women: less interest to keep conversations going on social media
  6. Libido: low (most likely due to the cold)


Day 7 update
Not much to update unfortunately due the context: I live in an area where we have restrictions due to Corona virus concerns so I basically leave the house for groceries and that’s pretty much it.

I run the subliminal ~18 hours a day.

  1. Mood: surprisingly good given the circumstances
  2. Presence: #NA
  3. Communication: this one is a bit weird, here’s why. Short temper is still there, but it’s extremely easy to take a stap back and go in a more rational, logic based discussion even when I feel that the people I’m talking to do not worth my time. I love the fact that I’m more result neutral as opposed to old emperor where I was losing my temper if someone didn;t saw things my way. Let’s see how this evolves, but I love it so far.
  4. Focus on getting stuff done: excellent, wake up at ~6:30-7:00AM every day, daily workouts, discussed 3 business ideas with some potential partners. I’m also in week 3 of a carnivore diet, staying strong with no sugar.
  5. Women: here’s the big one for me. not that much room for women outside my open relationship with me locked in the house hehe. My girlfriend though… something changed: she’s always horny (literaly always) around me, adores me, complements me multiple times a day. While it happened to a lower degree before as well, this change is dramatic - I’ll keep an eye on it.
  6. Libido: soso. Workouts, reading, business ideas, work all take precedence over sex.Let’s see how this evolves as well.