[SOLO] HappyHero EmperorQ Experimental Test


Ready to see what happens with this maxed out test sub does to me…

Will be running EmperorQ solo without stacking anything else.


Alright fellows, after what feels like a lifetime I have EmperorQ downloaded and queued up.

This morning 3/4/2020 will begin day 1 of EmperorQ after a few days off from subliminals.


I have listened to 1 loop of ultrasonic and 1 loop of masked this morning with an approximate 20 minute break in between. It has been about 2 hours since my last listen.

So far:

After a 3 day break from subs, I was noticing my urge to watch mindless, stupid youtube’s and TV coming back last night. That has quickly gone away again similar to on EV4. No time for that stuff!

I woke up groggy and tired, and really stressing/freaking out about some things going on in my life. This has been replaced by a calm, unemotional, and rational perspective of "ok, what actions can I take immediately to remedy or ease these situations.

An energetic and upbeat urgency to get things done. I knocked out my to-do list this morning one after another with no breaks in between. Usually, I’ll finish one task, take a break (surf this forum, check my phone, etc.) and then have to get myself going again to tackle the next task. Not this morning, it was just boom, boom, boom. Done. And then “now what else can I take care of?”

A strong sense of responsibility for the PRESENT overcame me. On previous subs, I would have past situations come to memory, feel the regret or whatever emotion, and process it/learn from it. With EQ it feels different. Like the past is the past, the future is unknown, what can I do RIGHT NOW to improve my circumstances in life? And then, “ok, let’s do that RIGHT NOW then!”

(Along with this a feeling of letting go of those things that are out of my control, like why worry if there is nothing I can do about it. e.g. this guy who owes me money and has kept coming up with excuses. I have been whining and complaining to myself about how I’d be financially stress free if he paid me back already, but today I realized I have done everything I can legally and personally to get him to pay up so stop complaining, and pick up more hours at your side gig. Don’t whine about how life should be. Do something about it!)

I feel my grandiose plans for my business have sort of been tamed. Rather than pie in the sky I’m going to make a million dollars this year, I have casually ruminated on it some while driving earlier and realize a more rational approach is the way to go. Let’s hit $5k a month, once you do that consistently, reevaluate and then take the necessary steps to get to $10k a month. Etc. Etc. A step by step process of incremental improvements.

Overall it feels as if I have accepted my problems for what they are. It’s simple (but not easy): stop stressing, and take all actions within your power RIGHT NOW to fix them. Nothing more nothing less.

I’m really liking this sub a lot so far. My plan is 4-6 listens spaced out through the day with a 2 on, 1 off pattern.


In addition, I have noticed a distinct difference in how I am approaching everything today. Much more present, and slower, slower due to aiming for the best quality possible.

Examples are at the gym and practicing guitar. I just finished both. At the gym I got way less reps on my exercises today but that was because I was super focused on the quality of each rep and the mind muscle connection. I even lowered the weight on some exercises.

And with guitar, I was really slowed down making sure every movement was as close to perfect as possible. No point in practicing mistakes was my attitude.

This occurred naturally, and I only noticed it now after completing both.


Day 7 following a 2 days on, 1 off pattern. Approximately 4-6 loops per day (except for Day 5)

I have been keeping a detailed offline journal (for good reason, see point two below) and will update all of my observations here.

  • I was inspired to start, and completed a 5 day water fast. The longest I had done before was 36 hours in addition to a lot of shorter intermittent fasting. So many benefits but the main being the confidence that comes from being disciplined enough to stick it out, and to KNOW i could survive if I ever was without food in a survival situation.

  • (The reason for an offline journal until now) I was inspired to complete a 3 day dopamine reset during this time as well. No tv, no internet, no social media, no books. Just me, my thoughts, a notebook and my guitar. Another amazing experience that I could write an entire post about.

  • I did experience possibly some reconciliation on day 5 and into my off day 6. I listened for around 10 hours on day 5 leading up to it. This was a depressed and lethargic mood similar to on EoG. However it was gone today and my first loop I was back on top of the world.

  • I have simplified and minimized so much of my life. It is down to nearly just work and my positive habits. Something compelled me to complete these even when super tired and not in the mood on the reconciliation days even.

  • Fitness and diet are possibly reaching the best they have been in my entire life

  • (strange one but) I am finding pennies, dimes, and quarters on the ground EVERYWHERE…and picking them up

  • I am breaking everything that I take on down into a process of simple, little steps leading to achievement. Working backwards from the end goal to figure out this process and then letting the end goal go (sort of).

  • I seem to have way less stress about and am in way less of a hurry (or maybe more relaxed is a better way to phrase it) over achieving my goals. Not to be confused with laziness or taking it easy. I am now focused on what I consistently need to do on a daily basis that will lead to my goal rather than focusing on the end goal itself. For instance instead of focusing on my income goal for the year, my focus is on 25 sales calls daily every single day, and let the income take care of itself.

  • My dreams have been very vivid and very impactful. In one dream I was having my wedding and an ex of mine decided to renew her vows the same day, and all of my/our friends decided to go to her ceremony. I was unphased in the dream.

Another dream I was in a skyscraper and the whole thing started to collapse, I took command of our entire floor and was instructing people what to do, leading people to safety, and helping the injured. I am not a natural leader in real life.

The last dream I will mention was an amazingly realistic dream of sexual nature with a girl I had met in real life a couple years ago on vacation. In real life we had an amazing connection that day but she had a boyfriend at the time.

  • When driving I am now very precise in shifting gears, the route I take, not letting others hurry me. I am all around finding the pleasure in mundane tasks I guess - driving, the dishes, cleaning, restringing my guitar, etc.

Overall so far such a positive experience. Possibly one and a half days of reconciliation due to number of loops but it could have been compounded because of the fasting. Not sure.


I thought I was the only one having feeling more deliberate with actions, especially with driving! :slight_smile:

Great journal, man - very inspiring, practical and detailed :slight_smile: