[SOLO] Friday's EmperorQ Awakening


Day 23:

I have been listening to masked with a 45 min break of silence in between the whole night. I did not notice since just some minutes ago as suddenly the masked sound started playing in the background. So no wonder why I am tired when there was a sound playing all night. I probably did not notice while asleep because I took melatonin

  • So today I started my new negotiated job. I hate it… And when I don’t get my own office in the next days, I am gonna quit or reconciliation will hit me far too hard. I am now talking a lot on the phone with people which is absolutely fine and I even enjoy but all that other bureaucracy shit I have to do it. It is so boring… sorting folders and stuff. We will see what tomorrow brings and if I can negotiate myself out of it.

  • I have no problems with establishing new contacts with strangers or talking on a phone with them. I really enjoy being social.

  • A lot of compliments from one of my superiors for the first day.

  • My productivity is amazing today. Instead of watching any Netflix or Yt videos shit, I just went to bed for 20 mins, woke up and cleaned all my room. Then I did the most uncomfortable task at first and am now already writing my daily post here. If I can keep that up, I would be extremely proud and happy because I feel like this time it is not only for today but the productivity (or no procrastination) would stay longterm.

  • My memory seems to be really on point and I can learn new study very quickly. Feeling the QL Lite scripting but of course isn’t the same as the full QL experience.

  • I have been very self-aware today. This includes my productivity but also things like staying away from sugar and sweets… It gives me peace of mind


Interesting one of dreaming how my old bf (girl) send me a very long message. I was reading it loud to the point where she wrote how unsatisied she was with that dude. To quote: “But I now have to live with that small dick of his forever…” Did I tell you already that I don’t like him? I find him very weird tbh…


Day 24: Day off

  • I have been very sleepy in the last days, resulting in me sleeping 2 hours more + falling asleep while doing my meditations and only waking up after one hour. My new superior and work are draining my energy…
  • I did get my own office today which is excellent. However, I am still not enjoying my new work. When I do it, I give 100% and I am very motivated, but in the breaks thoughts of quitting and dislike towards my boss come up. I thought that maybe it is only my mindset, and I should approach the situation differently. Will try this tomorrow but there is a feeling I get when I am around my superior (which I am 50% of my working time) I really don’t like. Also, I feel very much under pressure to perform. Everything is new and I am trusted with boring but very important tasks where I cannot allow any mistakes. This pressure could also be a reason why I dislike the job so much besides the lack of real social contact and lack of nice co-workers and a warm environment.

  • I am going to begin negotiating new work conditions tomorrow, which will be a major win for all parties but this time also more for me. It is very interesting that I never really negotiated before Emperor but now I am doing it almost every day.

  • I got a big present from my old superior today (where I worked as a nurse for the last 20 days before taking the new job). I am sure not every intern does get something like it and it is not about the present itself but about what it means. I am proud and grateful.


I dreamt of seducing and getting high-class models, 10/10 girls who look like this.

Definitely one of the nicer dreams :wink:

Also, I did dream about my job where my subconscious is going through everything I did at work yesterday to learn the new things and integrate them into my subconscious. Did feel this today as I hardly forgot anything work-related from yesterday.


Day 25: Second Day off

  • Ohh yes baby. My frustrating work situation changed within TWO DAYS to a position where I can grow a lot, have fun, do amazing and extremely important work for the hospital, and am most of the time my own boss where I am not constantly watched by my superior. You can tell… today was an amazing work day :smiley:

  • I am extremely fast learning the new skills I need for my new job. I am left alone in my own office because my boss saw that I am doing a very good job and there is no need to check in on me all the time. I am probably the only intern in the history of the hospital who works in his own office and dictates his own work 80% of the time.

  • So the first thing that was different today was that I intentionally changed my mindset to a very positive one. I told myself that I will make this day great, no matter what tasks I get or how much my superior will check in one me. After that, everything went smoothly.

  • There was a situation where a stranger woman told me I look like Harry Potter out of nowhere. I get this a lot and I normally just smile. Her calling me that was totally unexpected. This time I did not only smile like usually but responded with a cocky grin asking if she wants to have a signature :wink: That is something that I am noticing a lot lately, I am much quicker in responding to unexpected situations with witty comments.

  • I am standing my ground in a discussion, having the last word and not letting somebody talk me into something. And I am more aware of how to act in social situations and how to give a signal to the group that I am not changing my opinion based on who is in front of me but on my own core values.

  • Finally not so sleepy any more. Will start my EQ listening tomorrow again.


Had a dream of skydiving. A friend of mine wanted to persuade me to jump out of the plane without a parachute. I told him that he will die if he does so. His response was that it will be the most fun ever and that I should do it as well. I declined told him he was stupid and jumped out with a parachute. While doing so I was also filming myself with a camera because I planned the future ahead that the footage will be useful for something.

What needs improvement

#Will include this section in every new journal post to not only write about the positives but also about the things I want to improve in the next days. EQ is making me aware of a lot of things. This section might be a bit more personal as I will not explain everything I write.

A) Being a good utter. I was telling a story today and I noticed that I need to speak slower or have more pauses for a better effect. Also, I am sometimes missing words or don’t say them correctly
B) No sugar diet
C) Dominating new social interactions more, e.g asking for the name of the person in front of me and remembering it for the future.
D) Doing my workout (posture training) and my energy cultivation practises along with my meditations
E) No Netflix!


Day 26:

  • After 2 and a half days of break, I restarted listening to EmperorQ. What I noticed is that when I am listening to it, I am more in a “thinking mode”. Realizations about past problems or ideas in general just pop up, like it did on QL St1. When I am having my off days, I feel like I am more in an execution mode, where am I taking action, making mistakes etc which I reflect on later when restarting my listening. And, either on days on and days off I am more aware of things, how I act, how I respond to certain events.

  • I am making decisions much faster and am improving myself every day. I pick up on the little things, test those out and therefore develop my skills. For example, I am having “sale calls” every day with patients “persuading” them to have an operation. Does sound totally wrong when I write it like this, but it is not. They are happy and I recommend something that they will truly benefit from. Anyway, I vastly improve how I talk to them on the phone and notice very quickly what works well, and what doesn’t.

  • I am taking No less for an answer and am more likely to have it “my way”.

  • In the last 26 days, I have been getting so many compliments it is crazy. From total strangers to close family members. Also, I am complimenting others more as well which I never did before.

  • I am having less and less interest in watching any Youtube videos. But instead of YT, I am now watching Netflix which doesn’t make my bad habit any better.

  • Just read my first post, and it feels like that within the first day of listening to Emperor the whole EQ mindset got loaded into my brain, and in the following days, I have been just following the instructions to put this mindset and scripting into reality.

What to improve

A) No Netflix (and find a replacement), no sugar
B) Energy meditations and hypnosis


Day 27:

My mood at work:

  • When I am visiting the four-floor to my old workplace where I was for the first 20 days of my EQ journal, I am greeted with joy by everyone (not like the Louis Litt here haha). I talk with the employees and they are excited to see me! Even the patients are remembering me, even if I am not in uniform. But I am just in a very happy mood in general.

  • My new superior did notice my diligence, and has a good feeling leaving me alone doing my work meaning that I have my own office, telephone, and can pretty much self-decide what I do and when I do it. It doesn’t feel like an internship, I do anymore… I won her over by my actions, and while I thought she was horrible the first day, we are now pretty good “partners”. She as the biggest bureaucrat never daring to misfollow one law or rule came to me to tell me that I can leave 2 hours earlier if I want, which is close to a miracle for her. But with every superior, I had in the last 30 days (around 4), and even if we the complications I had with them in the first days, I always won them over.

  • Before taking the new job, I had a “feeling” that the first days will be problematic, and only after that, it will get satisfactory. In the Corona Crisis, I had a “feeling” that we should not travel to a certain area even though there seemed to be 0 infected cases in the region and it was before the panic. At the second day, we would have been there they closed the whole place down meaning that if it wasn’t for my feeling and my negotiation to not go, we would have lost a lot of money, no benefit and potentially had to go to quarantine for 2 weeks. When I thought about switching to another shift but did not want to ask because it would put me into a bad position, my superior came to me and asked if I could do it. Things are playing out how I think/feel.

  • I am still working like a beast going to work every day even on weekends as the law got changed so I am allowed to work so much. I am definitely counting to the “winners” of the crisis, as I use the situation to my benefit. When the whole world sleeps, I am working my butt off to get the papers I need. What people need 2 months of work for, I will finish in 1 month and 14 days. And I am kicking more ass than all the other interns.

  • Feeling again more sleepy after restarting EQ after my days-off. Went to sleep for 20 mins, woke up after two.

  • I am intrigued by the series “Suits” and especially the role of Harvey Specter. With EQ, I am having a lot of realizations watching it, picking up on the little things and work dynamics in the series and having thoughts on how to implement those in my life.


I have been dreaming about my ex, how we ended making out again until she interrupted it as she currently has a boyfriend.
I was dreaming about the only person in the world, I really don’t like. We have history together, he back then stealing my girls, betray me for his own benefit and just doing shit to me while I was in a “lower” position. He is ignoring me most of the time in real life, but sometimes still talks shit. I am getting less and less affected by his bullshit and am beginning to forget about him. Today, I dreamt about him and how he will act around other friends in future. He was acting like the biggest hypocrite what just made me furious inside. It felt like back in the days, when I could not really stand up for myself.


Day 28:

This time I will start with my dreams because they have been overly insightful again.

I dreamt about throwing a huge PARTY like I did last year. I was inviting some of my old and some of my new friends from college including this ONE girl I had a crush on since our first meeting but was so afraid of her beauty that our first real conversation was after starting EQ and 3 months of Khan St1. I reported this here in the journal and it is now that I finally have a chance with her as I am not longer stifled when I see her.

She always hangs out with this one guy who is, on the one hand, having a great vibe and therefore attracting girls but on the other hand, is beneath my level in terms of attraction and seduction. Girls told me he envies me because of this, and they also told me that he is pretty bad in bed (lasting 8 sec. e.g). The 10/10 is still hanging out with him all the time (probably more BFF but who knows) and laughing at every joke.
So back to my dream, she was invited of course and also him. Long story short, after a while I saw how he was putting on a CONDOM and FUCKING her. And this dream continued for a while, I did my own business and had fun with the others but every time I came across them I was seeing how they had SEX. Literally 30 minutes, 1 hour continued like this. Even my mum saw it as she was there because she planned the whole party. I looked at her face or I just thought: “Damn she must be disappointed that I did not get the hot girl.” I didn’t really envy in my dream as this is something I also “lost” pretty much with EQ. However, I tried to get to fuck her too, so I went to them, talked to her and him but did not really find a solution to do so. I thought about just going for it like in all the porn videos but did not.
Maybe this dream is useful for you guys @SaintSovereign determining how the script is working.

The next dream was about a friend of me seeing an unlocked motorcycle on the other street. He ran to it and tried it out. Yeah, it was unlocked. He asked me if he could steal it, I agreed and told him to take it. He was scared that somebody will find out, so I was approaching to police guys and telling them about the unlocked motorcycle we found, as a cover. They told us to go to the police station where there was a huge party. We did not know if those were all policemen as they had no uniform and partied. We went to the guy who was the only one with a uniform and he told us to join the drinks. So we went to the table, my friend was more in the middle where I was pushed out and stand on the side. They gave around drinks and my friend did get one but not me. I stated that I did not get any drink when the policeman looked at me and told me I looked too young. I did not say anything but just took another glass from somebody else which had still a little bit of alcohol left. I do look a bit young in real life and this is sometimes bothering me

  • I have been listening to masked and ultrasonic 1:1 today and this feels so damn POWERFUL! It is hard to describe but when I listen to masked I feel like getting immediate results. Will do so for the next days.
  • Hungrier than unusual, even though I have been not changing my fasting regime.
  • Today was my second rest day from work from the last 30 days of work. I watched again a lot of YT and Netflix but later decided when I watch such series I should do it in the language I want to learn. I am learning polish right now something I think I forgot mentioning starting within this thread. It is not easy to find a movie or series with polish audio especially on Netflix, so I decided to buy Harry Potter with Polish audio and download it on my computer.
  • I woke up and had a strong desire to persuade videography and photography. I looked up a lot of cameras and lenses, also approached some of my friends and ask for advice. I will definitely invest in a super camera this year. Videography is one of my skills I am really good at, love to do but only full-time persuaded when I was 13 and had my own YT channel. I am now making some short films from time to time but with the right equipment, I want to push this to a whole new level.
  • Also I noticed that I am more interested in cooking. Also one of my hobbies I did not have time for and mostly forgot about while listening to Khan.